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A collection of the best animals news bloopers videos.





Video Script:: 

it's all happening tonight so whoa okay Amanda Davis satellite News Channel Washington but it guesstimates there's about 20,000 more kangaroos up kangaroos I often described you're gonna hit me why are you doing this why hey the Greenfield Police Department received nearly four thousand dollars in protection equipment police say what they discovered Oh be careful be careful oh Allah a dir I mean I've know Raphael a hawk a cottonmouth a little eye on 10th Avenue diamond was handed a 10-minute akuma hot and tangy cooler Aquila well our cartilage atala donut academia was dr mohamed hassan ii mean my name is rattling Arak and Grand Rapids celebrating their new title as beer City USA in a very appropriate fashion later today I'm Nicole DiDonato live in East Towne and those details coming up that's a way to start a Thursday still some stubborn overcast here over the city look at this he's totally checking out the camera mark yeah oh my gosh yeah I might need a little more time for this weather segment just to because we have a little visitor good for reading your garden of bugs or is that for an introduction [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] this weekend's festival promises something for everyone Tina Harvey joins us now with a sneak peek good morning Tina good morning Michelle we're at Camp George you know last year it was at RIKEN Mountain but this year to be him [Music] all right it is Tuesday and it's time for our pet of the week and I know another good option that people can volunteer to help out fosters right he's looking for foster so anyone who is interested in Lane e'er wants to come by and check out or brothers or sisters or any of the other dogs any of the cats or do they go to find the information hopefully someone will come to the animal shelter and thinking about your kisses in Poe and love hey King how are you whoa live TV how are you buddy it's not your turn yet you have to wait one more segment okay just let me do the weather I know you're stoked so are we all right let's just go to the map so and get him off of here in a graceful fashion that was good I hope this segment is much better we're talking about a heatwave and an advisory from environment okay that is distracting if I sorry from Environment Canada regarding how hot it's going to get over the next few days we're also good we're also dealing this morning with a smoke advisory that's coming from the wildfires and the interior of our province Justin Trudeau joining us in just a few minutes to talk about the wildfires let's get off there the Potawatomi zoo is celebrating the holiday season there's something happening at the zoo Melissa's here with more hey Melissa hey guys yeah we're we're hanging out with the alpacas it's not I need to get more fun all right Earl so who's in and who's out it's a crazy weekend here we got a dog that's word Frasier right now : glad I got a dog there's apparently taking or liking to me and I down boy yeah here it's a stray dog I'm really kind of I think we're gonna come back to you guys I can't get this thing to leave me alone we'll be back all right it's okay everything is fine at the fair we're getting along great down here Kathy I just don't go get a bacon burger or anything like that temperatures near sick I was wondering why kirsten our producers like just stay on the screen after not makes sense now you know there and he's gone it's not oh it's a 49er Sam she's friends with the bird she's not scared what you're seeing is actually a dog coming into our live shot I think it's a dog I'm not sure but anyway there's some sort of creature below me and really all that's been affected is what's supposed to be a road right below my feet and it's just basically covered in mud but other than that there's not much damage to report some great news Jenny Hardman is tracking traffic we noticed down here that the roads weren't too bad how are they looking throughout the recipe yes and Morgan I hope that's a dog too if not go get in the yeah see your see now he doesn't think it's a dog so maybe good check this one's a Python and as you see he was bite because he can't eat meat and he doesn't feel scared he doesn't feel I don't scare him so he won't bite and he hasn't got venom now that's a Python but it's very difficult in from a distance just to tell a Python from a monic to cut he biting when they complain yeah well if I watch the telly should be able to do you get a question on me oh my God look at that guy yeah finally at this hour bird is the word a large bird is running amok out west in Valley Springs California no one knows where it came from but it's causing a disruption by roaming the streets and stopping traffic a wild EMU is roaming the streets in the small town of 3500 people I'm gonna try to get through this story to find an emu you have to know what it looks like no one seems to know where it came from but he's definitely not in a safe spot one man was able to snap a picture of the emo and even named it for now George is free to roam the small California town authorities in the area asking people to keep an eye out for a giant bird and slow down if you see it while driving Webster's Dictionary describes an email as an e as a Swifter for us they're just kind of chill what really looks that means you like shoot me or doesn't like if I could be so bold I don't know how I feel about it I'm with you here jungle Bob's here yeah jungle Bob Dylan's hurt we are fully intruded annex we'll just stay that arrested a show she's gonna do a little web on you that's okay I just a little bit here we gotta be very very interesting just actually stay they come anything goes wrong yell off to Dylan he's here oh okay a very very cool and fibia now here's an phidian's a walk with the slimy hands just as newts the salamanders the toads you've got a frog for sports the Frog so people are afraid of frogs usually not a huge frog here at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo I'm fascinated by juba which is you do little baby rhino right here you can see Juba Swahili for brave when they named and here comes mom what they named in Juba and there she is now mom is 2,600 pounds now this is the morning shower this is like a little morning ritual with these yeah I go there's the morning ritual download hours she just today pull my finger right there now that is so yeah how's that working for you look how fast they move yeah for breakfast you put any beans in that night there Novi time for our weekly visit with News eight today's pet dr. John kya and for the past couple of weeks John has been bringing in some animals from the State Farm fair and look at what he's brought with him this morning John who is this and tell us about this lovely animal who is now on the loose as we say in in our studio who is this this is Coby Coby it's beautiful now now he is on display at the farm fair yeah yes yes quite a handful yeah ya know it's also about a lot of the other animals that will be there as well quite a bit no well one interesting thing about the farm fair that we have yet to mention is that it's a non-profit a beautiful gorgeous animal we thank you for bringing them in this morning and we'll get them under control and if you have questions you can write to John kaya here at cage and Elcom we'll be right back [Applause] [Music] [Music] in hard-pressed garden fantastic school despair' level okay excuse me okay okay fine and here comes in the morning oh he's coming across the street at me he would bite me or what he would do but thank God for that mail truck got me trapped in the car oh my god okay okay fine it's not this one don't know ureas okay he's like circling around my car there he is in the front waiting for me to come out oh my god there he is waiting for me to get out of this car well I mean I would not want to be the people living here thank you very much um I'm shaking if the camera shaking is cuz I'm shaking


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