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TRAIN YOUR MIND - Navy SEAL Teaches You How To Deal With ANYTHING | David Goggins Speech

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✪ Relentless human and Navy SEAL David Goggins opens up about confronting his past to sharpen his mind. Motivation to aspire to greatness!
✪ TRAIN YOUR MIND - Navy SEAL Teaches You How To Deal With ANYTHING | David Goggins Speech | Goalcast






Video Script:: 

the mind is the one thing that we don't test enough a lot of us are so afraid of that of that test and that's the real test that's where the real growth comes from is is the mind I have all these scars on my brain from growing up from you know being abused from suffering through life from having to learn disability from stuttering from having it just a really bad childhood and so all those memories either cut open that scar and go into it and that was a hard process for me to do not only was that a hard process for me do for me had the courage to share that with people you know cuz I'm the so-called toughest man on the planet so they think tell us about some of the defining moments in your childhood that actually framed that experience to be a nightmare well my dad was a person that um he was alcoholic he was really big on being a powerful man and he had two different sides of him no one knew anything about the inside that house the inside of that house was was horrible it was evil you know like the evil monster came out to play I once left that house he was the nicest person on the planet so no one knew you know who this guy was so the scarring started happening inside the dungeon and my dad didn't really believe in us going to school he had a family business in the family business was a skating rink and also a bar so my dad owned this is called the vermilion room was the bar in this game it was called skate land so from time I was able to walk I was working that I'm skating rink and I worked it from like 9:00 o'clock at night into like 12 o'clock in the morning pretty much that's what we did you know I'm three I'm you know I'm four years old scraping gum off to off the skating rink floor doing stuff like that me and my brother and my mom once the skating rink was shut down the bar would open up the bar would be open from like Midnight's like four o'clock in the morning three o'clock in the morning once that closed down we go upstairs and clean the bar so by the time you work like this you know I'm a young kid it's time to go to school so most time we didn't go to school so we'd miss school a lot but thank God for me I am like school anyway with learning disability with Studdard you know I had white splotches all over my skin from being stressed out here you know passive hair falling out at a young age and once my dad got drunk that's the nightmare began and you know he'd get drunk he'd get violent and we got beatings quite regularly you know probably at least once or twice a week and the beatings weren't like hey I'm gonna give you a whipping because you did something wrong it was like hey I don't feel good today and you'll get beat for that and my mom got a lot of the beatings and it just trickled down to me my brother so that that foundation of life that I didn't have that's how it started off for me and it progressively got worse so we have a horrible foundation it's like building a house on a fucked-up foundation this is what you're going to get you know any kind of earthquake or something happen the house is going to go down sometimes didn't you know don't even take it earthquake takes a little windstorm so that was me I was just a little windstorm away from breaking so what happened in my life was we start to get I call it like the rucksack a rucksack is a pack that you carry in the military and you put all your stuff in it your radios your food your water all that stuff you have to carry in the military that's your rucksack the backpack pretty much as you're growing up we all have a backpack most of ours hopefully is empty you know and what we put in it is all the crap we go through in life that's what is in the backpack for the civilians and we carry it around with us we have to break the barriers within our minds within the world and it starts with yourself the brain is the most powerful thing the minds most powerful thing that we have it's not your phone it's not the computer it's not anything it's your mind if you can tap into that you can come from the from the daggone roots of hell and become such a great seed a policy that can grow into some great daggone garden you have to look at suffering as almost like I look at failure to succeed you must fail in failure and in suffering all the answers are in there go in there go into the suffering go into the pain of your life and say why did this suck for me so bad why am I afraid of all this stuff why am I shut down the whole world I guarantee I tell you why you shut down the whole world it's in these nooks of the suffering within your brain in the scarring or all the answers to why you are on the couch feeling sorry for yourself don't just say I'm afraid is about the airplane mmm what makes you afraid of it study it that's why I studied my mind why became so powerful in the mind because I realized I was weak so instead of running away from the mind I dove into and say what is making me weak oh this makes sense I came from hell I came from a place that beat me down to nothing so systematically one by one I went back and met every single person in my mind every situation I went one-on-one with them again in my mind it's okay that's now revisit this and that's how you do it the brain protects you but protects you so much it doesn't allow growth you find yourself we newer the when you're not comfortable you're not comfortable on a daily basis and that's how I started to grow like I said about the mind it wants to put you in that nice 72 degree temperature with with everything right there it wants to be in that nice with a little massage therapist that's where your mind wants to be doesn't want to be you know go talk about hell week so it doesn't want to be in hell week in hell week I was in three of them I finished two of them in one year only person ever do that in still history there's been people who have gone through a couple of hell weeks but in like five years six years seven years eight years I did I was in three in one year they say it takes off three to five years of your life so hell week is a her in 30 hours of continuous training you might get two hours of sleep and what it does is it's designed to break a man if you only fix the surface you will never get Hill week because what it does it starts to bring out these demons because even though there's a lot of yelling and stuff like that there's times where it's very peaceful in a very eerie way so the first hour of the 130 is breakout they're shooting guns it's loud it's noisy your mind is in chaos when your mind is in chaos you can't think so you're having fun yeah this is great yeah we're gonna help me put navy seal or try to be Navy SEALs or badasses then what they do and I don't even think that they understand what they're doing but I studied the mind it's perfect it's psychological warfare they go from an hour the first hour when you're going crazy the second hour of the 130 they put you in the cold water it's called surf torture now they don't cause surf tours because it's a kinder gentler world is called surf acclimation or something like that whatever everybody's getting soft so they call surf torture for a good reason I put you out there no one's quit yes I've been an hour maybe a couple of guys have and you're in the Pacific Ocean which is never warm you're all linked arms you're sitting there in the waves or crashing over you I went through winter Hillary's which is cold the Pacific Ocean is like 50 degrees it was 49 this particular night in my third hell week and what it does is it makes your mind flip out we've been doing this now for three weeks being in this water but for some reason now the water is colder than this ever been it's not our minds are fragile we can process a day it's hard to process a hundred thirty hours there's no end there's no end so the mine starts to ramp up so you sitting there as quiet no one's yelling that you hear the ocean Shh and you're freezing and your mind goes spastic starts to think of another 129 hours you're not going home you're getting yelled at you can be frozen so you panic you freak out and you want to quit where I realize about the - those people who can be in that time and embraced that time and be in that moment and not allow the mind to go to 129 hours on our one it's the control that we don't have in our minds it's like sure that you had to have for three months when you're miserable when you're suffering you're laying on the floor but you're doing all the disciplines it takes to be a monk you cannot think about the whole process it will make you it it will it will make you so insanely crazy it's impossible it's inhumane I'm about to do to myself you have to be able to break all these big humongous painful things in life down to the smallest molecule because that's all of the brain can handle the brain can't handle hours and hours and hours of suffering but it can handle right now I'm in the Pacific Ocean and it's very cold and this is what I'm doing every day I tell myself I used to believe that was the weakest man that gotta be created so now I believe that I'm the hardest man being that God ever made I don't care if it's true or not it's the most important conversation to me it's the thing that drives me every day it's the one thing that keeps me going every day is that you must constantly be that man that you want to be so the brain is an amazing thing but the brain controls you you must control it


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