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Man Rescues Buck Stuck In Fence #Video

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Such a kindhearted man, the way he talks to the poor thing while freeing him


  • CharMaine Added Them young bucks often getting into the most precarious positions. Wonder rescue, Yay! Be free young fella, be free. And the guy, a regular everyday kinda guy with a precious heart.
  • Randy Ferguson Added What a kind, thoughtful and gentle man.
  • Merridy Blanchard Added wonderful result
  • Patricia Yager Delagrange Added poor thing
  • Ham Todd Added Great!
  • Mary Jane Added I love the rescue videos, this was wonderful.
  • Carol Added I always enjoy your posts, Mel
  • Sharyn M. Added So happy that this man was able to help rescue this animal. Bless this man! Thank you Mel for showing that this man was able to save this animal.
  • Lola Added Beautiful rescue of the Buck!!!! Thank you Mr.!!!!!!!
  • mercedes Added Great rescue by a real hero!
  • Paul Added Blocked out for some reason ?!?!
  • Sher Added Perfectly wonderful video. Thanks to Mel!!!
  • Rachel Added That was nice!!!
  • Deb Added My hero! Great job & so compassionate. You deserve an award! Thank you for your kind spirit.
  • Becky Added What a great rescue!!!! Bless them both--Job well done on saving the day...Thank You Mel for the awesome videos of the rescues