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My Equestrian Life - Update on Oisin & all the other animals!

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Added by Mel in Pets And Animals


Hi Everyone, its been ages! Here is an update video with what's been happening on the farm with all the ponies.





Video Script:: 

hi everybody I thought I'd do an update video today and let you know what we've been up to and how everyone's getting on here surrounded by little people and a very big puppy always wants to be in the shop literally taking over my shop oh I hope everybody's managing to keep safe and yeah this lockdown situation is just awful for everybody and all we can do is our best and try and stay safe stay at home and hope our amazing health service can get the rest of the country through this and yeah we can all come through at the other end naturally being self-employed it's not great and we've all got worries but I don't want to dwell on that on YouTube we just kind of kind of do what we go do and get on with what we can haven't we I think the main thing for me is I obviously haven't been doing anything dangerous so haven't been roam riding and yeah obviously haven't we now anywhere riding just been doing stuff from home but we've been getting on with lots of things at home haven't we what's been going on here it's a little guys we've been really busy so I'm Cedric and Sarah my little poppies they've been driving she's been doing lots of driving with them getting them really fit and taking it out for little hacks just going from my home out and about just trying to clock up two miles really and keep them going now the weather's improved and everyone's able to live out it's a kind of double-edged sword for me because I have so many ponies that would be potential laminate it has to be kind of careful so I try and sort of step up their exercise level at this time here and my older ones like Albert and Ernie and they're probably like my highest risk ponies in terms of getting lower lightest so they've been actually working alongside custard now custard is an 18 hand sport horse he's out of my stallion he's out of my stallion Marcus and he's a dear boy he does sometimes struggle with soundness issues so he's kind of a bit sporadic in his work but he's great fun I mean he's he's such a cool dude so it's really lovely and I've been sort of slowly getting him back in work that surrounded by slowly getting him back into work and using that as an opportunity to get the Albinoni working as well so kind of been having a bit of a ginger team going on oh my gosh I'm literally surrounded like a now toilet yes they've been working alongside him as a senior team and that way they get to keep fit because obviously about I think three of customs trot strides now but knowing you're having to canter along like beating around so that's good keeping the really fit and trim [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] we've been sort of stuck in the arena a lot really because the grounds gone from being really boggy and wet or winter to suddenly like rock-hard and concrete which is you know another challenge but I know in some ways it's quite good isn't it I mean I have a massive hatred for being in the arena these days I really love being out in the wild and open spaces and I'm riding in the fields is kind of second best to that but back in the arena we've been kind of you know it's been quite nice it sort of intensifies everything makes everything a bit more focused and less free bit more court bit more kind of you know yeah but really we've been we've been embracing that embracing it that's the word so ones that update you all on where we're at with those she has lots of you have been asking which is really cool so she and I came to the decision that the safest thing to do and the best thing to do was to gallop him and so I had him gelded a few weeks ago now he kind of you know he was just very antisocial with all the other horses he was incredibly stallion II for his age and to be honest and being completely Frank with you it wasn't any fun I didn't I wasn't enjoying it him because I felt like all the time he needed to be running with mares I wanted to be running with mares and I didn't feel like he had the temperament to cope with that or the handling level to be able to cope with that without becoming quite dangerous I think he would become really territorial he would have owned the mares and then he would have said and I just yeah in my how I felt about it was that the only thing to do really was to gallop him so that he could live a happy life because he turned him out and field next to geldings he was just pacing up and down and he just he just wouldn't settle I just yeah I just thought it was safer and way more fun and I didn't think he was gonna make a really good stallion whereas I think he'll make an excellent gelding and he already is that's cool so what he's been doing now he's I was killed a few weeks ago so he's now been going out in the field with the other geldings I put him out with Marcus my old stallion who I gelded at 16 years old off they finished his eventing career and just to show you how dominant he was he absolutely beats Marcus up like really badly by zhing him going for him to the point I had split off again I mean he just he was way too intense and actually the only Pony I've got that's been able to keep Oshin at bay and keep him off and actually has been teaching him really really fantastic social skills has been ever nos so my lead connemara pony the pony that I started on the island project he's been absolutely fantastic for 18 he has got him well and truly numbered he has been putting him in his place he's not taking any rubbish and he's got some serious skills when it comes to being able to yeah teach a very intense Colts oxk how to behave I think this one needs to meet him as well say he's learning really well and he's chilled out so much I mean he really has and just being able to go out in the field with other girls has made the world a difference term and I think he looks so much happier already you know he's living a life that horses should live your friend out [Music] should we let your friend out anybody good boy fellas Leo may help your friend [Music] lessons learnt learn TMZ anyone that can keep missing else has to be in there to trim off of it did your pudding you're a little pudding and you have nice seeing you being a happy boy isn't it I've also been reclaiming my gray Conn Amara's from the mud so brown all the tyrants just be known but now the ground is really drying out I mean it's dried out massively and part of the bottom of their field is a little bit boggy but just this last few days I've noticed that it's actually dried up enough for them to stay on top of the water say I've washed all their tails and when you think of like washing one horses tails is one thing but then we have to be seven of them go it's quite a job so I washed all their tails today washed all their legs and they are looking much better we do lots of different things with them hello Roo but see this is the next one that needs to be gelded so yes we've been getting them looking nice and gray and clean so hopefully we can make some nice videos with them which is really nice as well I like it when they look all clean and shiny I do love them to have that natural life where they can get out and roll and be all muddy and be proper ponies but it is quite nice when they're all clean especially if you're trying to take photos or make YouTube content I feel like my youtube channel has been lacking connemara which considering they're like a massive part of my life but that's only because they're always say grubby a filthy of all the time that I kind of leave them out sometimes Oh Dan you are a blogger you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] we've been doing loads on the farm jobs as well we've had the mutts better here spreading the muscle across all the fields which is great helps us to get rid of all the last year last winter's chase the cat getting rid of the muck is probably one of my favorite jobs not I actually do it but it isn't I like it when it's gone because you look at this massive pile of mucky you think but we spread it on the back field because one of our back fields we don't use in the summer is all my ponies don't need that much grass so we just kind of shut it up and grow some hay on it to cut later in the year so we've just spread it on there and when the rain comes in washing and then we'll have have some hay to cut for later on bring me a pony dad say [Music] Thank You Sally [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]


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