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  • Billy Bluebird - A Stand Up Kind Of Bird!

    Free Online JigSaw Puzzle
    Free Online JigSaw Puzzle

    Once upon a time, in a magical forest filled with singing birds and colorful flowers, there lived a little bluebird named Billy. Billy was different from the other birds in the forest, not only because of his bright blue feathers, but also because of his hilarious antics and quick wit.

    Billy loved to make his friends and family laugh, and he was always coming up with new and silly ways to do so. He would often impersonate other birds, telling jokes and puns, and even performing magic tricks.

    One day, while out on a walk, Billy came across a group of birds who were all discussing their plans for the upcoming migration. Billy, being the clever bird that he is, came up with a plan of his own. He decided that instead of flying south for the winter like all the other birds, he would stay in the forest and become a stand-up comedian.

    The other birds laughed at Billy's idea, thinking it was impossible for a little bluebird to make a living as a comedian. But Billy was determined, and he began to practice his comedy routine every day. He would tell jokes to the other birds in the forest and ask for their feedback.

    Eventually, Billy's comedy routine was so good that the other birds in the forest began to invite their friends to come and see him perform. Billy's shows became so popular that birds from all over the forest would come to see him perform.

    But Billy's success didn't stop there. Soon, birds from other forests began to hear about Billy's comedy routine, and they too wanted to see him perform. So, Billy decided to take his show on the road and perform all over the country.

    Billy became a sensation, and he was soon known as the funniest bluebird in the land. He performed in front of thousands of birds, and his shows were always sold out. He even had his own TV show, "The Billy Bluebird Comedy Hour," which aired every week on the Bird Broadcasting Network.

    Despite his fame and success, Billy never forgot his roots. He always made time to visit his friends and family in the forest, and he never forgot the importance of making others laugh.

    In the end, Billy's dream of becoming a stand-up comedian came true, and he proved that with hard work, determination, and a good sense of humor, anything is possible. And that's a moral of the story, you can do whatever you want if you put your mind to it.

    So, next time you're feeling down, just remember Billy the Bluebird and his journey to become the funniest bird in the land. And who knows, maybe you too can make your dreams come true.

  • Two Ducks Purple Feet Pink Beaks

    Free Online JigSaw Puzzle
    Free Online JigSaw Puzzle

    Two Ducks Purple Feet Pink Beaks

    Two ducks with purple feet,
    Pink beaks that can't be beat,
    They waddle and they quack,
    Their appearance is quite a hack.

    But don't let their looks deceive,
    These ducks are quite smart and clever,
    They swim and dive with ease,
    Leaving all the other ducks in a sneeze.

    One duck loves to eat ice cream,
    While the other craves pizza with a dream,
    They are quite the odd pair,
    But no one can compare.

    So if you see two ducks with purple feet,
    And pink beaks that can't be beat,
    Don't be alarmed, just say hello,
    To these funny ducks, who are really quite mellow.