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Incredible EXPANDING TINY HOUSE with Transforming Furniture & Modern Design

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James and Kim have an incredible expanding tiny house that goes from 8 feet wide to 16 feet wide at the push of a button! The home is full of space-saving furniture, and it also has an integrated deck that folds up into the wall when the home is being towed! The 26 foot long tiny house on wheels has large rooms with a Murphy bed on the main floor, a 3-seater couch, rotating TV and fireplace, a combo washer dryer, loads of storage space, and a massive kitchen with a full-size fridge and more!





Video Script:: 

hey everyone in this video we're gonna be visiting a transforming tiny house that's truly amazing when folded up the tiny house is just eight and a half feet wide but it has a slide out on each side and at the press of a button it can turn into a massive 16-foot wide tiny house on the inside the rooms are quite large and flexible with lots of space-saving furniture that can easily be modified to accommodate different living situations and times of thing we think you're really gonna like this one so we're gonna go meet up with James and Kim and they're gonna give us a full tour this is a 26 foot tiny house it's got slide outs when they're not out it's all within compliance for the highways you can drive it right down the road without any special permits and then once we do park it transforms into 340 square feet I liked the smaller trailer because I could tow it and I've taken it a lot of places so you know tow ability was a big thing for us and being able to use it for a tourism operation here on the back cover island so this is a 26-foot trailer and you have two eighteen foot slides four feet by 18 feet goes out and it's like as simple as pressing a button so I'll motorized my son does that he's five and he loves doing it so yeah it's that easy [Music] the system has like a triple seal on both sides so basically as the slide goes out and comes tight it's it's guaranteed for the win the water no critters and I mean we've had it on beaches with you know gale force winds we've taken it across the nation at this point and you know all kinds of weather and we haven't had any trouble so so yeah the integrated deck was another huge feature for me so you can just fold your deck up put it into the side of the wall pins in and you're down the road again Kim and I live in here pretty much full-time at this point with my five-year-old son you know we I do a week on week off co-parenting and yeah he loves it we love it it totally works normally a tiny house has to be within eight foot six wide for the road so eight foot six is a max dimension outward you can have and then your framing has to come in from there your interior walls your boxes everything is coming inward from eight foot six and this with the slide outs it's sixteen feet so another thing with these slide outs it allows you to transform the space in a few ways this privacy wall is not structural it's it's a it's a choice it allows for the main floor bed which is on the other side of the wall you can turn your TV somebody wants to have TV embeds they can do that the couch also folds out the fireplace as well swivels so you can kind of be on either side of the wall and have your experience or one person can be enjoying a fire and the other person could be watching TV and kind of a a nice way to cut the space up we have you know big big couch in here maybe bigger than we need but it does turn into another queen bed so that's a nice option if we have company lots of nice storage up above lots lots of storage actually for the small space all the way around we've kind of maximized as much as possible these upper windows are more just allow light in which again just creates more space with more light and you do actually get abused here there sometimes feel kind of nice shower entrance we have a nice little bit of storage here to help keep things tidy shoes and then the one up above is kind of like keys and knickknacks and all the other stuff that usually gets cluttered up on top over here nice-sized bathroom we've got a big full-size shower here it's like tons of room you can spread your arms out it's an RV shower you don't have to you know shower like that so that's a that's a pretty nice a few truth being the tiny house this is a regular flush toilet it's not actually a composting toilet would you have a black gray and fresh tanks with this tiny house so if we are traveling there's you know the ability to kind of use your house functionally you have to be water conscious and all that but it does get you from place to place so we have tanks but we also have the ability to hook up to shore power to septic or sewer and and shore water so functions like a regular house another nice feature of a home and the space savers these washer/dryer combos so yeah we can do laundry and not take up a ton of space you step down into the bathroom so you keep your head aight and it also allows for the loft have more head height this is a twin loft so you have another sleeping space we just use it for storage right now but it does offer another space for someone to have a bed that fireplace is electric it actually is a heater but the best and my favorite heat is the heat pump it's actually AC its heat and it does humidity control so that's the unit up above our kitchen there and the floor and the ceiling are both are 40 the walls are are 22 so it's a really efficient space and that little heat pump like more than that's what it needs to do so yeah very comfortable the tiny house or any kind of tiny house that you get built your foundation is your trailer so that's one place you should really do your homework make sure you're getting a well-built trailer get breaks built into it whether or not you're gonna move it all the time like we do it's just it's safety first and you're gonna keep yourself out of trouble towing things is no joke so make sure you have price our tiny-house has you know a 50 amp circuit if you want to run your washer/dryer combo microwave and everything at once you can with 50 amps here on the road or you're you're moving and you're not hooked up to shore power all the lights or LED low voltage and then run off the 12-volt battery so this is our bedroom area during the day that our nice Queen Murphy bed is folded up and we use this area as a workstation if needed for storage we have our large closet here we can put a lot of our jackets and anything else you need to hey and for other clothes or anything up here we have enough storage for all of us as you'll notice that we have a lot of space during the day we can use here and that's because this is the other side of the slide which gives us an extra four feet so our clean Murphy bed is really easy to use we just have two clips that keep it held up anything we put on the shelf here you can leave it's nice when you fold it down nothing gets squished which is really handy one of the things we like about this tiny house and this option is it is a main-floor bed so you don't have to climb into those high loft with a ladder which makes it a lot easier and a lot of people like that function of it one of the best features is we can leave all our bedding on the bed we just have these little snap Clips so you can take off and on to keep everything so it doesn't fall off [Music] this is what would be our dining area and also our work station since we both work from home lots of storage more up there some underneath and we have shelves here and all around so we have plenty of storage for everything we need this is nice it folds up and down so if we need more space when we're cooking dinner or having people over we can do that move into the kitchen full-size microwave we have our propane oven and stove which is really handy when we are on the road and might not have hookups so you can just use the propane a nice big sink and the best feature I find in this whole kitchen is the full-size fridge you can fit as much as you need in there unlike those little RV once [Music] we're off season parked right on a river web set the ocean it's amazing and it's affordable it's I think it's like $500 a month come high season most places that are doing RV parks they the prices go up so you typically want to find somewhere else come summer our future plans are basically this one's going to be out for people to come and stay we do some backcountry tours and some guided experiences here on Vancouver Island so last see Scott you can kind of do it all with us and then stay in a tiny house right on the beach we do have another another build happening we're gonna build another tiny house put that one to to work as well as living one or the other we'll see how busy we get but yeah we're gonna stay in the tiny houses and rent them out as well the smaller you live the more you realize the less you need and yeah I haven't found it hard at all yeah with what we do working at home it's been pretty easy but one thing I would say is like maybe don't just rush into doing it like for me this is year two tiny living I started with an RV and I kind of wanted to see how it go and if it was gonna be from it absolutely was but progressing into the lifestyle is a nice way to kind of design it if you want to see what James and Kim are doing with their tiny house rentals I'll put a link to their website in the description below also don't forget to subscribe to exploring alternatives and check out our playlists for more stories like this thanks for watching


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