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Navy SEAL Teaches Him His Biggest Lesson | Chad Williams Speech

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His mentor, a Navy SEAL motivated him through the toughest time of his life. The choice was to fail or forge through…


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Video Script:: 

okay I'm turning out to be a loser I mean the kind of guy that no young person wants to be fresh out of high school attending a local Community College I didn't have any real big plans I wasn't passing any of my classes now the end of the year is coming up so I'm gonna take finals and I didn't study for these tests and as I'm pulling into the school parking lot I think that's where I was really confronted with it like it hit me like hey I'm turning out to be a loser I mean the kind of guy that no young person wants to be I'm not making it at school I'm sitting there in my truck and I think I come up with the perfect plan I know I'm gonna do to turn this all around I'm gonna go become an Alaskan crab fisherman I'm thinking Deadliest Catch I'm watching our Discovery Channel like that's by far one of the most dangerous jobs there's some water in that and I almost settled on that when the other idea popped into my brain like wait no why can't I go join the military and not just that I want to be a part of the most elite I want to be a US Navy SEAL and so my first order of business is this if I'm gonna be a frogman I don't need to go to school anymore starting my truck up and took off out of that school parking lot never took those tests and of course I gotta let my dad know some bad news and good news as I phrased it so I kind of let him know what's going on school not really passing any of the classes and of course it kind of facepalm and let go the good news it's all right dad I got a plan I'm gonna be a Navy SEAL and so I'm just doing the preparation all the running and swimming and as days go by he viced me inside one day up into his room he says okay so you really want to do this huh you want to be a seal like yeah dad I want to be a seal he goes great I said if I work out for you what the Navy SEALs check out my computer screen and I'll never forget as I'm looking over the computer my thought is my dad doesn't have any Navy SEAL friends like who is this and I seen this email just as Conchata come out and play tomorrow I'm like play like dad let me get this straight you who met some goth the internet says he wants to play with me man you're arranging all this right now that's like all right I guess you know I'm gonna go meet up with the guy and so as it turns out there's more of a conversation he had with this man on the phone that I don't know act not like I had no knowledge of prior to that email so as it turns out on the phone he gets on the phone with this guy says hey look my son wants to be a Navy SEAL but here's the deal he has no idea what he's getting involved and he doesn't know what he's signing up for so I'm just asking could you do me a really big favor I need you to meet up with my son then what I'm asking you to do I need you to crush him give him a wake-up call just bury him beat this desire becoming a seal out of him so I thought about it for a while he decides to reply back in the email can Chad come out and play tomorrow so I don't know what that is all about but I'm about to go find out as I meet up with this Navy SEAL and a beach parking lot he spots me right away you Chad yes sir all right Bubba I was Bubba from that point forward get on over here he's got me dropped down doing push-ups and sit-ups he brings a portable pull-up bar you can hang from anywhere so I'm doing pull-ups outside the bathroom like at the beach in front of people and kind of hanging in there I'm doing the things that he wants me to do he says all right but why didn't you go for this run you know 15 minutes down the trail out into the wetlands and went from the ocean and 15 minutes into it you take over and then I'll be there with you 15 minutes into the run at the time I'm like this little wiry guy like a gazelle 15 minutes into the run I'm taken up on this guy and so I'm leaving him in the dust he's gone I don't see him and I'm looking over my shoulder thinking ah and like hey maybe I'm too fast for this Navy SEAL he can't catch up on the run and I'm thinking the names of my friends that's gonna be bragging too as I'm looking over my shoulder again it's like a scene cut right out of Terminator 2 remember the bad guy that can like morph into knife hands and chase down a moving vehicle that's the seal coming at me with knife hands like a t-1000 right there's nothing I could do he closes that gap I'm thinking we're just in a footrace right he passes me by and I never saw what was coming next as he just plants down pivots turns and I'm greeted by his fist just impaling my stomach as I'm going for the ride just clotheslined wind knocked out of me before my back even the ground I just see sky poof it derp up all around me and you gotta put yourself in my shoes for a moment here because remember the only Intel at the time I had was this some guy my dad made off the internet he's got me on the ground in the wetlands like I'm thinking child predator this is happening he's jumping on top of me and just ragdoll on me I still remember that sound of the threats of my shirt just going rip him spit flying out of his mouth he's screaming in my face going ballistic I feel like yeah the cheek the forehead and then these words come through you want to be a Navy SEAL you better say three paces behind me