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Rimski’s Yard Glastonbury Festival 2024 highlights #Video


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Rimski & Handkerchief are a musical clown duo, famous for their Bicycle Piano & Double Bassicle duets. Rimski’s Yard is the name of their Homestead & ‘We Mend Anything’ business premises; also a tourable ramshackle performance- installation and venue… Here, they present other (often wheeled) inventions, such as The Umbrella Repair machine, pramophone & silly-Go-Round…


  • Rachel Added It was different!!
  • VLK Added I couldn't watch all the way through, but it was different.
  • iotus2 Added Good to see folks having good, clean fun!
  • CharMaine Added This was so eclectic . . . I would love to attend this festival of quirky. Pretty darn cool. Thanks Mel, for making my day with a little kooky.
  • Mary Jane Added This is a hoot! Thanks for sharing.
  • Ham Todd Added Funny!
  • oldtom9 Added Pure nonsense! I love it! Thanks for presenting this to us.
  • PEGGY Added LMAO , Funny what dlhelton2 said , Well , I must be to cause I loved it as well :) Lots Of Fun . Thanks Mel .. you're a Hoot
  • dlhelton2 Added Guess I'm a little bit retarded, Mel...But I loved it.
  • Teres Added Never seen anything like that in my 75 years. But whatever floats your boat! No harm done to anyone.
  • lazy lacy Added LOL ... I watched it twice! Bunches of fun, city folks just don't get it ????
  • Cranky Added Wow. A celebration of retardation. Excuse me: I mean a celebration of "special."

    I could not watch the whole thing. What intelligence level celebrates this?

    THIS is considered "fun"? Not in my wheelhouse. But, hey, have at it. Whatever flips your skirt in the air.
  • Kathy Added Lots of junk and crazy people.
  • Gordon Added I had to cut it off half way through. Forgive me Mel. I'll be back in the morning.
  • Sandi Angel Added What a FUN video!!
  • dixie doodle Added They look like some fun people! Just went to their Facebook page. Silly and fun!
  • Sue Added What on earth was that?
  • [email protected] Added One of the best you have had on. Thank you
  • Su B Added Well, that was interesting. Weird but interesting.
    Thanks, Mel.