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The Biggest Liar Hoss Walker

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Added by Mel in Music Comedy


Everybody has a Hoss Walker in their town. Here is a song about the biggest liar in ours. We hope you enjoy this one!






Video Script:: 

this is a song about a feller round home used to be a teller of tall tales and he used to tell him tall tales and last books and everybody got to talk about it when we thought if we could teach him how bad it sounded then maybe he quit on that line so we said we'll tell him a lie so big cake nobody believed it and you see how bad it sounds he won't fly no more so we caught him one day we look host you ain't never gonna guess what happened us in church Sunday so we were sitting there in church and the door busted open and a great big granted by come running into the church and we looked and there was a little bit each awawa dog chasing him and that dog chased that bear up front and would you believe he whipped that bar killed that bar and ate that great big greeted by right there in front of us could you believe something like ant he said Lord I reckon that's my bowl Hawker [Music] in our county there in feather coughs Walter do you think ten live these trade market brought he world claims he climb a tree to tell aligned with the truth he fell on the ground so folks say the truth a Nina he's knows miles round why men one day were setting on the course and horse came riding by Paul said hostile upset his failed devil's gonna be goal I said folks I really wish you could when I got be hitting them Paul passed away this afternoon now we've got to get back home let it came as quite a shock because the call was our good freedom we start a long labor know to find that to team we gathered up some cake surprise they don't do their please we all met though their front porch tears and out of phase with a knock on the door walked on the input to our surprise their city's following his rocking chair right there before all right well it gave us an airy feeling made the hair spin on my heat one woman even drop the case a good lordy come back from the bean we were told Paul while we surveyed the Holston see he said boy the world makes fairly good poker face shithole they won't be stopped long till the big old wide but I was in a hurry so I pulled amused and I've destroyed all by he said folks have a sorrowful life polkas you some of our big friends he's even finding the heart forgive me I swore I'd never live in where he stood by looking so sincere Big Jim Xena guys he said I need three or four weeks about preset time [Music] but I remember one cold winter mornings I all sitting around the stove talking about the depression thinking that during the long haul swamped in with the shotgun we dreamed of meteors we all started making jokes about the lively Fishman here he said boys I felt a hunt y'all believe it or not I just killed 99 BlackBerry's Nona fired one shot we all got to laugh and I think the gold man Steve said all photos just said for the hunters wouldn't be little harder to believe sitting though there's old a 99 on that I'll give my word ain't told me it was hotter than lying over one black bird said the other day about on the river around I was huh looked over y'all on the other side hummingbirds are humming so I put a little fire that thing in the hummingbird field deed for the point if you drive like healing the hummingbirds make no Fez be now those Billy told one time I told he got his house throw with the flame of a coal on a turn and couldn't even blow it down so he broke it off put it in the yard right those words lead with the chickens ad springtime come they'll thirdly Friday but another tale he told abouts watermelon to grow seeds a big silver dollar in the ground each so watermelon for footlong sub I'm three foot around but the grows too fast when the watermelons out the dragging across the ground where they start to get mowing up he made he's already growing over he said I'm tired and red-faced all these lies I've told I play car goes for far away where nobody knows my lane hacky bag name the mail he boarded a big old plane y'all said playing England said I'll start my life lose all their feeling in life now only touch but the truth two little boys were fighting Ernie calling each other names watch it you big liar horse Walter he got back on the plane my guess is lots of other fields Oh Hulk might leave behind they're gonna live forever he was alleging any time long as people fairy tales that a legend never died and the name horse Walker lived forever bro that ain't no lie [Music]


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