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The AMERICAN CROW | Common, Smart and Unique #Video

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The American crow is very familiar and found over a great deal of North America. At home in our cities, parks, neighborhoods, and backyards. These canny corvids are highly intelligent and can remember people. Let's get more familiar with this wonderful bird.

One bird they are commonly mistaken for is their much larger cousin the Raven. These majestic birds have some similarities however their size differs as does their bill. The clever American crow is found throughout most of the lower 48 states outside the southwestern deserts, and from east to west in Canada. One of the most adaptable birds, crows have benefited from living around people. taking advantage of places such as agricultural fields, roadsides, and garbage dumps.

There isn’t much these large corvids won’t eat. Seeds, nuts, berries, fruit, grains, many kinds of small animals like mice, toads, earthworms, even garbage, and carrion. Other food items include aquatic animals, like fish, mussels, clams, or young turtles, and different kinds of insects as well as crop pests which is a good thing for farmers. American crows will also eat eggs and nestlings of many different species of other birds.

The male and female build the nest, even their young from previous years may help. Anywhere from 3-9 eggs may be laid, and they could have one or two broods depending. American crows are full of interesting behaviors, for one they are highly social birds that are quite intelligent. They have remarkable memory. They also have tight-knit families, rarely is there ever just a single crow, usually at least one other or more is nearby.

Time Stamps:
0:00 Start
0:27 Appearance
0:53 Raven and Crow difference
1:36 Range and Distribution
1:57 Habitat
2:36 What they eat
2:57 Calls, Song and Sounds
4:14 Breeding, Nest, Eggs and Nestlings
5:23 Behavior, Intelligence, Family, Funeral, Preening
7:40 Population, West Nile Virus
8:24 Conclusion, other interesting things and my own thoughts



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