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World’s Grumpiest Cat - David Attenborough #Video

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Dinnertime is a gamble for Pallas’s cats, and this one’s hangry. Relative to their body size, they have the shortest legs of any cat, which makes attacking prey in a timely fashion somewhat tricky…


  • D. Lynn Added Ohhh, he is drop-dead gorgeous. I just want to touch his fur so bad. (Not that it would be a very good idea to TRY it!) Never heard of this kind of cat before. Would love to know more about them. Where are they located?
  • iotus2 Added Pallas cat? I've never heard of them. Leave it to David Attenborough to teach us about them. Excellent and entertaining.
  • Connie Added Good pictures but I could not understand the announcer.
  • Sylvia Added Your videos are always appreciated!
  • David Fiske Added I had a good laugh!!Thank you.
  • Jim Causey Added Keep that critter outta my yard!
  • [email protected] Added What a beautiful cat--the face looks flat with the surrounding fur, hair & whiskers. I wanted to see more for sure!!
  • Lola Added WOW! It's a beautiful cat tho'~
  • Helene Added That cat is ever so beautiful! Have any ever been domesticated?
  • Randy Ferguson Added Interesting video!
  • Martin Added I've never heard of this breed before, but he is quite pretty! I can only imagine the size of the hairballs he coughs up!! I just love the camera work done in Attenboroughs animal videos. The videographers have to pretty good at stalking as well!
  • patrick Added Poor little kitty. One of my cats is a Maine Coon Cat that looks a lot like the fellow in the video.
  • Mary Jane Added What a fluffy beauty! Very interesting video, I was not aware of Pallas cats.
  • Deborah Added Love looking Cat - where is this cat from - Canada?
  • Terry Added Remember Les, he has a very dense coat, so you will never see his ribs!!!
  • Les Added Sure doesn't lok like he/she is starving. Must have a sufficient number of catches.
  • Sher Added Beautiful but REALLY hungry!
  • Helen Added He is beautiful but he sure does look grumpy!
  • dixie Added What a beautiful cat!