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Homemade Italian Bread

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Added by Mel in Variety


Today I would like to share with you my homemade Italian bread recipe.

Written recipe:







Video Script:: 

hello everybody today we make it tally breath [Music] under all the ingredient already over here affront me anger to not have cup flour 3/4 teaspoon salt 2 tbsp oil record the warm water but not too hot warm one core warm water dagger use one tablespoon east the mix at the end one let's everything ready I gotta use eggs to make a nice color for the bread okay now we start doing the east tablespoon not big - like this and you pull right over here in the warm water if this that's done now we got over here tuna half a cup of flour the salt like I say like this trick or a agar over here 2 tbsp oil and we put over here with the flour now the east you got a mix a little bit okay you got it like this you make us a little bit like that but see you want you can put right straight on the flour but like a mixer with a little water and now we put a light over here and this flour making sure that air out everything at the east ok you know one loose okay even now this is everything done with the east of the flower of the oil and the salt now we got a mix and we start the mix the water cup or the east ok now you see he needs more water they are mixing now you know somebody maybe can make a mistake it came for maybe too much water it's a no problem not probably wrong you know why you can put a little more flour and you mix enough I gotta make this of them make a nice okay I showed everybody what it look like when I finish the mix okay now when you mix you see now once in a while you've got you got a wet to your hands a little bit and you got a little water you know gotta put inside don't you think you wear to your hands like that hey you mix it look it's it now the only thing to make a show the make is really good they can all be the salt the oil eager go every place okay now this look I'm making so really good now what I want to do I want to make it tube bread our news to dish like this they see grow the same book occur on a half like this yeah poor like that I put a little flour under this Shanna borrow this and now we got a decide one and do the same thing in the flour and the bottle a little flour and the top enough I got the wrap plastic baby over here hey what'd I do wrong right on the top like this now this nah I'll leave it right over here a collar with a towel if this you got a grow for one hour after one hour you gotta take her out it's look like this one f21 out yeah I got a right over here look up beautiful look now what you do you put a little flour on your ends you put like that enough this you gotta roll to make bread a you roll like that okay now we put on this board like this now this cigar stifle F our the grub but this one already I got a four F hour and you see the difference lookup beautiful this one at this one now one time it is f our stay we look at the same now we pour this on side and what I got to do with this one look at beautiful I'll make a little cut not too much like this give a nice design a look more beautiful a cook much better too when you open up a little bit not too much like the Sun okay now this is ready to bread I got in the oven on and 410 the degree but before I got a break this egg hey I want to scramble this eggs god I gotta put on the top of the bread all right now I got a dish that I gotta slide this inside of the oven a what I do a little semolina can lay this on the bottle and make a nice crust okay it nah we do with eggs look a beautiful eggs of the color it's really really nice maybe shoot the footer and open the god video with a knife okay make it the color all over the place more beautiful okay now we take a dis-a-prin yeah I want to slide right inside over here on top of the simulator right look up beautiful and not this is an icy move and we go right inside the other car got the stone inside and we put inside a DC guard cook of 25 to 30 minute look up beautiful okay now we close to the oven it does not open okay you lose the heat I got a lights over here you can put on and you can look inside okay now this it's done and we got more the poor F neon but we showed this one what it look like one let's go I want to show everybody it's a 15 minutes ago I opened a little bit and look at this a beautiful look already huh okay this ft open up I want a deep and beautiful oil or something with a hot oh yeah baby a-after nice dress wine I kind of got gonna place okay it's half hour and not the bread be ready let's look look at beautiful this is a nicer heart not okay night this is really hot but I can't wait no more I wonder little oil or the DPI got in my wine but see you won you can live a stay after you can talk my let me see I want to see this look one your car the noisy make oh okay now we put a little over here look at that look at this soil nice crunchy or decide it's really really good today a little wine I want to say saluted chin chin maybe this kind of this bread that was Omega today it let me know what he come out salute the chin chin thank you how can you talk from me real quick yes yeah got oil salt black pepper at the pepper I need the oil 2 spoon or the - 2 tbsp oil i already freaked you under okay now this is serrated the bread i got in the oven and i'm 410 the degree


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