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Surprising Dad for 99th birthday with '55 Ford he never thought would run again

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One last ride!! For his 99th birthday, a WW II veteran get his wish, to drive the '55 Ford he bought new in 1955 and that has been parked and not running for 47 years - restored by his baby boomer kids.

The camera I use most for VIDEO is the GoPro because it has built in image stabilization!! Here's the link -






Video Script:: 

because he never believed he'd ever be able to drive this car or ever see it running again in his life think we're gonna get in here today get the old car out wash it off and we're gonna start working on it so that we never run into - birthday in May dad bought it brand-new had been parks and 72 but how hard would it be to get it to run so your dad could drive it again and have some fun remember he really wanted a 55 Ford Crown Vic a two-door that'd be really quick but he had three kids and the fourth on the way Carolyn so a Fairlane town sedan was really all he could say you've heard the story how he had 115 running down that flat West Texas Road on high octane gasoline a super tuned 272 two barrel with a stock board cam and he actually outran a 55 Dodge red Ram give it to gas and he asked me much several months ago if I thought I could get it running because he wanted to drive it one more time before he you know let this earth and I told him I would and I'd do it before his birthday which was a challenge to say the least Harry hauled the car to his shop to work on it Walt knew about that but all he was hearing was from the neighbors telling him hey you'll probably never even see that car again we got the crazy idea save the dust off the old car and been clean since 72 I think this is a first yeah it's certainly a first for me and I slept a mini time right up there on the rear package tray right yes sir I hate probably was on my bucket list now what about your dad as far as driving I mean he's in pretty good physical condition right what he still had his driver's license uh still is latch birthday use not hate he's amazing yes yeah oh look here you have much my name is Milton Clarence Simpson but to call me Emma seed you call me other word I get mad will probably have his birthday party reduced it's a good place to make out there a good place for all the kids and you know he can drive it around out there nobody be any danger or anyone he won't woman or anybody oh right debris ball these old neighborhoods I tell you well like this one Walt West came here and settled down raised a family after World War 2 I don't know people just seem to go back and forth more between their houses and cut up and have fun there's something do we get the battery in it to see what radio station kiz are koma kind of oklahoma city what all you got a roundup to get it running you think Harry he fought in the forwards 1966 party then got to set out of course dad was born in Arkansas until he learned working wagons and Model T's and just whatever they had you use what you had so this has got some real Arkansas you an example he must have lost the cap on the master cylinder or movie to see they got a plastic cap off a bottle or something I don't know that these wide blocks were prone to vapor lock or still flat head forward - would they get hot and the fuel pump the vapor lock so dad rig Dimas got an Arab man he comes right out here but let's eat boy I need metal parts on now he just he just stuck that over there and it's it's sewn there it's nasty may have a hole in it he says this is the original 1955 I don't know I don't know they didn't and I'm jacket up but it on stands block it up visit to it's safe turns with the brake fluid daddy didn't bleed backs especially when you're working baby settle well we've got the same all the Tenpenny nail oh yeah dad Bennett down there on the end I don't you can see that right there this is something his upbringing thank do with what you got I guess it worked my dad is the ultimate product of the depression I mean they saved everything they never threw things away and he's still that way he's never I don't think ever got over you know the depression and realizing that you know hard times they had cuz he was the oldest of 15 children and you know he talked in the other video about how he went to the CC camps well that's so they were all starving to death back home during the Depression because they were farmers and things got really bad in the Dust Bowl he made he lived through all of that and you know he still does some really funny things when we come over to do do any cleaning at the house we have to wait for the hot water heater to heat up because he keeps it on vacation he does it's true because he's saving that little money and and dad you know he's got a good retirement time man but he's a tough man and you know that you did what so Bob how's your how's your 55 company value and get it running pursuing I haven't been able to do anything with it yeah oh you okay you're still waiting on the I'm reserving up money to start buying more parts that spring look a little weird tennis yes it does look at least it was stuck open if it was no fact out of them the neighbor went over this morning about 7:30 to make you know helping didn't he said he is already up I'm already talking about and we got you know people from both sides the family moms family we got people from Houston here we got people from Oklahoma City we got him from the Lobeck we've got people come by the way used to see dad this is an early May and she was my mom's brother Richard's wife this is Zachary he's my sister mom's sister's boy and this is his wife and this is mom's brother JW that's his girl misty well we were planning on somewhere between 60 and 80 people today looks a little different from the first time you shot at Jerry yeah we had a lot of work done to it to get it where he could drive it again but it's it's ready to go oh yeah he's gonna be tickled to death he can get in and drive it as safe to go wherever you want to a 55 Ford Fairlane town sedan maybe not that valuable but this one is to the family that paints all original everything's all original it's an incredible time machine got that far surprise to him does he know the cars here he knows just here but he hadn't seen it yeah bring it out and bring him out once 99th birthday party had more of the feel of a family reunion with four generations and dozens of people they all know he's the World War 2 vet he joined the army June 6 1942 became a member of the 81st wildcat division they fought in the Pacific in the Battle of an gar the Battle of Peleliu you and they even returned with General Douglas MacArthur to the Philippines [Music] got surprised to see the car done especially the engine compartment just looking like it was brand new completely detailed and then it was running and he could drive it and he was going to get in and drive the car yeah boy now on we just got off go right around that way going to drive private roads of course here's the break that we're gonna go just go straight you're doing great yeah John's a little yeah little bit he left yeah yeah if I can see if I can see bedrug like you're right again right without a little bit of it it's not worthy well I think she did all right go straight a little bit of the ride right on then turn right around this quite a bit Hey nope nope get on the brake sad huh I can't tell where my foot set oh really probably okay down good yeah yeah that's good give that farther back yeah you like first of all yeah 32 there you go okay yeah oh wait I can go down I don't like that maybe better okay let's go down there then I've got my foot on the brake yeah yeah I'll creep get on the brake go straight well Park it right that this market down there you'll park it of the trees yeah I just go to your left yeah to the left all right good right there dad hey baby put her part wait and get its operation to do okay yeah where is Park all the way oh I see it was work no I'd give to see the reaction he had but it worth every penny is worth every minute you know just to see that time and reaction for yeah that's what's life's all about and you know you don't have if you don't have that you know of course if you don't have the money you don't but the $1500 is nothing I mean it is what it is but it's nothing for the reaction that we got you know from his 99th birthday and to put him in the car and let him drive it that was just you know that was fun yeah yeah just you know I'm not gonna be able to say that too many too much longer we'll hope for the hundreds and then after that but who knows we'll just have to wait and see that's not at us but that was worth it do it again like you know yeah 150 miles an hour hey bruh do 100 well act right hey there's like it wasn't when I got it she would do 105 mile an hour over dude but with a super tuna actually broke in or you get 115 yeah I'll run it hit ram dodge and 115 mile [Music] crazy hey pop I use your bathroom now you gotta be you gotta be Walt West Wow I've still got a half a tank of gas I'm half weight yeah head go to the bathroom when he's got gas and we know how to read a map we don't need to have you ever seen a map before with the old original maps it was real art to be able to refold them back up to where they are which


  • Carolyn Added I thought that was a wonderful idea for the old man, and he also enjoyed it.
  • Patrick Added What a great video showing the old fella get to drive his 55 Ford again after all those years of it being garaged. Happy 99th to a good man.
  • peggy Added I wished i could have got my dad a Pacer before he passed . Thought about him throughout this great vid eo and smiled form ear to ear . Thank you Mel .
  • Marilyn Added Good job! Life begins at 99.