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Releasing Rescued Animals Back Into The Wild Video | BBC Earth


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Four tortoises, two leopard cats and two civets rescued from the illegal wildlife trade get a second chance at a life in the wild.





Video Script:: 

[Music] so we're just meant to load the animals now in the car ready for the journey get on the right [Music] this is the first release for the sanctuary and this is the first step of hopefully menu that we're going to do I can't wait to get these guys all back out the first [Music] for their tortoises the river have been rescued from local market ultimately they would have been sold for food beautiful absolutely beautiful [Music] [Music] [Music] that's good yeah I think releasing the leper cats is not only a highlight of my time here at the sanctuary but even a highlight of my entire career because like I've worked with cats all of my life and that's the first time I've put them back in the world [Music] this is what I dreamed of as a kid there's no better day this is what it's all about it's great rescuing animals but surely the end goal has to be getting them back out where they belong [Music]


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