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BIG Beautiful TINY HOUSE with Spacious & Modern Design - Full Tour

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We loved touring this 30-foot long and 8.5-foot wide tiny house on wheels, it has a layout that we feel is very functional with a large (relatively speaking!) living room and sofa bed, 2 sitting areas that could be used as a work space and a dining table, a massive kitchen with all the mod cons including a dishwasher (that we accidentally turned on while filming), and a spacious bathroom with an extra large stall shower, space for a washer dryer combo, and to hang clothes. In addition to the sofa bed, there are two full-sized lofts, one that is accessible with a staircase and one with a ladder that tucks away when not in use. We were impressed with all of the ventilation options in this house, it has loads of windows, a Lunos HRV system, and fans in the bathroom and above the stove. In the summer months it is mostly powered with the 17 solar panels on the roof, and in the winter it gets plugged in using an extension cord since the heat is electric and there's no way solar could keep that going. A special thank you to the owner of this tiny house who gave us a few hours to film this beauty :)






Video Script:: 

hey everyone we're here in BC visiting this beautiful 30 foot long tiny house on wheels it has a layout that we absolutely love a spacious cozy living room it's got a fully equipped kitchen a big bright bathroom and two full-size lofts one with a ladder and one with a staircase so we're going to show you around and give you a full tour this video is sponsored by audible we'll tell you why we love them and give you details for a free audiobook at the end of the video when you first come into the tiny house you're right in the living room and they have this nice sectional here that looks really cozy and it seats a lot of people and another great thing is that it actually pulls out and becomes a bed so you can actually sleep six people in this tiny house if you include the two lofts and this sofa bed another thing that's great about the living room is that there are a couple of windows here to let in to natural light as well as the window in the main door and then they have this big mirror over the couch that makes the space feel a lot bigger over here they do have a little bit of wall space for a TV which is pretty convenient the tiny house is heated with these little electric wall panels so there's one here on its own thermostat one in the kitchen and one at the other end of the tiny house in the bathroom this is a staircase going up to the loft and it's a really great feature in this tiny house it's a bit more space-saving than a regular staircase because it curves down here so you don't take up as much wall space and they've still managed to have quite a bit of storage in here even though it's curving so there's these two large cupboards here and then they've also got storage under a couple of the steps here and down here and then another thing that Matt and I always like to see is a big solid railing like this on the outside of the staircase so that it's safe to go up and down the stairs and then the railing continues up into the loft so it's safe up there as well there's also these two extra sitting areas here so this lower table would maybe be great for having a laptop and a little workstation then you can also look out the window and then on side they've got this raised bar with two stools which would be a great spot for eating meals and what I really like about the fact that they were able to fit two sitting areas is that let's say you have your laptop set up you don't have to clear everything away for every meal you can just kind of keep one as a designated eating area and then the other as a designated work area and it just feels like you'd be shuffling things around a little bit less and then we're coming into the kitchen here so this is a galley style kitchen and it has everything you would need in a kitchen on one side there's a four-burner unique propane stove and oven and then there's counter space on both sides which is nice for food preparation on the other side there's an apartment-sized fridge a large sink there's also a microwave and even a tiny dishwasher down here and even though there's no overhead storage in the kitchen there is still quite a bit of storage underneath the counters for pots and pans and dishes and things like that [Music] this is the main loft so there's a bed here they've got three windows which is nice you could get a cross ventilation lots of light if you want it and then they also have some blinds for privacy that you can pull down I love that there's reading lights on both sides so one person can be reading and the other person can turn theirs off and then over here there's a bit of space for some storage and then each loft has a little fan like this and the owner said that's all they really need to get a breeze going when it's hot in the summer and for a tiny house there's actually a pretty good amount of head space there's definitely enough so that you can sit up and read in bed and the other Loft is pretty much identical the only thing that's different is that you access it with a ladder instead and the ladders just tucked in at the end of the kitchen counter and then when you pull it out you can hook it onto a rail so that it's safely secured before you climb up and down and then the other thing that's different is that it has a little bookcase that partially closes off the space and then provides a little bit of extra shelving for storage or for decorations so now we're at the far end of the tiny house and this is the big bright bathroom so it's got a sliding barn door for privacy and a latch so that you can keep it open or closed right here is a space that was designed so that you could put a washer/dryer combo underneath if you wanted and then there's some counter space for keeping towels or folding laundry and one thing I really like is this rail here that you can hang hangers on so that you can dry laundry or hang clothes while you're doing your laundry process and here's the big stand-up shower lots of space in here there's a little bit of a shelf inside so you can see you can line up all of your products there it's got the rainwater showerhead and the door just opens here and then having it all glassed-in like this is great because it makes the bathroom feel so much bigger even though this is really closed in most of the time on this side of the bathroom you'll see there's that heater I mentioned earlier a flush toilet and a small sink and vanity another cool feature of this bathroom is that the floor can be heated which is probably very luxurious on a cold winter day and here's one of the two heat recovery ventilation units that how get fresh air into the house without losing any of the heat the other ones at the other end of the house in the living room and then on top of that they also have a fan in the bathroom to exhaust any moisture so there's a lot of ventilation options in here with the HRV the fan and the two windows which is great because in a bathroom like this it's great to have different options for keeping the humidity levels down [Music] one thing they did outside to extend the living space of this tiny house is they added this massive overhang on the outside that runs the full length of the tiny house and one bonus to that is that they have extra roof space now so they've been able to add 17 solar panels to this house so in the summer the house is mainly powered with solar power and they even have an electric car charger as well and then in the winter because the heat is electric they have an extension cord running to the main house to power it in the winter for water they have a hose running from the main house and to prevent the water from freezing in the winter they've buried it and then where the hose comes out of the ground they've wrapped it in heat tape and also skirted the tiny house to make sure that the water doesn't freeze before getting into the house or when it's leaving this tiny house was built by mint tiny homes and the way they insulated it is they use spray foam in the walls and the ceiling and then a rigid foam in the floor so overall this tiny house manages to pack a lot of different features inside of such a tiny space it takes a lot of boxes for us it's really bright in here and spacious feeling and functional the main thing that we really like is having that big couch and a proper living room to go and hang out and relax we think that's really important at the end of the day we love that there's space to work because that's another thing that we do from home and the main loft that you can safely access with the staircase is great because if you're going up and down all the time it's just nice to have that easy way to get up and down and then it's nice to have kind of a guest bedroom for when people want to come and stay over too [Music] if you want to check out this tiny house will put the Airbnb link in the description below and we also want to thank audible again for sponsoring this video every time we browse their selection we're always amazed at the number of audiobooks they have and they also have comedy podcasts and daily news digests I usually listen to audiobooks when we're driving just before bed or in the bath and lately I've been choosing titles related to self-improvement I just find that the little doses of encouragement and inspiration that I get from listening every day helps me feel more positive and motivated overall right now we're both listening to atomic habits by James clear and we love learning about the different ways that small habits can add up to big changes if you want to try audible for the first time you can get a free 30-day trial which includes one audiobook and two audible originals you just visit slash exploring alternatives or if you're in the u.s. you can text exploring alternatives to 500 500 we'll be sure to put the link in the description for you so you can check it out thanks so much for watching and we'll see you in the next video


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