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MORE 1950s in Color - Life in America #Video

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The 1950s is a decade many look back upon warmly - and with good reason. Our country had recently come out victorious and relatively intact following World War II. The outlook was hopeful and optimistic as people looked forward to brighter days ahead. The cars were beautiful and the people were enthusiastic and hard-working. They took pride in their country, their work, and the way they presented themselves to the world.

With modern society today seemingly flipped on its head - it's nice to take a look back and remember the times before everything got so crazy.

Thanks for watching - I hope you enjoy this brief trip back in time to the 1950s!


  • Edwin Dickens Added Brings Back A Lot OF Memorys!
  • iotus2 Added I was just a youngster in the early 50's, then a roaring teenager at the end of the 50's. It was a pretty innocent time in the town where I was raised. Crime and drugs were not a problem.
  • George G Added Very good Journey back 81 years old now...
  • ezio Added @ 93 they are all familiar
  • ALBERT Added very good
  • Su B Added Back when even a novice could tell the manufacturers apart! And the vehicles all had class - even the Edsel, in its own way. Smile. Thanks, Mel
  • Lola Added Brings so many beautiful MEMORIES back, to me! Enjoy these Videos so much!! Being 87 yrs old I remember the GOOD OLD DAYS!!!
  • CharMaine Added A much cleaner America, for sure.
  • Nance Added Si much fun to see these from the Fifties. Good times, I was in my twenties then.
  • John Hackett Added Great !!!!
  • mercedes Added I enjoyed these photos---I grew up mostly in the 50's.
  • Carole Added I liked it - but then my parents had a nice house in the suburbs and a big car - and we were white.
  • Twyla Bogaard Added Makes me so happy to see all these old images. I'm a photographer and I want to just look and look at them. Thanks for sharing.
  • greg Added loved it
  • Patty Added Lots of great memories!
  • William Added Great
  • Bob Added It was a fantastic time to be alive in America.
  • Lisa Added liked it very much
  • Ham Todd Added Very nice!
  • Warren Burd Added great times and great vidio