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Best News Bloopers Of Work From Home Fails

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A collection of the best news bloopers of work from home fails.





Video Script:: 

he kills viruses and just what what did you do mom dad holy crap they liked what we had yesterday where we has unsign and temperatures oh hi honey Oh many areas picking up two to three inches of rain some places even more the half cup of 151 another Valley business is making changes to ensure the customer and worker safety starting today a white house fruit farm in Canfield is temporarily closing to walk in traffic my give her that Hey Arnold episode where's like stupid kids afraid to leave us too I'm not going out too afraid to I mean out there we got some situations going on thanks for watching everyone all right and everyone on its way with mostly sunny skies so make sure you get outside if you can it'll all it'll help all of our moves yes I love it these are the trials and tribulations of doing your forecast from all hilarious so just how far is six feet let's see I think there are some benefits to working from home as much as I'd like to be back there with everybody yeah Betty here this is the Lions household cat seems to be enamored of all the lights out here she's shedding right now and she yeah because it's going to be chilly hey good morning I want to show you a live look here this is Concord Road excuse me yeah 31 and uh and i-65 gonna go ahead and apologize my Alexa is going off Alexa ah you know just just what you get from working from home try to get to Paul in just a little bit and we'll be right back after this a lots changed in the last couple of weeks and one of the things that I've learned is to just cut myself a little bit of break there's not a lot of traditional learning going on in that classroom but that's not to say that my kids aren't learning valuable lessons we've been okay over 600,000 people applied yesterday and that's of course only 1/4 of the total amount of people in just medley I'm sorry but that is fabulous this is maybe the first cat you know the home office is across the TV's she's spreading out there 48 degrees someone's up someone's awake we should all bring our dogs in so here we are in the living room is this how it's going to be got the sidekick Lola making her cameo and we're do what we can but it is going to be a beautiful day tomorrow good we'll look forward to seeing you in the lay out for a walk tomorrow then I know look at her appearance fee maybe that's why she walked away it's not whether as far as paying your mortgage because of course this is very until now you know what multitasking at its finest Alena thank you three I'm gonna stock up on some cats for this pandemic yeah okay first six people were spraying in our mosquitoes everywhere [Music] and it was um it was moving into the water and into the air and it was that hearse right it wasn't we start over I'm sorry now you be quiet hey stop it triumph keeps talking damn bear stop it hey I'm gonna fire you three to four years you've welcomed us into your home and now we're welcoming you into ours griffey no they're just ready stopping us from getting you the information griffey do with it grab your toy and go sit down nailed it one more time four years you've welcomed us okay so joining us this morning is the social and emotional program instructor for that program Hana Hotchkiss with information about all of these classes good morning Hana Hana can you hear us good morning I'll try one more time Hana good morning thank you for joining us Hana hi hey how are you doing it looks like we were having a little bit of an audio issue there how are you this morning can you hear me I can't hear your question is how would you democracies respond to those scandals and what will it mean for for the wider region I think one of your children's just walked in i mean shift is shifting shifting sands in the region to the relations with the north may change I would be surprised that they do [Music] North Korea North and South Korea's policy choices on North Korea have been severely limited you're killing time for me I gotta get this done does this what you wanted fireside chats with Butch and Amanda Canton ideas yes okay now we're sitting really oh okay I'll try it one more time yeah tell me about it what should I do better anything else you want to add got hop down bubs you gotta hop down and you're Harry I've got here all over me I can't have hair on me thanks Connor mommy's trying to do a little bit of work can you let me finish my work okay let me open them go upstairs so I can finish my work okay hey I got a record something real quick okay nope he's on the phone just give me five okay I just I know I need five he is on a call okay you cannot you cannot talk to daddy right now give me a second guys okay go upstairs three two pulling water right guys go upstairs I'm really critical Connor give mommy a minute please I'll be upstairs in one minute three what would you say in those circumstances oh I think your kata Authority this is like I'm not some on TV girl okay okay it is a still weekend we all understand this is gonna be but I'm gonna go viral I wonder Jonathan after Earth's shall we save your blushes and come back to you very shortly why don't you go and deal with the very pressing issue that your daughters have got and what sorts you very soon that might be a better idea right well it's a lovely even to be out in the backyard with your loved ones I've got my son here Gabriel right now Gabriel can say hi hi look you are Gabriel are you having courage from playing with some construction are you having fun because it's nice outside yeah what did you do today well making them pile up okay so he's not really necessarily talking about the weather but it has been a great day to be outside with your family because that one shiny thing blender egg hunt he doesn't like the rain so that's a good news and I don't really like those rain either so let's take a look at current conditions in the city we are sitting at about 10 degrees right now Hey Brampton is 10 as well different world yes sure and Oh Phil agrees and there are those squirrels out here in our backyard as well making Gabriel and very excited alright so Larry Robin Paul working from home with this whole social distancing thing I got a message from one of our face back foot facebook viewers mark bringing him he said take some hot wheels and line them up to simulate like you are showing traffic from the helicopter and I have nothing else to do so on the normal Chicago web day traffic now there is no traffic but there is still construction so I got tens you still have to be careful and watch for their workers because there is still construction got it got it right there's a TV consultant shedding a tear you know what thank god she's got a boy at home otherwise there would have been happening in my house that's awesome are you taking the stairs max get out of my shop okay I gotta work I'm doing I'm doing work sit with your brother sit who says the quartet will work well with the returning Trojans who have already bought into the program coach Cross says he's excited what do you think about coach crosses signing class coach cross says he's hoping to add one more player who's ready to take the stairs Haley Sutton WSFA 12 sports maple can you stop just for a second three two one more cold air three two one cold air continues across the area tonight potential for some frost and freeze for some of us warm up it's going to take hey hey come here come here come here sit three two one frost and freeze for some of us again tonight the cold air is lingering through much of the week we'll show you on the best chance of precipitation is with Futurecast maple three two one maple excuse me hello come here come here come here do you want to be in this tease is that what you want come here just lean up here I can do this three two one another night where we may have frost or a freeze for some of us and the cool weather it's sticking around for much of the week we show you when the warm-up finally gets here three two one three-two-one for a lot of people the best part of quarantine is being home with your cats [Music] 3 2 1 for a lot of people the best for a lot of people the best part of quarantine is staying home with your pets all day for a lot of people the best part of quarantine is staying home with your pets all day for a lot of people staying home with your pets all day in quarantine is the best part about it


  • Janet Added so much fun - especially the cats and dogs