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MORE 1940s America - Life at the Gas Station in Original BLACK & WHITE #Video

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I hope you enjoy these old black & white photos - and thanks for watching!


  • Ken Lahnar Added Love it, a bit before my time! My dad was a mechanic at Schweider Ford in Steelville, Mo and it had a gas station too
  • iotus2 Added 24.9 for a gallon? And full service gas stations? My, how things have changed - and I love the old cars!
  • Mary Jane Added Before my time and my father didn't drive, but I love the old cars.
  • mikeramer Added THANK U
  • Anne Added Cool. Loved those cars. I was born in '46 so I'm sure my parents had one.
  • Lola Added Interesting!! Even tho' I was born in '36, I can barely remember these time's!! But I do recall a little of what I saw!!
  • Ham Todd Added Nice video!
  • mercedes Added I always enjoy these videos of the "old' days. I wish we could return to those times!
  • Paul Added Love these !!