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A collection of the best summer news bloopers.





Video Script:: 

Florida beaches just got a little more crowded for the public and a little less crowded for the people who live on them and if a child or someone you know falls in you want to know how to save them stick with us to find out I was hoping for a little cooler temperatures but sterling can't do everything likes all a cold front right here okay either way even this level of skill could get you an entry into an annual wakeboarding events full of weeks to update the story that includes me and my cameraman Pete hello Pete Pete Pete hello Pete Davin Lucero news 4 in South Lake Tahoe it is a perfect day to take a dump into a jump into the pool rather happy Tuesday everyone 81 to 82 by 4 o'clock don't do the first one and I'm just gonna go excused myself from the room now it's not just a show it's really educating the people on the dolphins and on the whales Paul brats just like dude you got the best barrels ever dude just like you pull in and you just get spit right out of them and you just drop in and just smack the lip cool back drop down step off and then after that you just drop in you just ride the barrel and get pitted so pitted like that here she goes you can always hear man that would be me wait is that as scary oh my god it seems such a good sport oh nice and relaxed shoulders nice and straight you got to keep smiling keep your hands in front of you Park a piano like your Vega symphony okay if you're gonna get wet here's a good way to do it with mahealani Richardson hey mahealani and coming up at 5:47 was like what about the flowmaster competition here's a wine I don't think this rain jacket is really working you're watching kitv4 dryland television news reporting we'll be right back how the heck did I get this job okay so she's gonna get the helmet on we need safety first always so we don't want anybody to get hurt so you tighten this for me you're okay you can leave it loose yeah you're not don't worry about it so he's just gonna start ready to go hey Brian you're ready to take her you can do this Amanda bend your knees pull forward you're good you can do it you're looking great keep it going she was amazing that was a pretty good start I don't think she needed that element in there and then the fourth of July here's like actual customer out here what's what's the best kind of firework to buy wouldn't you like to know whether boy where are your parents get sketchy back to you guys you got to look out for feral children this time barrel they come out you know what I mean like whether boy what's going on yeah what's that that was a little uncalled for but you know supposed to respect your elders thank you and I'm not sure if I'm going to regret this because I'm going to be potentially sitting with wet pants in our live van on the way back to the station but people have been betting me that I wouldn't jump in so I'm gonna take out my little earpiece here hand it over to Eric Patterson behind the camera here comes the mic I'll send it back to you go girl I don't well done yes she is colossal Canyon this is one of my favorite rides we are gonna get soaked actually you guys are [Applause] we were talking to captain geo earlier he said he's been out here for 20 years it usually has his morning swimming whoa all right folks we just had a little water casualty but Chris Bangka our photographer is amazing and we are taking him back in closer to the dock for safety are you all right Chris he is good he is a professional and he is hanging on and we can tell the bosses that no electronics or cameras were injured in this live shot John and Cheri and Nate that's what happens out here live Chris is all good though I promise you that all TV stations through breaking news but only WGN Morning News we'll do breaking news from another competing TV station here is the weather bulletin a station a few clicks down the dial is offering tips to deal with the heat where summer clothes oh and if that's confusing those are clothes that our lightweight loose-fitting just sure to take your sunglasses and wear sunscreen but I feel they were reckless by not telling you to stay hydrated yeah but hey we all make mistakes so I want to identify the station but but it's between 4:00 and 6:00 I think and I know Kyle and Lisa I don't know if you grabbed them but I gave you guys some score cards and Nicole was telling me this is gonna be the first to jump off the high dive for this season and the first cannonball I'm going to be going for a straight tens across the board this morning we will see the first cannonball season we're tough judges though so will oh the double bounce oh that's great splash that's day okay that's a 10 that's a 10 on the splash department I'd also give her a 10 for her look in the swimming suit this morning you know to be tall blonde and in my 20s you know if you're a hostess I use porky for the employee base ooh not being tanita por la noche see lumina tiene loses stato see maybe a kill Rima