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Family Found a Strange Thing on the Beach Video, What Happened Next Shocked Everyone

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Imagine walking by the sea on a sunny day.





Video Script:: 

hello everyone imagine walking by the sea on a sunny day a pleasant breeze caresses your face and the sound of the waves makes you smile this is heaven but suddenly you notice something black in the sand an unknown object right in front of you and you get a little closer what is it a message at a bottom piece of a missile bomb or a strange monster actually it could be anything in today's video we're gonna prove it to you wanna see the most amazing things found on the beach then let's get it on [Music] old mine some trips to the beach are so amazing that you could never forget them for example when you have a great time or meet someone special or when you teach your dog a new trick or when you miraculously escaped death Kelly gravel and her children were hanging out on a beach in Wales when they saw a huge object covered in shells Kelly thought that it was an old boy that had washed ashore the children played with a mystery object and even hits it the shells look very unusual now imagine how Kelly felt when she discovered a few days later that it wasn't a boy the object her children when playing with was a u.s. mine that had been floating in the sea since World War 2 and it could have exploded at any time fortunately no one was injured and the bomb was later disposed of in a controlled explosion ghost ship in the early 2020 storm Dennis hit the British Isles this natural phenomenon caused heavy rains fast winds and high waves and brought a ship to the beach the abandoned ship was found on the coast near the Irish town of Bally cotton in County Cork ten crew members from the ship were rescued by the Coast Guard in 2018 since then the ship had just been adrift it had last been seen off the coast of West Africa that the storm chose a different route this case is believed to be one of a kind the ship not only stayed afloat for several years but also covered a huge distance and it made it back to the shore huge pipe you may not notice many things at the beach thinking that they're just rocks but huge pipes are another story several mysterious objects were discovered on the Beach in Norfolk County giant black plastic pipes washed up on the coast for two meter diameter pipes were found on the beach and eight more in the water and the largest pipe was 480 meters long frankly it just looks like an alien invasion or something similar giant Martian worms or maybe it's a secret government experiments actually the pipes were produced on earth more precisely in Norway originally that was supposed to arrive in Algeria by ship boots parts of the cargo ended up in the sea and eventually the water carried the pipes to the UK East Coast Muriwai monster sometimes you can find really spooky objects on the coast not far from Muriwai a coastal community in New Zealand a creepy monster appeared on the beach it was discovered by Melissa Doubleday a local resident but first she thought it was a whale so she went over to take a closer look but she soon discovered that the creature had tentacles or rather it was covered in a pile of fat black worms it was a monster worthy of a horror movie Melissa took pictures of a strange discovery and posted them online hoping to get an answer jokingly users named the unknown creature for sea monster with dreadlocks and a beach Christmas tree but the truth is less interesting most likely the monster is just a piece of driftwood covered in gooseneck barnacles these are crustaceans that attach themselves to solid objects using long stems that could reach up to 80 centimeters gooseneck barnacles live along the coast they usually prefer stones garbage and shipwrecks but a giant log will do just as well ancient statute the CEO Fionn takes all sorts of things away from people a lot of things are lost during hurricanes or shipwrecks for example but sometimes the opposite happens the sea returns something that had had taken centuries ago or even more after a violent storm off the central coast of Israel a white marble statue was spotted on the beach the female sculpture is one point two meters tall weighs about 200 kilograms and has no head also the statue has no arms which comes as no surprise experts estimate the fine to be 2,000 years old that is it was made at the beginning the Common Era the statue fell into the sea when a storm destroyed the cliff where it stood the tower and the mosaic are also affected however the sea treated the statue quite gently except for the most notable damage the sculpture was very well preserved whale vomit let's be honest no one likes vomit even if you're not a very sensitive person you wouldn't want to stumble upon something like this except if it's whale vomit amber gray is a special substance that forms in the digestive tract of sperm whales it's highly valued in the perfume industry where it's used as a fixative and by highly valued we mean it's very very expensive amber Gris is not easy to find and it's difficult to be replaced by other substances but you can accidentally come across a degree on the beach Ken Willman was out walking with his dog when his pet suddenly started sniffing at a rather large and smelly rock at first the man decided to leave the rock on the beach but then he came back for it lucky him it turned out that the expensive substance weighed up to three kilograms for such a large piece of ambergris French perfumers would pay 56 thousand dollars and how much money do you make when you walk your dog piano musical instruments are quite expensive and are not usually left lying around so when a grand piano is discovered in Biscayne Bay in Miami people are very surprised it was found on the