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You Thought You'd Seen Everything Until It Was Filmed

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Thanks to the Internet, humanity has access to the vast amount of knowledge accumulated by previous generations. If not for the Internet, people would not be able to communicate with each other so easily and quickly, even when they are in different corners of the world. And finally, if not for the Internet, we would not have seen all these incredible, frightening, funny and exciting videos. Videos that are hard to believe are real.





Video Script:: 

hi everyone thanks to the internet humanity has access to the vast amount of knowledge accumulated by previous generations if not for the internet people would not be able to communicate with each other so easily and quickly even when they're in different corners of the world and finally if not for the internet we wouldn't have seen all of these incredible frightening funny and exciting videos videos that are hard to believe are real let's get it on [Music] have you ever tried to catch a fly with your bare hands this is much more complicated than it seems at first glance it's not surprising that such scenes are used in movies to prove how fast and agile a protagonist is but what about trying to catch a bird this way [Music] not possible you might say yeah we thought so too until we saw this video two friends were hunting quail in Texas and didn't expect such a surprise pasta Matt Carter was together with his friend NFL quarterback Colt McCoy when an amazing thing happened to Carter raised his hand and suddenly grabbed a small bird right in mid-flight and he made it look so easy as if he'd been hunting this way all his life what could be worse than a spider appearing out of nowhere only a spider appearing out of nowhere in a confined space or even worse in the air planes cockpit high above the ground a man named Greg was preparing for the upcoming aerobatic Championship but didn't even suspect that he had an unexpected passenger on the plane but the waggles were on lawn and it was much more control than yesterday [Music] honestly we admire the self-control of the pilots who didn't even flinch when the spider ran down his face and then climbed rice under his helmet we shuddered and you probably did too greg is a really cool headed guy or maybe he simply left the fear of spiders on the ground a strong wind can break an uproot trees destroy roofs of houses send small objects and even animals flying into the air it can even blow over a moving truck right on the track you don't believe us well you can easily find such videos on the internet like this one filmed in a city of Amarillo in Texas a truck is driving along the road but suddenly a gust of wind turns everything upside down literally whoa must have been a really strong wind the smaller cars were lucky they're sort of pressed to the road in order to remain safe another video was shot near the border between Colorado and Wyoming journalist Daryl or was following an Amazon Prime delivery truck when the driver suddenly lost control of the vehicle a very strong wind began to tilt the huge truck and in the end turned it over fortunately no one was hurt and soon the authorities temporarily closed this section of the road to avoid new accidents what's unusual can happen at the Olympics well actually anything but even this case seems strange to us at the Olympic Games in the South Korean city of Pyeongchang a squirrel ran out on the track during a parallel giant slalom how did it get there and why well maybe it's a big fan of sports or maybe it just decided to take a walk anyway the animal got right in the middle of the track and narrowly avoided death when an Austrian snowboarder Daniela ole bang missed the squirrel by a whisker the animals life must have flashed before its eyes at that moment we have to give it to the athlete though she not only masterfully avoided a small cute animal but also won the race homeless animals hardly ever get affection but they also want someone to pet them however a dog named Linda who had German shepherds in our family realized how to get the care she needed the dog lives in the Turkish city of Ishmael and everyone there knows her that's because Linda loves to come to the car wash but what for to get a free spa treatment of course Linda patiently waits for the next car to drivings at the box and then gets next to one of the huge brushes this dog knows exactly where to stand for the bristles to scratch her well and Linda gets real pleasure from it killer whales are incredibly beautiful but at the same time quite dangerous marine predators although there were no recorded cases of killer whales attacking humans this does not mean at all that they will ignore you if you encounter them New Zealander Luke Reilly was swimming on his paddleboard off the coast when he suddenly noticed that several killer whales were swimming nearby he took out his GoPro to record the wild predator spots and one of the killer whales too started to swim a