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If You Need Inspiration To Dream Big, Watch Caylin Moore's Motivational Speech | Goalcast

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✪There is no dream too big when you have the right mindset and you are committed. Get a boost of motivation with this inspiring video, the story of how Caylin Moore earned a Rhodes Scholarship in 2017 that led him to obtaining a master’s degree at Oxford University. All thanks to a moment of mindset shift!





Video Script:: 

my message is very very simple I'm gonna teach you guys how I bridge the gap from sleeping on the floor to being a student at the University of Oxford I remember in my neighborhood we paid a game called bullets when we were walking home from school we would see who out of meat my younger brother chase and my cousin Lauren we would see who could collect the most bullets off the ground by the time we got home and we sat in the garage and we paid marbles with them but I had a teacher I had to miss Walters in my life and I had somebody that looked at me and said you're not a gang member you're not gonna be dead you're not gonna be in jail you're not gonna be a deadbeat dad I see great things in you young man and it was at that particular song that someone outside of my own family saw something in me that made me see something in myself that I had never seen before if things look like they were going up so I remember one day I'm on my high school football field and I'm playing on practicing we're getting ready for a game and the police officers come onto the field they said we have a Kalin more that's it I come out so confused I'm thinking all the all the candy that I stole from that Rite Aid in middle school and starting to catch up with you and now before you know it the cops take me away and I'm in the car they take me to my home there were helicopters hovering above my house shotguns everywhere police officers everywhere they were looking for my father who had just committed a murder my father right now is in prison for life for murder it's a Huckabee California you see me up here talking in this tuxedo three years from this exact day I had a broom and I had a mop in my hand but one day I heard a quote by dr. Martin Luther King and it changed my entire perspective and I started to write down dreams dreams that were too big and I wrote on a piece of paper and put it in my dormitory room on the ceiling I told myself I would not stop playing football until my father could see me play on TV from the prison that is that it's a Huckabee Californian and nothing to do with making it too my mindset was different so I got I convinced myself okay I need some revenue to be able to buy a plane ticket so I can make these dreams happen so I got the job as a janitor on the exact same campus that I was at so every day I'm mopping and I'm sweeping and I'm so humbled and I used to mop and I was sweep with the hoodie on and I was so depressed and so discouraged and there one day there was a young man that was walking past me he looked at me I looked at him I kept my friend I kept sweeping and he said you missed the spot I looked at him I said where and then he spit on the floor so he walked past I said a bro come back he started walking back towards me I turned to face him I said tell you what bro where he wants to go right now he said I'm going to the cab you know somewhere you can't go cuz your gender I said is that right so you work when you go to that calf tell them to put that food into your hands they're bringing that food from your hands bring your back out here put it on this floor and eat it off this floor that's how clean this floor is gonna be when you get back I shook his hand and said have a nice day I heard a quote that day dr. Martin Luther King he said if it falls you're lots to be a streetsweeper sweep streets like Michelangelo painting swigging streets like Beethoven composed music sweep streets so well that when you die may all the hosts of heaven and earth look upon your grave and say there lived a street sweeper who did his job well I changed my entire mindset on that day I told myself if I'm going to be a janitor I'll be the best damn janitor that ever lived if anybody comes fast this spot on where's college campus they're gonna know khylin Lewis Moore must have been there because this spotless that's the type of mindset that I started applying to every single thing that I did is to do every single thing I do to the best of my ability I can't help but to reflect back on the statement the young man said he said I missed a spot I'm thinking about the fact that right now I'm writing a book and my literary agent that represents me is the same one that represents President Obama but I miss the spot I'm thinking about the fact that my father was able to see me on TV playing football but our mrs. fun I'm a scholarship student now at the University of Oxford on a full-ride scholarship but I'll miss the spot I've got the spot being hungry is when you want to eat starvation if I don't eat I will die you must dream dreams that are so big so unrealistic so unimaginable so unfathomable they are destined to fail you have to dream dreams too big you


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