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When They Found an Alligator in the Pool, They Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes

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Added by Mel in Pets And Animals


Getting in close contact with wild animals can be thrilling and exciting. That is why some people visit zoos and others go on safari... But sometimes wild animals like to visit people too. Anyway, why not? If we can, they can too! In today's video we have videos of animals that suddenly decided to visit humans. Spoiler alert: no one was hurt as a result of these visits.





Video Script:: 

hello everyone getting in close contact with wild animals can be thrilling and exciting that's where some people visit zoos and others go on safaris but sometimes wild animals like to visit people too anyway why not if we can that they can't - right in today's video we have videos of animals that suddenly decided to visit humans spoiler alerts no one was hurt as a result of these visits let's get it on Gator in the pool many people dream of having their own pool just picture getting out of the house on a sunny day breathing in the air and children into the cool water just to find a crocodile there wait what yes it happened and by the way it occurs quite often alligators have been found in pools in many states of america these stories mostly happen in Florida and South Carolina where there are even special teams to catch alligators these experts are not even surprised when they're once again asked to get a huge lizard as of a pool or a backyard although it's not always clear how and why alligators enter human territory according to one version it happens during the breeding season when they're actively looking for a mate but maybe they just like cool clean pools if you had to choose between swimming in a pool or in the nearest river what would you prefer that's right we shouldn't judge alligators for their choices elephants in the room many people dream of visiting Sri Lanka and seeing the elephants with their own eyes maybe they're even willing to pet them or write them but no one wants to open the door of that room and see an elephant in the hallway but at the 5-star Jet wing Yala Hotel in the southeast of the country this happens quite often this hotel is home to an Asian elephant named Nasir Kota since 2013 he's been considered to the hotel's most loyal patron which means that NASA cosas can go anywhere he wants inside the hotel the elephant used to be a seasonal guest he'd come for a few months and then hide out again summer in the wild during this period he liked to visit other resorts along the beach but then nutter kotor made his choice and settled in jet wing yalla the elephant spends most of his time walking along the hotel's walkways or relaxing in the shade of the bushes and sometimes he likes to visit people's rooms and the staff have to warn the visitors they shouldn't feed the elephant or get too close to him and flash photos are not allowed these are the rules to get along with NASA Kota bear in the closet you know the story about Goldilocks and the three bears well we found the exact opposite story in Montana USA a black bear sneaked into the house of a local residence the fact that the Beast was near the house isn't so strange in the u.s. there are about 300,000 black bears and most of them live in Montana but in June 2019 a black bear snuck into a house and somehow closed the entrance door from the inside apparently he didn't want any unexpected visitors the owners of the house were shocked and immediately caught the place while the help was on the way the bear made a terrible mess in the room and then hid in the closet when the rescue team arrived they found something incredible the furry intruder climbed onto one of the shelves and fell asleep the policeman knocked on the windows wait the animal up but it just didn't work the animal was eventually tranquilized and then dragged out of the house and released Komodo dragon in the bathroom a lot of people work from home but not every day can you find a work project in your own bathroom one day BBC cameraman mark McEwan came back from filming Komodo dragons in the wild he was working on a project about wild animals but it turns out that he didn't even have to leave his room a komodo dragons somehow ended up in his bathroom and was relaxing that he probably sneaked in through the window or something like that to get the creature out the expert had to use a large piece of rotten meat no Komodo dragon would say no to such a delicious treat sadly the unusual guest couldn't walk away without leaving something to remember him by Gator in the kitchen imagine waking up at night from a loud noise coming from the kitchen do do you think is there a thief maybe someone threw a stone and broke a window or your dog flipped a chair what about a three meter long crocodile that's exactly what a woman from Florida found in her kitchen it was around 3:30 a.m. when the woman got up to go to the bathroom and she ran into this troublemaker apparently this alligator broke a window and snuck into the apartment to turn the furniture over and damage the walls he probably had some other idea in mind but no one really knows what in the end 10 police officers and two alligator hunters spent two hours getting the intruder out surprisingly although there were four empty apartments nearby the alligator chose this one as his target it was the mating season so he was probably looking for a lady but instead he found a bottle of red wine and smashed this fortunately the alligator was not hers wild boar in the backyard if you live in Hawaii you should be prepared for a wild boar to visit your home in this case a fairly large male ball weighing around 68 kilos scared a local dog ran around the backyard and then tried to buy the fence and got stuck maybe you didn't like the fence or was just trying to get out most likely the animal was attracted by a mango tree or a cast fortunately the ball was able to free itself and left raccoon in a skyscraper usually people and animals come in close contact in suburban houses for sometimes wild animals can visit you even in a skyscraper in st. Paul Minnesota a little raccoon decided to conquer a 25 story building he spent a whole day climbing up and for 24 hours random passers-by and twitter users followed the story it all started on Monday morning as Minnesota Public Radio journalist spotted a strange creature on a ground floor ledge at first they thought it was a cat the next day they discovered that it was actually a raccoon and that he wasn't planning on coming down anytime soon two office workers brought some long sticks to build something like a staircase for the first rescue attempt failed the raccoon in stead of going down the sticks cost scared and started climbing up the animal spent all Tuesday running up and down the wall of the building and occasionally resting on its ledges that 3:00 a.m. the raccoon finally made it to the roof cat food and special traps are already waiting for him there and the raccoon was course the climbing raccoon became a sensation on social media and he was later released into the wild koala in the car koalas are considered one of these symbols of Australia but how would you behave if a koala got into your car this is exactly what happened to Tim wit rat he came to his vineyards with his dog and left the car door open so the dog could get out but when he returned to the car he found a koala inside but his plan wasn't to steal the car it was just a bit too hot outside even for Australia the car was air conditioned and the Koala came in to relax a little but wit ro wasn't happy about his unwanted guests he offered the koalas of water but it didn't help nobody would want to get out of a cool car when it's so hot outside the negotiations with the Koala lasted more than 10 minutes and during this time the animal managed to scratch the car with its sharp claws only then which Rome managed to evict the creature it's worth saying that koalas often visit Australian homes usually because of their curiosity but sometimes they are looking for help for example they want some fresh water although koalas usually get moisture from eucalyptus leaves during droughts they have to look for water somewhere else mountain lions in the backyard you probably see domestic cats or stray cats near your house every day but mountain lions are more than just cats in Colorado and outdoor surveillance camera detected for felines in her backyard this camera was installed specifically to keep track of any creatures visiting the place most often it's deer or foxes so no one was waiting to see four mountain lions out there another mountain lion was caught on camera in the City of Pasadena California a local resident was looking for his lost cats but found something bigger the Beast had to be temporarily sedated and then FDA offices released the mountain lion back into the wild to other mountain lions also appeared in California in the cities of Azusa and comenta both predators were sedated and released into the wild however people were still shocked the first lion even managed to scare an old lady when he tried to sneak into her house anyone would have been scared seeing that and an extra sometimes animals don't just come to visit people they become T least us by accidents of course in this case the weather forecast in San Francisco looked like this Cloudy with peeks of sunshine and a chance of giant crows be careful no we're not kidding meteorologist mark Tamayo was doing his job when a bird landed on a camera apparently the bird wanted to check the gadget house but it look like the bird was looking at the audience checking out the camera mark yeah however it's a my oats at the birds visit as a professional he managed to contain his laughter and instead the meteorologist calmly said I may need a little more time for this weather segment because we have a little visitor soon the crow flew away dude are you looking for new technologies and great gadgets are your thoughts focused on the future deal off huge vehicles and can't imagine your life without robots around here and visit tech zone and you'll find all this and more the link is in the description you interested great [Music] [Music]


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