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This Guy's Walking His Dog Around the World | The Dodo Soulmates

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Tom and his rescue dog Savannah are walking across the globe. Watch as they begin their journey in Austin, Texas, and make their way through Mexico, Central America, South America and Europe.





Video Script:: 

I wanted to see the world in the most deep and immersive way possible. You don't just see the highlights, you see all the in between. And it's really cool to share that with Savannah. Every day we're camping somewhere new and we're on this adventure. I get to set camp and I look over and it's me and Savannah together. It's the greatest thing ever. Savannah, when I adopted her, was only three months. So she grew up on the road. And basically I was kind of growing up on the road. In Austin, I went to an adoption center. I was looking around at the dogs and then they brought Savannah out and I knew right away. At the beginning, I put her in the back basket of my cart. And when we were walking in Mexico, she was growing up on the road. She was getting bigger. And she was walking eight hours a day with me. No problem. I remember being in this field, and she came up to me after walking all day and pressed her head against me. And I thought, "I love this little bugger." The companionship kind of grew out of Savannah and I spending every minute of every day together. Savannah looks out for me, for sure. Savannah and I have covered 18,000 miles over 37 different countries and five continents. It was Texas. We walked all the way down to Uruguay. That was about a year and a half. Almost two years. And then we walked from Denmark down to Spain, across Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, up Italy. Across Croatia, across Turkey, into Georgia. And now we're in Azerbaijan. And we're going to make our way to Mongolia. We have about another two years and roughly another 10,000 miles of walking to go. She is so strong. She's just rock steady. In a lot of ways I try to be the same way. I'm trying to match her example. When we were crossing the Andes from Chile into Argentina, my body was just destroyed. My legs just gave out on me and I fell onto the sand. Savannah came over to me and sat next to me and she just waited there patiently. And I thought just how amazing it was because we're in the middle of nowhere, we're at 5,000 meters on top of the Andes, further than I ever thought I would be with my best friend. I have such a profound respect and protectiveness towards her. After the whole walk is complete, I'm going to build a statue to her. She's amazing.


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