bit closer Luke became nervous he had no idea what would happen next and no wonder because the killer whale decided to try what paddleboards tastes like fortunately no one was hurt and now the whole world can see these unique shots horses are amazing animals they are very smart easy to train and capable of a variety of tricks but have you ever seen horse drifting yeah it's exactly as you imagined it a horse breaks for this rare hooves and races a cloud of dust well it doesn't go round the corner and it doesn't have squeaky tires but it's still pretty much like car drifting and no matter how strange or even absurd this trick may seem it is quite common and even has a name in a professional field a horse drift is called a sliding stop it's the most spectacular pass of the calendar caballo competition the horse accelerates to a gallop and then suddenly comes to a complete halt sliding its hind legs in the marked rectangle the participant who leaves the longest breaking mark in this area receives the most points soaking the parachute with gasoline jumping out of the plane and then shooting the parachute from the Fleur pistol it sounds like a very strange plan for a man who enjoys risk a bit too much nevertheless this not only happened but was even filmed on camera a guy named Craig saucier actually did all this crazy stuff taking a GoPro camera with him he also took a second parachute of course otherwise wouldn't have this video it remains a mystery how craig came up with this idea though did he seriously think what would happen if I shot a parachute soaked in gasoline from a flare pistol right in the air you are a very weird guy Craig really and here's another weird stunt which you probably shouldn't repeat seriously though don't do it in 2014 a thrill-seeker Erik Roner took a lawn chair and don't ask why we have no idea and tied a bunch of huge balloons filled with helium to it and took a parachute in a shotgun with him well and the camera of course to capture this crazy stunt and then he took off you probably already guessed what the points of all this was when he was high enough Erik to shot the balloons and started falling down losing a lawn chair along the way fortunately the parachute worked as it should and Erik landed safely on the ground what happens if you disguise a GoPro camera as a nut and leave it in a park where squirrels lope all the answers obvious you can get a gorgeous albeit short documentary about squirrel life filmed in first person of course the squirrel won't guess an Oscar but on the other hand this is probably the animals first job as a director and cameraman unfortunately the squirrel tossed the camera away as soon as it realized that it was inedible if only it knew how many nuts it could trade for such a device most people think they're surfing is all about CSUN and the warm season but this doesn't mean that you can't surf in cold weather like these guys who went to Lake Michigan to surf at minus 21 degrees Celsius yeah a rather weird thing to do they must really love surfing don't forget about the strong winds and you'll understand just how cold the surface felt Chinese farmer sand Queen John is a poultry farmer and a rising Internet star he became famous for walking his chicken and filming us on camera and he has seventy thousand chickens it's hard to even imagine but you don't have to when you can see it with your own eyes the chicken walk is more like a workouts sang and his assistant move on a motorcycle with a trailer and spread out millets to make chickens chase him Quin Jung flames as chickens travel about 10 kilometers every day also the farmer teaches them to fly King John hopes that in the future his internet fame will bring him even greater income and he'll be able to increase the number of hens to 300,000 and apparently begin a chicken apocalypse and here is a video that clearly shows no one should work too hard even windmills made from durable modern materials because you never know at what moment the mechanism will fail and the authors of the video claimed that the windmill was malfunctioning three weeks before the breakdown but for some reason no one paid attention to it the moral is don't forget to relax how often have you seen live crocodiles maybe a couple of times at the zoo or something like that what about catching these predators right in the wild this video was filmed in Jamaica and yeah it's not 100% wilderness the crocodile was under the bridge and attracted a lot of attention but the most amazing thing is that the guys who get into the water without any protection don't seem to be afraid of what this dangerous predator could do to them yeah they aren't trying to catch a crocodile yeah with a rope no big deal dude are you looking for new technologies and great gadgets are your thoughts focused on the future do you love huge vehicles and can't imagine your life without robots around here and visit tech zone and you'll find all this and more the link is in the description you interested great [Music] [Music]


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