there's something about that moment right there the pain for a moment went away time froze I knew if I quit right now I'll forever be a quitter like this is the moment Chad if you quit right now you will forever be a quitter the weight respond here is going to affect the trajectory of the rest of your life and he gets up assess it again three paces and he turns and he's not letting up he's showing no mercy he just takes off and I know if I quit right now it's it and so I'm going after this guy I'm staying on his heels and this went on for a handful of miles down this trail but we finally get to a point where he stops he ends it and he circles up he's Peaks piecing back and forth and he breaks this really awkward tension he just goes hey if we would have got another mile or two would you stayed with me and I just told me it's like Scott I'll die before I quit well he just gets this big smile on his face completely changed his demeanor this is it he goes great hey you wanted me to begin for the workout tomorrow so from that before I began to meet up with this Navy SEAL and thankfully it was no longer these beatdown sessions it became more of a building up in fact I moved on in life from just being Bubba to eventually I became jr. he really took me under his wing because he's looking out after me he is the youngest man to ever make it through SEAL training he finished it by the time he was 17 years old he's a world champion pin out the lead he's the fastest Navy SEAL on the SEAL training obstacle course and so you can imagine what it's like to be me you know to get trained up by this guy and as time went on he got me ready so I signed up I got a date it's set I'm going off now to boot camp Scott takes an opportunities he put it to go overseas again it's gonna be very quick turnaround he's actually leaving before I leave off to boot camp so he's getting on the phone with me for one last phone call before he goes he says all right jr. and he says I just want you to know something though that I've never told anybody that I've ever trained before and so that right there really cute me in like important words coming next and he says I know you're gonna make it through SEAL training and to hear like that type of vote of confidence from him yeah I'll never have the words to like really put it into words right like that's just meant the world to me I couldn't wait for my opportunity like to prove him right to make him proud and just to do this thing that I've wanted to do from the very beginning now so when I actually start SEAL training in Coronado San Diego he says I'll be back I'm gonna be there by your side we're gonna see you make it through him so we said our goodbyes can't wait to see you get back Scott so he's gone I'm excited about to get this thing going just for the time sake I guess the numbers you speak for themselves SEAL training I started the class of 173 guys my graduation day on 13 of that original class number still standing there so I'm up one day television on in the background and I remember looking over the screen like I can't believe what I just I'm seeing on the screen because I'm looking at a picture of Scott smiling I'm just looking at the profile shot and that's when I seen the lower third of the screen Scott's birthday followed by - and it says March 31st 2004 and before I could process in my mind like what that means I didn't have an opportunity because then it switches from the smiling image of him it's a graphic video footage of a vehicle burning in the background which was the vehicle that he was in along with three other Americans as their vehicle was ambushed by a group of insurgents that videotaped everything that they were doing I went through all the different emotions and revenge is a fuel it's not a good fuel to live off of but it is a fuel so it's just one of those things you still go forward the same person from there look back to that day in the parking lot manufactory just become a seal I thought oh you know that would be a fuel I could live off of and burn on for the rest of my life and then on top of all that doing an honor memory of my mentor who was really his his name on the inside of my hat but I do think that there is a takeaway for all of us and it has to do was dealing with adversity see a lot of times the adversity that we face has to do with outside circumstances that we literally have no control over you have no control over it everyone here is faced adversity at least to some degree and here's the thing is it's not a singular event is it if imminent that there will be more nobody's immune to that and so you have to kind of prepare yourself in a way ahead of time like realize that you are going to face more adversity it's not an if it's a win so if you have no control over that what's the one thing you do have control over you control the way that you respond you are the determiner of if that adversity is going to be what we can ultimately call a wing or a weight will you allow to be a weight that just sinks you leaves you knocked down never to get back up again people just said that's it they're not for the count they're never coming back from that one where do you find a wing in there somehow it's just a way to to the occasion so our SIL cream SS forged by adversity you will either fail because the University or you will be forged by adversity [Music] you


  • Carolyn Added You liked that video, it was different, and I listened to the entire video
  • Added I loved the lesson and the ability to be able to share his story. God Bless him and all
  • Shelby Added Very, very appreciated...