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2021 Ford Bronco Details and Video, Used Car Prices Jump, Cadillac Names - Daily Driver

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Added by Mel in Automotive


The 2021 Ford Bronco is revealed and could give Jeep some trouble, used car prices are going up but not in the way you think, and Cadillac has a new naming scheme.... again Host: Tiffany Stone





Video Script:: 

welcome back ladies and gents on today's show Ford shows off the new Bronco dealerships run out of used cars and Cadillac tries to rename their cars again plus you tell us about the grossest thing you've ever found in your car I'm Tiffany stone and this is haggerty's daily driver let's buckle up first up finally after what felt like an eternity of leaks and teasers Ford has unveiled the 20:21 Bronco was it worth the wait absolutely and we actually got two Broncos instead of one the first is a Bronco sport an all-wheel drive crossover with rugged looks and some off-road capabilities that are meant to compete with the Jeep Cherokee and compass but the one we are all excited about is the big Bronco myself included which will come with either a two-door or four-door with a huge variety of trim levels now they're going to be two engines that are available first Ford's 2.3 liter EcoBoost turbo for making 270 horsepower and 310 pound feet or the 2.7 liter turbocharged v6 making 310 horsepower and a stout 400 pound-feet of torque it also has a dana 44 a van tech solid rear axle but the front is an independent unit now that is going to fuel some arguments online and definitely out on the trails Furret also says the Bronco can be ordered with best-in-class ground clearance and water fording ability it also has a lot of clever features but the most important one it lets you store the doors in the back of the Ford or instead of leaving them at home which to me is very cool in addition to those packages Ford is offering hundreds of accessories to trick out your Bronco for almost any activity how much it cost depends on how crazy you want to get but it does start off at 29,000 995 or about $1,500 more than a base Wrangler ok Ford we finally have seen it now the real question is when can I Drive it because I know you guys want to drive it as well you can read more information about the new Bronco at Haggerty dot-com slash media moving on good news if you're auctioning off a used car right now according to auto news prices at used car auctions are hitting a new record and no we're not talking about eight figure Ferraris this is happening for a few reasons first dealerships buy a lot of their used car inventory at auctions but retail shoppers are buying more cars than ever before hurting the auction supply chain secondly combined hungry dealerships with thinner auctions and prices go up the good news for consumers is that used-car prices have only risen 2% from where they were pre covin 19 now by comparison prices that use vehicle auctions are up 6 percent year-over-year dealerships are paying more but we are not so with that being said it's a hard time to run a car dealership and finally remember how the Cadillac Catera sort of became the CTS which sort of became the ct5 well according to a report by GM authority all of Cadillacs upcoming cars will now have a name ending in the letters iq which sounds like it the GM focus website wanted to know where the lyric got its name so they asked the head of global brand strategy and his response surprised them they chose the name lyric because the Cadillac brand is mentioned in music more than any other car maker as for the change to names ending in IQ it's supposed to indicate Cadillacs evolution from internal combustion engines to electric power now only time will tell if the name change will do the trick but it's certainly better than their current names which looks like my cat Jojo had stepped on a keyboard now coming up we're looking at the weirdest grossest things you found in your car but first working as a team the 1959 Cadillac heating and cooling systems provide the most spectacular year-round weather control ever offered alright everybody brace yourself we love cars I love cars you love cars but there are some people and some things that treat cars like trash a few weeks ago one of haggerty's own rolled out his Miata from the garage only to discover something small and something furry that rhymes with house had died in his arm rest not wanting to be alone he asked the Haggerty community what kind of weird disgusting things they found in their cars and aren't I the lucky one to be able to read some of the nastiest ones to you right now so if you're eating please stop I don't want you to throw up first off rally ear elf had been a used car importer for over 60 years so of course he had to have had some stories him and his wife flew to Florida to pick up a Honda HRV they stayed a few days shuttling their friends around and enjoying the warm air he kept saying he saw something move out of the corner of his eye but every time he looked it was gone so after over a week he finally drove the car home took it to a shop and guess what he found a nest of cockroaches under the seats a bunch of creepy crawlies that is so disgusting to me he never told his wife or his friends about his extra passengers but I'm sorry to say Ralphie cats out of the bag your wife is gonna probably hate you now my bad user bon hider had a friend that needed a really really cheap car so he found his friend $100 Mazda Protege the owners drove it over pulled it into his barn and at which point the community members noticed tons of smells actually several of them he described them and I quote rodent droppings champagne Cologne and taco bell but he did assume that it was the owners and not necessarily the car so you know exactly where this is going the owners left with their hundred dollars and the smells still remained so he pulled the shop vac out and inside were rat droppings cigarette butts an old Cologne bottle and a half-eaten burrito from Taco Bell with maggots all over I think I'm gonna grow B be gross and throw up okay anyway seriously people how do you drive like this i freak out if i spilled coffee in Lucifer there's no way I could have TB and maggots all over that gross all right but the winner if you want to call him that is community member Jen man now his grandfather gave him a nice hand-me-down which was a 1980 Cadillac well Gramps left a surprise in the old caddy mice no garbage no Taco Bell with maggots no that's all child's play under the seat he found a coffee jar full of okay how do I say this human lemonade I guess when you got to go you got to go and Gramps definitely had to go and that was surprise for his grandson now if you have a great story of something awful you found in your car go to community dot Haggerty dot-com and you can sign up and share your tale of nastiness I'll be back tomorrow with more car news but until then keep driving okay now I'm gonna go wash my eyeballs everybody you


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