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Big Oly Bronco Returns Video, C8 Frunk Problems, Race Cars To Watch At Auction - Daily Driver

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Added by Mel in Automotive


We take a look at six amazing race cars going to auction. Plus, C8 Corvette owners report their trunks keep flying open, Ram makes towing a little easier, and Saleen does a Bronco tribute. Host: Tiffany Stone





Video Script:: 

welcome back ladies and gents on the last show of the week we're going to talk about why some ca corvette owners are upset how dodge moved reverse forward and what celine is doing with the new ford bronco plus six cars at auction we're keeping an eye on i'm tiffany stone and this is hagerty's daily driver let's buckle up [Music] first up chevrolet is dealing with some very angry c8 corvette owners why you ask it's because they say their trunks mysteriously opened while driving down the road now remember their trunks are actually in the front now so would it really be like their frunks are opening you get what i mean like a front trunk frunks it's a fun word just use it now the first formal complaint to the national highway traffic safety administration happened back in april and there have been five more complaints since then you know it's never a good idea when people go to nitza it's kind of like if the dealership was your teacher and nitsa is the principal who wants to be called to the principal's office over the big pa system i know i've done it it's not fun my face gets red i get all sweaty and this is exactly what's happening but the issues did grow from there now on one first-hand account on the med engine corvette forum that turned into a 30. let me repeat this 30 page town hall meeting of possible causes and solutions of what's been happening chevy quickly investigated the issues and found no design or manufacturing error with the latch itself so the culprit seems to be the corvette's warning system now if the frunk isn't completely latched a light appears on the dash and there's also a small chime both of which the owners say are easily missed which is actually kind of good news you know because chevy said it's possible to adjust those warnings through an over the air update which is pretty cool since you won't have to go into the dealership and you will be able to have your problem fixed right there but until that happens double check your frunk before you hit the road you don't want to have any frunking problems now do you nope you don't now moving on for most people backing up a trailer can be a challenging task well for 2021 ram is going to make it a little easier with a feature called trailer reverse steering control now if that makes it sound like the truck's done the steering for you i'm so sorry to burst your bubble because it actually it doesn't but reported by mopar insiders the system lets owners use a 360 degree surround view camera it's all a part of their 2021 trailer tow group package available on the ram 1500. now before everybody starts yelling at me i get it ram isn't the first to develop such a system you know ford they've also done it with their trailer reverse guidance it uses a mix of cameras and sensors to pretty much let you see every part of your trailer and this is very cool to me these systems are really helpful and if you're alone and need to hitch up or park this is going to be great for you as some of you can probably attest misjudging a trailer can be embarrassing at best and expensive at worst and i know about both of those and finally with the bronco revealed after market companies are presenting their idea for the most perfect bronco celine has one of the best so far that i've seen and this is a tribute to big ollie now big ali was built by indy 500 winner parnelli jones to run the 1972 baja 1000 he had raced a modified bronco before but for the baja 1000 he wanted something a little bit more serious so he brought some of his race car knowledge to the sandbox you know in his new bronco he had a tube frame and the roof was actually an adjustable wing needless to say parnelli one and racing trucks have used tubular chassis since this rendering of a saline truck does a good impersonation of big ollie it has the huge fender flares the carbon fiber brush guard and more lights than a baseball field and just check out this gold livery it's giving me nostalgic feelings and i'm so excited about it there are no details on the performance modifications but if celine is involved you know and i know that it's probably going to be something very very fast coming up six race cars are headed to the auction and we will tell you which ones to watch but first [Music] the value of old race cars can be a tricky thing some are worth millions and others are worth pennies to help you navigate that world hagerty made a list of six special cars to keep an eye on porsche race cars have commanded big money for years but the porsche 914 has always lagged behind however this porsche 914 6 gt is not your average car it comes with steel fender flares plexiglas windows a long range fuel tank and more power now porsche only made 16 914 six gt one of them won its class at le mans another at daytona and that car sold for nearly one million dollars this year now this isn't a real nine fourteen six gt but two years ago it sold for over two hundred thousand dollars let's just say big money for a little car another car we're watching is this 1964 ford falcon sprint it's described as perhaps the most successful fia falcon on the european racing scene it's one at the goodwood revival and the silverstone classic and doesn't it just look amazing let's take a moment alright the moment's done it's estimated to go for nearly a hundred thousand dollars vintage race cars get all the headlines but what about the more modern ones take a look at this 2008 ferrari f430 gtc evo it finished second in its class in the 2008 alms series it's estimated to go for four to five hundred thousand dollars let that sink in just for a moment now that seems like a lot for a car that didn't win anything but in 30 years who knows because listen back in the 70s people thought cobras weren't going to be worth anything oops now there are few more cars on the list so head over to media to read all about it the link is below that's all for this week i'll be back on monday with more car news until then keep driving i'm still smiling how bad am i smiling guys okay my face hurts


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