beach in late January 2011 the local authorities didn't give much importance to the event they said that as long as the instrument didn't obstruct navigation or threaten marine life there was no need to remove it frankly speaking the local pelicans and seagulls even took a liking to the piano the instrument which was just left alone in the scent quickly became a local landmark he was photographed and some people even tried to play some music surprisingly the piano was relatively well preserved not in very good condition of course but it was worth about $4,000 across a loss of money for a pelican bench voodoo doll normally when you see a voodoo doll made of coconut snakeskin and human teeth you'd think of throwing it as far as possible in any case the following finding discovered on a beach in Florida is not exactly charming after finding the doll Bruce Robertson was frightened other people on the beach advised him to throw the creepy doll back into the sea and the man listened to them but before he died he took a picture of the doll then after some research Robertson changed his mind and now believes that it was an African spider God known as a known safe if you've seen this series American Gods you probably know of him however other people believe that Bruce found a doll used for a voodoo ritual or so it had probably been made recently from human skin and we don't want to think about how the maker of the doll got it a huge cross have you ever asked God to send you a sign well seems that someone really needed one please send me a sign in 2019 a huge wooden cross washed up on the coast of Florida the six meter barnacle covered structure probably spent some time in the water thanks Horace notice the cross and dragged it back to the beach where this strange artifact became a popular and very Instagram herbal attraction but the cross has no mystical origin and the explanation for its appearance is quite simple a woman revealed that this cross had been placed on an island in North Carolina to commemorate her missing brother a hurricane probably lifted the structure off the ground that threw it into the sea after that the cross just drifted for six months perhaps the crosses journey would have lasted longer it could have crossed the ocean and surprised people in Portugal if it weren't for the people who tracked it out SpaceX rocket if you don't live near the launch site where Elon Musk launches his rockets all of this SpaceX buzz might seem like something irrelevant that's what Emily Goossens and etienne main go-to inhabitants of the island of CEM NS in northern France must have thoughts nothing out of the ordinary ever happens on this island but one day the couple found some debris on the beach since no one else lives on the island they thought it might have fallen off from a ship passing by a very logical assumption because it couldn't have fallen from the sky this but after dragging the object for the tractor they discovered a SpaceX logo and the inscription nosecone of course this doesn't mean that it broke off by accident during launch missiles lose some parts Internet users believe that this object could be part of the SpaceX CRS 13 mission launched on the 15th of December 2017 however the company has not confirmed this information thousands of toys probably every child has dreamt of receiving many chocolate eggs and the toys inside them for example a hundred or even a thousand really just depending on how many numbers they know for most people this dream never comes true but the people on the German island of Langerak in the North Sea well lucky one morning they witnessed an extraordinary sight thousands of small colorful toys appeared on the shore it wasn't even Christmas it turned out that a cyclone the strongest in northern Germany in recent years was too plain the storm hits of passing Fraser and through five containers of plastic toys including Lego bricks and Star Wars figures into the safe and of course the capsules for the toys ended up in the water as well the containers landed on the bottom but the plastic cargo Rose at the surface and then the waves carried the toys to shore according to early estimates over a hundred thousand toys covered about three and a half kilometers of the coast this could have been a real environmental disaster but local volunteers came to the rescue within a few days the beach was cleaned up and yes the volunteers were allowed to take the toys that they liked bonus Vietnam veterans ring today we're talking about fines on the beach but we can't ignore this story even notes a little bit different mark deser mia is a professional treasure hunter he works on Venice Beach Los Angeles and has found many different objects in the water throughout the years these include wedding rings a Stanley Cup ring over a hundred class rings a Rolex watch overall there's a lot of valuable stuff under water mark spends most of his time with a metal detector in his hand looking for new treasures but one day he found something quite unusual at a depth of one and a half meters he found a strange ring it had barnacles growing on us and had probably been underwater for a long time at first mark thought it was a simple piece of metal or a fake rank but its discovery turned out to be the ring of a Vietnam War veteran the ring had the inscriptions Purple Heart and you are not forgotten in size there were some dates and the initials of an unknown man mark hopes to give the ring to its owner if he's still alive or at least to his relatives hey stop being lazy it's time to use that brain of yours welcome to brain time incredible facts from the past the present and even the future the power of nature and wild animals amazing facts and unsolved mysteries you'll find all this and much more here subscribe now you won't regret it [Music]


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