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  • Popular Puppy Web Cam

    Puppy Web Cam

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    Take a break from your day to watch these adorable adoptable puppies! They are all up for adoption with The Atlanta Humane Society. Learn more about adopting these sweet pups here:

  • Popular Sea Lion Web Cam

    Sea Lion Web Cam

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    The rocky beach of British Columbia's Hanson Island is a popular "haul-out" spot for sea lions.

  • Popular Kentucky Equine Horses Web Cam

    Kentucky Equine Horses Web Cam

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    Welcome to the 72-acre farm at Kentucky Equine Humane Center. The horses seen here were surrendered due to abuse, abandonment, neglect, or from owners who can no longer care for them. Each horse will enter a retraining program to get it ready for adoption

  • Popular Hummingbird Fountain Web Cam

    Hummingbird Fountain Web Cam

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    Watch live as hummingbirds in southern California visit this fountain for a quick dip to stay clean.

  • Popular Donkey Hill - Service Dog Project powered by

    Donkey Hill - Service Dog Project powered by

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    The donkey barn at the Service Dog Project is home to rescued donkeys and miniature horses--not to be confused with the Great Danes the organization trains as service dogs!

  • Popular Southwest Florida Eagle Cam - 360

    Southwest Florida Eagle Cam - 360

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    Southwest Florida “Eagle Cam”, providing live video stream of an active pair of bald eagles in their nest. Camera records the birds 24/7 and stream the live video.

  • Popular Too Cute Kitten Cam

    Too Cute Kitten Cam

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    It's fall. Summer's over. Days are getting shorter. There may not be a hockey season. Gangnam Style is on the brink of being played out. And winter will be setting in soon. So, we at Animal Planet decided everyone could use a huge dose of cute to brighten

  • Popular Decorah Eagles Web Cam

    Decorah Eagles Web Cam

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    The Decorah eagles are nesting near the Decorah Trout Hatchery, located at 2325 Siewers Spring Rd in Decorah, IA. The female is known asMomand the male is known asDM2(for the second Decorah male eagle). In general, they begin courtship in October, product