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Best News Bloopers Of The 2000s

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BEST NEWS BLOOPERS OF THE 2000s! Funny news bloopers of the 2000s decade that will make you laugh.








Video Script:: this is BBC World News I'm Jonathan Charles kept hidden for almost two decades and forced to bear children now to an out-of-this-world phenomenon in London Finn gee I hate this word phenom phenomenon great news regarding bills tight end Kevin average he moved his arms and legs today and doctors now believe that's the wrong video by the way that is not the right video it's been around a long time and as a result it does take quite a long time to make change be the best one in the world right after the break we're gonna interview Eric why had mayor who climbed the highest mountain in the world Mount Everest but he's gay I mean he's gay excuse me he's blind so we'll hear about that coming okay back here live at the waterfront village with my friend the zombie Jonathan you're looking good Jonathan just got an awesome facepaint job what do you think I like turtles all right you're great Zambian good times here at the waterfront village yes que mira la lluvia quite important este punto de la serda que para que tu tienes una idea Mira is the poster de loop we usually see escape no I always wait a week to get my hands on the latest DVD releases so I got knocked up last night well not literally but I got the movie not done yes the movie knocked up terrific you gotta watch it Bob knocked up I'll put that on now the nether selling DVD I can do that that's right a 7.2 magnitude magnitude earthquake rattled Alaska sighs Aleutian Islands magnitude 7.8 who's a very large earthquake the good thing is there were no immediate reports big fishing tournament going on here this weekend we'll be explaining coming up in a few minutes so we'll see then that should be fun watching now Russell what is a rod in the water take a look outside you know what we've got today we got lots of clouds lots of sunshine and lots of afternoon storms you just go on fishing guys oh boy well I'm sure you needed it Annie did you get many spankings as a kid as a kid no I'm not wait wait a minute wait a minute that's not what I meant I meant I was a little I never mind I'm sorry that's not why I'm really embarrassed but I was a pretty good kid I'm sure you were welcome back - good day Tampa Bay coming yes sorry coming up in this next half-hour the scoop on frozen yogurt is it really any healthier than ice cream we'll get the skinny on what many think is a positive low-fat alternative very good am lost Bill Murray hits the road for another one tank trip his next destination will probably leave you feeling a little jolly all right forecast outside for us today I'm sorry sing embargo Lake Toria como que vino primero el whoa Oh eNOS ago get away - si como una cadena Presidente meant a con el burro 14 invisible spray a Boise Idaho woman is considered a medical miracle Laura Esserman was struck by lightning nearly a month ago and she was considered officially dead thankfully CPR from her mom revived her heart but she laid in a coma for two weeks and then she defied all odds and woke up [Laughter] well obviously there was a problem with that tape she doesn't really sound like that she doesn't remember the accident I am so sorry Laura's learning to walk again after the lighting burnt her legs and we'll have borrow that story and hopefully get that tape fixed for you and with it being a nice weekend you might and cooling down a little bit you might want to get out and grill some if you can enjoy those temperatures and on the front of your life here in the chronicle charcoal or gas is the big dilemma gas right now okay anyway if you could check out some tips about how you should do it let's go let's go this for us right now the US Open is now underway at pine Daytona Beach the Cape Canaveral area of Vero Beach will be getting in on the heavier rainfall and eventually the US should can I am so sorry bill was crawling on my leg Oh God [Music] can I buy this in Arlington oh good grief yes boy let's see how long it is let's hold on this guy is probably close to five feet Texas rat snakes are gonna be one of the largest snakes that you find in the Metroplex area he likes yeah [Laughter] let's try to get back on the good job okay let's try to get your alright the Texas rat snake could be up to five feet long huh that's right some of them can get upwards and approach seven feet some changes in store for the devil rays and for Tropicana Field the team announces it is reducing prices on more than nine thousand seats and that lowers the average price of tickets by seven cents seven cents to 1779 the raise will also close off the upper deck seating area except when they lower deck sells out and the team will also move the cheaper Southwest Airlines freedom fanfare section to the area now known as the beach if you would like the facts and the figures head to the Rays website at Devil Rays duck okay the average price of the tickets are lowered by seven cents she made it through that read and I am tears rolling down my face over here and you read that without cracking up and you did a good job I should get a scope alright we're out to save money that's what we're all about this is fashion week over in Paris that latest fashions are on the runway for next spring but there was a problem out there today one of the British designers shows had a difficulty a model fell down twice that's her going down once the young woman wearing that pink skirt and the orange platform shoes never quite recovered after that there she goes that was uncool [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] there's nobody on overtime there's nobody working on the weekends there's a lot that could be done to have this done a lot sooner well she lives on the first floor and yeah so I mean I don't see so I mean the people it was scheduled it's a contracted job we don't tell that elevator company when when to work their people they submit a schedule to us they said they could do the elevator in six weeks so all we're all we're trying to hold them to to is is meeting their deadline as far as working doing elevator repair six seven eight o'clock at night I don't see that as being a typical process nor do I it a typical process gotta go now I want to thank you both thank you all right it's back you Julie don't let her go away this that's what does she have a response to she's still there what's that did the lady just leave yeah no that's too bad I should have kept that discussion she's back everyone yes yes would you like to know I wa I'd like to know a response to what the gentleman said the gentleman is a very effective spokesperson for the for the company but obviously the people who live there are not satisfied with his explanation right so what do you want now well if I have to teach you how to be a reporter Ally I'll do that later why don't you do that later Jim but I think the lady expressed itself and you're not here you're there what is there any question you'd like me to ask her and no I'll give you lessons on how to become a reporter I'll give you some lessons on how to be an editor because I was your boss once yeah you were and are no longer how did that happen hello everyone well the Ball State softball team continued to play this weekend and they were hoping that continue off at their straight three out of four losses and so we'll take a look at see how that happened they started off good but then eventually but the Ball State women's but women's team shot down and ended up doing poorly oh no and ok we're gonna continue on now ladies Cardinals will play an Iowa tournament starting this Friday before the Ball State baseball team kicks off its conference season this week this weekend the cards will battle in in-state rival Indiana tomorrow tomorrow's game will be the meeting between the two beating both first Hoosiers are on the for on on the year and they have won six of its last seven games tomorrow will be the game three at 3:00 p.m. which switching to Ball State men's tennis it seems last week player on it seems every week that you have a player Matt Lawrence is the latest Cardinals tennis player to win the award Lamar won all this all the singles and doubles matches last week so far the Cardinals have had a player honored on the weight on the weekly Awards seven out of the nine at seven out of the nine weeks the cards will played at Boise State invite this weekend the Indiana Pacers are looking for a measure to revenge tonight against the New Jersey Nets and to strengthen their playoff hopes the Nets won the last Sunday's matchup 94 to 85 which left the Pacers one game behind the Chicago in the seventh series spot let's check out the highlights Stephen Jackson's David Reggie Miller's looking good he shoots the three and it's good later he gets the rebound passes it to the man shoots it and boom goes the dynamite the final scores ended up with the Pacers 63 to the net 61 The Associated Press of the all-american first team in college bit baseball was announced today at Utah's seven-foot sophomore center Andrew Bogut was the leading vote getting receiving 60 first-place votes Bogut who is an Australian native received very little attention in the presentation in the preseason but averaged 20 points and 12 rebounds a game for Utah the four other players joining Bogut on the AP team are senior forward wayne summers and Kansas of Kansas and heck and Warwick of Syracuse junior guard JJ Redick of Duke and sophomore and sophomore guard Chris Paul of Wake Forest's rebounded out list let's check out some of the scores tonight okay great thanks a lot for that look in sports right yeah


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