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2021 Ford F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid, TVR Griffith, Convertible Safety Video - Daily Driver

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Added by Mel in Automotive


The 2021 Ford F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid, TVR needs a lot of money to begin building the Griffith, and the IIHS has a surprising conclusion about the risks of driving a convertible. Host Tiffany Stone.





Video Script:: 

welcome back car lovers on today's show Ford gets a new f-150 the TVR Griffith is grounded and a safety myth gets blown away plus a Trans Am love story I'm Tiffany stone and this is haggerty's daily driver let's buckle up for just unveiled the 2021 f-150 and it kind of looks like an f-150 but what's new hybrids that's right electrified trucks have finally arrived ford promises serious power and efficiency from their hybrid trucks but I think the real benefit is going to come from something called pro power on board ford knows many of their customers bring external generators to the job sites so for design an onboard generator system strong enough to power things like saws speakers and you guessed it even a welder a small generator is available on Ford's and non hybrid trucks but if you get a hybrid and the optional 7.2 kilowatt version you'll get a 240 volts 30 amp outlet in the bed of your truck but it doesn't end there we love console shifters and trucks because it gives us the usable space and the potential for a flat surface so check this out the f150 shifter folds away so you get a flat work surface when you need it the most and this is so innovative and so cool I love it moving on last week we included a TVR in our list of beloved oddball supercars and they're back this week in the news because well they need money Autocar reports that TVR is trying to raise 25 million pounds on the Dublin stock exchange to fund production of its new car the Griffith the concept was unveiled in 2017 to much fanfare and look at this thing it looks great it's so amazing according to TVR people loved it so much that the launch edition sold out deliveries were scheduled for last year buts like many boutique car makers they hit some snags and couldn't get these damn things built the company wants to use a factory in South Wales but the Welsh government will only approve it if TVR raises enough money to fun production of the Griffith and let's hope they can and finally as Haggerty reported a new study by the IIHS has concluded that late-model convertibles are not as dangerous as some have might claimed according to the data crash and fatality rates are actually slightly lower for convertibles than non convertible versions of the same exact car now convertibles were involved in 6% fewer police reported crashes and 11% fewer driver deaths so what's going on here well car companies have made efforts to make drop-top safer by strengthening the b-pillars and adding roll bars but according to the IIHS this could just be due to convertible owners preferring to drive in nice weather or on empty roads so we're gonna let you guys decide there's more to this story that we can cover here so click on the link in the description to read the full article coming up a Trans Am love story but first on TV you've seen a tough five-year-old for instance you shouldn't try now we can't promise how your Ford would take stunts like this but for a great buy on a tough 76 f100 or any of the other Ford cars and trucks don't miss your Ford dealers year-end clearance sale prices may never be this low again if you love cars if you feel connected to them you should definitely check out our forums at Community Haggerty dot-com for more stories like this 41 years ago users whose parents drove down to the Pontiac dealership to pick up their new Trans Am sues whole family loved their new screamin chicken but not as much as sue did she drove it the most often choosing it over her own 69 Camaro eventually Sue's family shoved it into the garage where the tires rotted and the gaskets dried out so four years ago sue bought it back from her parents took it back home and brought it back to life as sue said in her post I loved her 41 years ago and I hope to love her for the foreseeable future I think a lot of us have connections to cars that our parents owned I know that I do sue my parents had an early 1990s Ranger we took that everywhere that was our vehicle that we did for the stone family road trips so sue I had the same feelings that you do and I totally understand where your coming from if your family had a car that you loved that you still wish you had or that's something that you want I'd be able to have leave us a comment or post about it in the Haggerty community well that's all for today but I'll be here all week bringing you all the card news but until then keep driving


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