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Young Oisin's first time out on a trail Video.

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Added by Mel in Pets And Animals


We take Oisin (3 yr old sport horse) on his first adventure away in the Horsebox from the farm. Albert comes along too and we explore some of the trails on foot and experience natural obstacles before settling down for some tea in the woods.





Video Script:: 

let's do it together here together ready ready i'm emma massengale horse trainer and adventurer [Music] ready [Applause] yes okay good well this is ocean's first adventure out so i've got front boots on him just to protect his feet from any stones and stuff um i'm gonna leave the back ones off as it's only his first time and just don't get used to the feeling of them but i think we're all set ready to go let's see what he's like down in the [Music] woods videos feel me albert you're not invited [Applause] well this is sheeny's very first trip out so obviously when i collect him from ireland he came in the lorry and he's loaded a couple of times at home as well i think my sort of objective for today is it's not really to expect in the oven just to bring him out let him have a look at something a bit different um obviously i have no idea how he's going to be um i haven't actually been doing anything with him because obviously he's been injured he's out in the field um so i thought well i'll bring him out with albert um i've not bought any of the bigger horses i've just bought my little shetland albert with me because albert is fantastically brave he's very calm he's incredibly experienced at coming out and doing all this stuff so you know he's kind of a great role model and also it's not gonna um it's gonna help ocean to not think he needs to like rely on having another big horse with him you know i feel like if i start from the word go and we get out and we get doing stuff at to whatever level he's at that that's going to be good for his future and he's not going to feel like he always needs another horse the shetlands are absolutely brilliant for coming out and about like this because they don't um they're not enough like big horses so if you go out with another big horse um they can you know get sort of reliant on that and feel like they always need another big horse but that's when i find the shetland is they're not quite enough you know the other horses the young horses they do miss their friends but they just give a little bit of a comfort so maybe like they're like a comfort blanket i guess they're a little bit comforting but they're not enough to feel like they're not and that they've actually got a friend with them and so it's a great step for like young horses for horses that are gonna need to go out on their own and hack out on their own and that sort of thing i find it really good because they just get used to it and get going so let's get him out and see what kind of state he's in after traveling and it might be sweaty it is really hot today um first time he's been actually in the petition so you know it's all new let's just see how it goes good you're all right [Music] ready okay a little bit of grass here we've walked about half a mile so far and it's not it's not about the distance you know the distance is totally irrelevant it's all about the experience you know is that can you stay calm can't even just chill out it's not like he knows al but either so yeah that's kind of a new exciting thing for him as well out this is our first little question frozen he's calm right down now still a little bit you know i could feel it's just under the surface there but um since we've got this bank i think he'll be either one of two ways and they usually are either he'll just sort of blunder on up there totally sort of innocent um sort of yeah i'll just get up there and and he could potentially you know stumble a bit and make a bit of a mess of it or he'll go oh no it's too scary and he won't want to do it at all and so i'm kind of hoping for the first one um i'm gonna take it really calmly steady just let him try and work it out but what i'm actually looking for is for him to take it on in a really calm way you know i don't want him to be anxious and think he can just sort of leap off it or overdo it but let's have a look and see what he makes but i'm gonna try and get myself up there first otherwise i'm gonna end up with this massive warm blood sat on my lap going i did it mommy so i'm gonna let the rape out of it and try and get myself up here good boy he was absolutely perfect now he's he's brave enough he's gonna take it on and you know he hasn't done anything like this he's not even like running jumping or anything so i'm just going to watch myself there because i was excited good boy good lad let's see that that wasn't like exciting as in he just has momentum and it's quite big yeah it's quite steep because he doesn't look so on the video but prefer to ask it's quite a big question and that what that's done is that's kind of elevated his energy and he's like so now i just wanted to come back down to calm so we're going to walk off and see what else we can find but i don't want to keep doing lots of exciting things i want to do something a bit exciting and calm down then something else a bit more of a question and so on until he just goes oh okay yeah i can follow you anywhere the idea right is it again [Music] okay well well ashima super brave at the bank but this is obviously a lot more of a question and i haven't taken him into any rivers i have any tarps or anything but what i have done is i haven't scared him and hopefully everything i have done with him so far helps him to become optimistic i think he's really optimistic about this the whole process an idea of it a lot nicer really [Applause] boys [Music] do you remember me [Music] okay let's do it together here we go ready keep ready oh welcome to bambi land wake up you doing all right good boy okay huh now i'm just looking for him to be here for probably 10 15 maybe even 20 minutes and just really relax hopefully he'll just stand there and go to sleep and that will be the the aim and then i'm just gonna drink my cup of tea and uh and then head off back home again and that'll be it for his first experience so this is gonna take it down coffee we'll turn you into connemara yet find your inner calm so [Music] put your legs got him bowie good boy you


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