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Best Snow News Bloopers

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BEST SNOW NEWS BLOOPERS! Funny news bloopers of winter that will make you laugh.






Video Script:: 

I compare winner to be the Justin Bieber of seasons is kind of cute and exciting when it first started out and now it's a bit obnoxious and should probably just stay in Canada and schedule ecclesia snippet Jellyman just biding granular kind of slutty excuse me slushy icy snow dude aren't you cold from Wisconsin everybody well there you go right here on flagpole Hill at White Rock Lake where you you really got to watch your backside well probably sit around and cook some soup thing eat brand desserts then just get all fat and fancy driving I saw a number of spinouts on 400 but drivers seem to be taking it carefully and the good news is of course that a lot of people are just staying home this morning this is like February we usually get this in November you know we've had a pretty easy winter I think if you're complaining now you're really not true Chicagoans come on suck it up since bring in Weather Channel meteorologist Mike Seidel he's in Sugar Mountain North Carolina hi Mike why well obviously Mike not quite ready for us and good morning I'm kiddo Shay storm is on the snow-covered storm drains and with the rain on the way why you're gonna want to cover get these storm drains uncovered we'll tell you why coming up in a live report it was a wintery walk to school in part village but they're a hardy breed in these parts well the demolishers were hard to go well anyway I didn't watch your choice in the matter but sure it's a cool is a cool journey to school this morning oh good you wouldn't belong captain Frost but there goes a couple of clouds demonstrating what I swear what I said hitting us they knocked at four plow trucks for plow trucks and you can still it's still snow-covered so that is the beauty of breaking news and it looks like we might have some snow that day no way I know Oprah seven I know sorry worst winter ever Trina's gone worst winter ever you can go cool down for me like I've got it we are very well done now we're fine and it's almost subsonic have you ever been to a concert what's up jalapeno paseo Francis Wang has been out all this morning checking about all the dicey spots this morning whoa good morning France Oh what was that cold oh wow - you were talking we were sliding out a little bit I don't know if you saw that but you can see how much snow has accumulated here in the parking lot at least a good four to five inches hold on overnight snow pounded Northwood so much help the city was one of the few municipalities in Northwest Ohio early Saturday morning to issue a level two snow emergency folks were told to stay off roadways unless absolutely positively necessary but they still came out to places like the Circle K gas station on Woodville Road Donna solution is Nigam plastic really durable non-corrosive oscar tom use of poetry beautiful machine x11 Oh sir [Music] I've been getting lessons from the semi-pros right this morning on the proper way to sled down a hill that's more muddy than snowy they say no matter what took that fun here's your half let's get out to NBC 10s Tony googly ara he's live from Attleboro and pretty bundled up Tony googly otta frozen quiet there out there in the cold that's how cold it is right there's a record welcome back we are continuing our live team coverage of this winter wallop that has blasted us here in central Pennsylvania want to get you back outside check in in Bedford County right now it's where our jordan tracy is jordan a lot of snow today is it starting to turn to sleep now where you're at I've never eaten at a hospice never eaten a hostas either how about that how about the winter weather Sasquatch sighting 22news storm team meteorologist Jennifer Paille is live at the X in Springfield hopefully he won't bother her since the snow started this morning at about 6:15 to 6:30 it has not let up at all it is coming down pretty steadily here in Springfield you can see that the visibility has been reduced I've seen countless spinouts and and I caught up with Chelsea and Michael who were jogging by and were nice to just stop for a quick second and I said what are you doing running and you're saying it was really good out it's the perfect texture for running a very low impact on it's dry snow see or if you don't get wet it's incredible though just to see even people still on their bicycles yeah I don't know how they do with the bikes like braking at least we can control you know worst case we can just slide right through a stop sign we've seen a lot of people out here like you said running sledding just enjoying it one thing oops that could happen unfortunately looks like Chelsea's okay you okay yes okay but it's wait outside I mean we are a bunch of wet people okay if it was summer and it was snowing yes in his window is when - hello it's winter alone about three four weeks ago it was what three degrees outside it's like a wave out here he'll always wait - yes I'm not surprised