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Great Medicine, A Mutual Rescue Moment #Video


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Cupcake was feisty and fierce when Sandy met her at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. The poodle needed help learning to trust. Sandy needed support and companionship. Though retired, Sandy was caring for her adult son after a devastating injury as well as managing the historic bar he owned. When Cupcake joined the family, they found behind her attitude was a joyful little soul with a huge heart. Watch Great Medicine, the story of a small dog who taught them that even in dark moments, love, loyalty and laughter will see you through.


  • BA Added Thanks Mel for giving everyone this message about senior pets. This is what my husband and I want. Our will leaves our home and 4 acres for an Old dog Rescue.
  • Becky Added In my opinion, ALL dogs can be "good medicine" if they are appreciated for all the good they can, and often, do. Only the disregarded, outcasts aren't appreciated. Wouldn't it be great if ALL dogs were given the opportunity to be good for us? Every dog deserves the opportunity to be loved and treated as a special furbaby.
  • CharMaine Added I absolutely love these Mutual Respect stories. A fantastic concept that is a win-win all the way around. Keep 'em coming, Mel. Thank you!
  • Anne Added Mel- That was beyond great. Thank you-Thank you.
  • Patricia Yager Delagrange Added This is a fabulous story. THANK YOU for sharing.
  • Sarah Added This warmed my heart so much. Love the idea of a 'senior' rescue place for dogs nd also cats. And that 'cage-less' rescue place was awesome.
  • mercedes Added Several years ago we adopted a senior poodle-mix from the shelter. She was 8 years old, and we were told that her owner could no longer care for her. She is now 13 and as full of energy and life as when we first got her. She is perfectly healthy and can outrun anybody!
  • Randy Ferguson Added I get it. I fully understand what she's talking about. Since my wife moved to heaven almost 17 months ago, our little dog, Bentley, has been a real comfort to me. He is a Maltese/Toy Poodle and is so cute and funny. When it comes time for dinner, he will come get me. I am usually at my computer desk. Then after we have eaten, he waits patiently for me to recline in my recliner and pick him up. He sets in my lap and usually falls asleep for a couple of hours, before he wants to get down and go to his own bed to sleep. I know that I am still loved. He's a treasure!
  • Lovey Added Lovely story - my dog was almost a senior when I adopted her and she saved me during the pandemic. They're wonderful animals
  • Mary Jane Added A senior dog can be as young as 7 years old and smaller dogs usually have a longer life expectancy. That being said, do we have any guarantees in life, no. A dog could die at the age of 1 or the age of 12, we don't know. Senior pets are wonderful, don't be afraid you won't have much time with them, just make sure you spend time with them. Great video, hope Cupcake is around for several more years.
  • Kay Added This is an uplifting story but the problem is when you adopt a senior dog that also means their life expectancy is not long. That is heartbreaking when they pass away.
  • LOLA Added What an adorable little dog~We all need a 'Cupcake' to help us get thru' our days sometime!!
  • Kathy Added Beautiful story. Cupcake is a beautiful dog who was helped and is now helping others.
  • Deb Added Cupcake is a beautiful heartwarming story. What a BLESSED GIFT TO Sandy, her son & all her patrons!
  • maureen w. Added Loved this story of Cupcake. and thank you Sandy for taking a chance with her.
    It was meant to be.
  • Paul Added Loved this Mel !!!
  • Sher Added This is a really beautiful story. Thanks so much to Mel.