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Jonathan Winters Accidentally Glued His Cat to The Floor, on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

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Jonathan Winters Accidentally Glued His Cat to The Floor, on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Airdate: 11/20/1974
#johnnycarson #jonathanwinters #thetonightshow






Video Script:: 

here is one of the funniest gentlemen that I have ever met he's a good friend and he is he said something a little bit different 'yes recently has made an album of the little prince with a Richard Burton which will be released at Christmas and on NBC the and on Envy what is that and on December the 5th not on NBC see three letters since you know brainwashed in there I call it December NBC and on December the fifth you will appear at the Mark Hopkins Hotel today had benefit dinner there to keep San Francisco beautiful would you welcome a very funny gentleman mr. Jonathan winters I like that kind of Toyland music the sugarplum boys or whatever toy like yourself oh yeah you know i all year around i like to go to the window you know and the toy windows and look at presto funny things in there yeah we know their little toys whatever they are what do you been doing lately I haven't seen yeah I've been doing literally nothing I been watching prices soar and I'm now going back into my old wardrobe wearing things with a little funny in narrow lapels cutting back yeah and wearing shoes that are worn yes these Rascals are shot but I could no I haven't are you turning in a thermostat down at home huh oh yeah we turned that off terrific completely I'll tell you seriously we had a friend of ours come out here from Ohio she's back in Columbus and OH [Applause] all right she came back from Columbus and we she stayed just a couple of days she was some kind of speech therapy she was over Las Vegas on a convention and oh no end of the clapping so she came to uh to visit I says she has in the past and she said my gosh it's cold in this house it's just can't you turn the heat up a little nice no there's no chance of my wife and I are quite comfortable Dorie and she said Lord I'm just I'm freezing I said put on all your clothes but on more address little Mecca not sure because I said we're not turning it up and she she looked at us it was that funny look to say can't you afford to turn it up just a little nicer we can but we won't know and she left rather angrily mm-hmm how about your basement that's where you do all the basements are colder yes I I paint in the in my basement and it's it's a nice little setup for me it's very very cozy as I told you I think I mentioned on the show before I'm not too far from the furnace and so I can check on that then what did I have happen I had a thing happened I was painting um the other night and some glue some glue spilt on the floor and I forgot momentarily I phase out you know this little constantly you know this just phase out and here was blue just all over in my cat came down and I noticed kitty was quite still I said come on kitty kitty kitty kitty come on tiger that's named tiger come on Tiger come on tiger and tiger just like this and I looked down in these little paws and he was in quite hard in the blue and I said wow it's tough you know I'm strong I can get I said you just make up your mind you're gonna get out of that glue but I had to had to give him some help you know that's just so left these paws but a lot of people they're from the SPCA Singh oh that's terrible no no I got the kitty out fine and cleaned his little paws early gave him a thorough cleaning and then proceeded to put on little booties so the only pet you have in the project yeah well we have a cat and a dog now we lost a couple of pets mo but our dog yes we have a small small dog who's just occur about 25 35 Sen dog Larry right Pleasant it has about a 35 cent bar could you pick him up at the pound or just no we didn't pick him up at the pound we found him on a porch just like this you know walked up picked the dog up wave to the people in the house they didn't seem to care it was an older couple I just don't think they wanted any trouble yeah but no that's that's about it I just kids her kids are doing fine yeah my boys looking for work I don't know what he's gonna do has he decided yet no no he's gonna be at 25 in February and he goes from one unusual job to another but he's good boy and I I told him I said you know hang in there and I'm not gonna give you any allowance or anything like that just to sit around you know and smoke up any cigarette and listen to Bob Dylan so I I said you're gonna have to hustle you'll start cracking yeah start cracking and so he's out there and he's he sees he says well dad like yourself I'm looking looking for some work yeah will you work is about as much as you want don't you well yes I i I really I can't complain I I make a good living I'm very happy I really very proud of fact I I don't have any outstanding bills there are a couple that I think you know we've got to look into soon overall I feel really pretty well-covered to my knowledge there's nobody coming after but no way III really I can't complain I complain like the bulk of the country about the about the economy watch what's happening our taxes and one thing that's all all right normal but I I really admire our age you're you're 49 over just so am I said once on the show before we run that in that final glide path thanks think of that lady was out here a hundred and five that's it'll be interesting to see you doing the show at that age Johnny a you and I sitting here you 105 me [Music] [Laughter] enjoy it now I'm 49 I don't know what state the world's gonna be in another 55 years so I don't know I really want to check up on Anna scary yeah well it's a day-to-day basis you know it there while we're doing it when we come back we know we're coming back we thought we would just you do a lot of improvisation on your show and you do great characters you've often said you don't tell jokes as much as you do people and situations and do a lot of improvisation so briefly we were sitting in makeup tonight and says well maybe we'll just try some interviews so the kind of typical interviews you know we have some a different type of people on the show you know stars and directors and producers and so forth and we'll come back and we'll just for me little things you can play a couple of guests okay all right we'll take a short pause and we'll be right back after this and here's the pain reliever to help you get a good night's sleep and you know how important that is gentle excedrin pm


  • Janet Added He was so funny - one of my favorites = RIP
  • Eileen Added Jonathan Winters was (is) hilarious!