I love it it's winter let's let's walk with it wait wait three degrees three weeks ago how soon we forget yeah well every now and then you got experience a little crazy the job but we had a little buffoonery earlier but now all is well here in Leesburg Virginia you know I spoke to a guy asked him what he's doing out here and he said joyriding that is not the right answer you do not want to be out here joyriding v Dodd is asking folks to stay off the roads and and then that helps them move along quicker here but if you can take a look at the road here obviously the buffoonery has returned but the roads here are gonna likely refreeze overnight Rev about 30 degrees now and they're gonna be in the single digits tonight so expect that to refreeze we're gonna send it back in to you for now almost take me tell us to come up okay that feels like you you to make clean care system that what does that chick match I've seen fun you can hear you we'll cover you make [Laughter] I have an update for you this morning I was telling you that it wasn't quite snowball fight ready I don't know if you can see that my face is wet my photographer that I'm working with this morning just got me in the face with a snowball so clearly it is great snow for for snowball fights alright we've been waiting for a bus to come for these Walmart workers now wait a second how cows driving a septa bus in this weather today coming up here was extremely bad but going down the road for the idea was you interview the driver why he's busy we're gonna sneak on the bus and get a free ride tell everybody how bad the ice is on this and the bus stop was terrible over there's like ice skate we wait Adam and Rand if anybody falls you know we put a tell the septa legal team they got up they got assault that bus stop dilka it's a sheet of ice out there we do see somebody in front of our favorite coffee store that I won't be named are you gonna open to their what we've been waiting since five o'clock in the morning you don't get somebody that does he doesn't work there but he says he's going to be on it for us Tracy you trying to scare people into opening up their businesses to you listen if I can endure all of this I can get some coffee up in your eyes you know example said we actually have seen a person I was ready to call him nuts until he brought me some coffee come on Mikey bones get over here Mike Flint came from Neptune to bring us coffee our knight in shining armor correct that canteen open I mean let's do what we're doing here I heard your call and I feel your pain that coffee is probably freezing cold already enough not in this darkness no no doesn't want to press things I have a purchase yeah braggadocious man I like it in you I like get any Mikey bones he's awesome but I mean look at behind love you thank you hey good morning guys take a look at this car now this is kind of a extreme situation not all of the cars in our parking lot look like this but I just wanted to take this brush and kind of show you what we're working with here so either way you can kind of see that you can get the still very thin not super icy if you want to use the ice side I would say this one works a little better back to you guys in the studio Francis stay with us because it's time ladies and gentlemen for scraping 101 so pretend like you're back in classroom and the first thing is Laura okay so the little the little the little scrape bridge Francis that's actually got a windshield not for the car just FYI we don't want any scratch paint [Applause] [Laughter] I was just trying to show you what it was like and that was it or that Francis Wayne temperatures that need to know you're welcome I was going to hand out a syllabus put it up in time 5:45 that was great thanks Melissa now a many area of businesses like the hotels and other places are staying busy that's definitely the case here at Kalamazoo's Holiday Inn now the Kalamazoo's Radisson joins the Holiday Inn and offering special rates for standed travelers and those travelers can get special deals on rooms for a night or two and they say that if their joint in the offering special deals and also they're putting them over to stay a night or two and then they go to the Holiday Inn and other places and then they can go to reporting to different places now store management also say that people started packing it last night at Meijer and definitely they're staying busy and they didn't start slowing down till this afternoon at Meijer we don't want to get home grace you can tell we like to eat so we want to fill up a little bit in case it gets bad tomorrow history Meyer management says it expects to have more business coming up and they'll always stay open no matter how bad the snow gets now the FI way services of Western Michigan that we talked to earlier says that it's going to have to cancel even delay some of its services to area customers but just put out your trash on the curbside and they'll pick it up weather permitting report reporting live in Kalamazoo I engaged norm with news from where you live remain back to you


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