estación gravely Laputa Conan only no lucky for us our thief is here to be a Sparky hello look at the color the hello there hello Rocky Musa hey yo Socky power so I'm clear to go alright here you hold all my electronics as ever you're not gonna be able to talk to me until I get down to the bottom and you guys stay with me and don't believe me until I've cleared because someone call 9-1-1 hold that microphone should we do play but duck in there no we can't hear him but hopefully we'll see him shortly when we hear them screaming here he comes one and a half thank you Michael I would get in the water but I just cut my hair yesterday oh this Aloha shirt she calling her friends in know again we'll have all the information on their website to go [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] Johnny Gill should I go I think you should go down the hallway here and make a right make a right all right sure all right we'll see you guys we'll see you back here in 45 all right let's walk Ryan I think we should find Brian to weaving up a 45 and Down Goes Frazier what are you gonna do you're gonna get back up again you're going to do that course you go Brian more often is that it is awesome I can't wait to get out there so he yes raises can I borrow your boy sure I didn't even need to do when you want to hire them out in the morning for me absolutely I mean how am comfor you started some day of that that's awesome all right so we're gonna check back in with him like you fit at 8:45 and I think really good morning everybody I'm hanging out with my friend John Fox 5 Morning News starts look over there and it starts right now what is that what is that what is that can someone please tell me what's going on we had member last week Tony Parker of the Spurs was on vacation and he was renting that's what he was it's a water-powered jet that almost took Matt Johnson down with them that Carl DeMaio I have all these kids out here they're having so much fun out here in the water just hanging out getting wet staying cool in this heat I mean I'm here and this is really not the only way that all right so we are getting really attacked here you guys all right play nice play nice okay okay okay so okay clearly I am trying to survive we have not I have to keep the microphone I know how you work Mary you want to keep the mic and just steal it from me I see how it works okay well I almost fell down that would have been bad great I could have fell on live TV that was okay put the feet inside okay you guys ready are we ready well I can race I'll probably lose though although my weight might actually help with the gravity we're ready all right here we go in 3 2 1 go Oh whoo it's a little slippery this morning oh I get some air there was more people that I expected well sanabria I'm going to think that we - amazing amazing television Nick Monacelli and your laugh gets us all going John I'm gonna give you the mic I'm a little bit nervous have you done this one before I have a tenant last year and you're gonna have a great time yeah I filled my heart I really am kind of I get a chicken I always enough you're doing these things on TV just to make everybody happy oh my god this is quite the holy crap I promise I'm not faking this for the camera okay do you mean I think I need to get a little wet right on my back okay here we go send it back to you guys my heart's beating a little bit fast and I'm not even trying to be overdramatic that's happening cheering all the way down it's gonna be put your feet down I'm kind of get to this little here yeah right here God yep ready 1 3 she got some [Applause] to see alive finally where are you can you get out bitch that was awesome that looks like so much fun we got to reap you that dude slow get some good air there and so can't get out of there the most common violation bacteria in the water and improper pH levels typically caused by of course you guessed it peeing in the pole mayor yeah you said that you said it was written there I'm reading it but I mean it's the truth yes the problem has gotten so bad the CDC is now suggesting swimmers use their own test strips before getting in the water oh I just saw on and on it goes I mean you know what you know what when I was at summer camp they used to tell us and and so many people believed it that if you did that yes there would be some sort of dye or a chemical reaction that would happen around you so you would easily be identified as the one doing this and so every child nobody wanted to be that person exactly because she it's right there forever but you know what yeah it works it does it puts it in their mind and we don't need Caddyshack and examples that's a quick you know Oh clearly some sometimes maybe maybe we just need to start saying that again I know it's not the truth yeah you just have to make some Oh kit I know what you're doing over here the corner you get moved in five minutes me voy a la playa para seguir this redondo a kid desmondo better no somos en el estudio [Music] you


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