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Our Hearts Are The Same: A Mutual Rescue Moment #Video

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After a chaotic childhood, Mary Kniskern dealt with addiction and a deadly car accident, resulting in a prison term. In this powerful story of mutual second chances, she is now doing her best to make amends to her community, with the constant encouragement of her rescue dog, Stella.


  • CharMaine Added Now THAT, was incredible. The story. The woman. The dog. The purpose. The Lord is with both of you sweethearts. You CAN do this . . . He will walk every step of the way with you and those you are helping. It's a promise. Keep your eye on Him.
  • Lovey Added great story
  • Mari Added Excellent!!!!!!!!!!
  • Marvel Added Sending you prayers, Mary! You are worth it!
  • Ham Todd Added Wonderful story and a great partnership between Mary and Stella!
  • Terry Added I LOVE this story. You have to keep your positive attitude, Mary! You ARE doing so much GOOD in your community and I especially love your involvement with the dog grooming and your own special pet.
  • Lynne Henderson Added Proof positive what an animal can do for your life. What a beautiful uplifting video. Thanks for this one. Heartwarming.
  • mercedes Added I love this video!
  • Edna Added Wonderful that Mary was able to continue to fight her demons and changed her outlook to become a better person for herself as well as Stella.
  • Patricia Yager Delagrange Added What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.
  • Maureen w. Added God Bless you Mary, you have a new path to follow and I am sure you will be successful in your new life. with Stella by your side, you are partners in this new life.
  • Mike Added what a beautiful and powerful story, we wish you the best Mary, and may God Bless you and Stella
  • Merridy Added beautiful ♥
  • Cathy Added Wow, what a story! I wish you all the best Mary. You are certainly giving it your all and accepting responsibility. Good for you!!!
  • lynn Added happy they have each other!
  • [email protected] Added A beautiful story of redemption!!!
  • Kathy Added After having such a tumultuous life, I am so happy for Mary that she is on the right road and that her life is going well. God love you and Stella.
  • Sher Added This is pure joy! Thanks so much to Mel!
  • anonymous Added Wow, what a story and a inspiration to others with similar backgrounds. Animals always help ease one's life problems. May both have long happy lives together.
  • dixie doodle Added Proud that she made something of her life! So many addicts stay with their addiction until they hit the bottom - which can be death.