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He Had No Idea What Was About To Hatch | A Chick Called Albert #Video

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A rare bunch of wild eggs belonged to a bird species I had never raised before. I decided to film her growth every day - on a neutral background so as to see her development in detail. This was an amazing journey from the wild egg rescue up until her release into the wild again.

04:55 Day to Day Growth Timelapse

*Kind reminder: Never, ever take eggs from a birds nest. Doing so would be a violation of nature and mostly cause a lot of sadness… and it’s against the law for a very good reason. The falconer (from the beginning of the video) is actually one of the only people licensed to do this, and only does in very unique circumstances.
If you do find an egg however somewhere out of place, you can try look for a nearby professional hatcher, or, if you happen to live in the Netherlands, you can now sent me the egg. Visit (website is in Dutch) for more info.

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  • Joanna Added Great video. So glad he saved that precious bird. Thank God for people like him.
  • CharMaine Added Such a good, good man. :-)
  • Stacey Added I just love how he raises so many birds and takes such good care of them. He's a very cool guy and many thanks to him always!
  • Charlie G. Added SO SIMPLE - YET SO COMPLEX .
    STAY SAFE ! C.G.
  • Deborah N Added Wonderful - such a wonderful helping, steady hand he had to look after the bird...
  • Linda Added Amazing! He is so patient.
  • MARY Added Interesting Love it
  • Ham Todd Added Always a treat to watch his videos! He is so great with animals!
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  • Mary Jane Added He is an amazing human being. I hoe God continues to bless him.
  • Vera Added Fantastic! Thank you for this video.
  • Su B Added Excellent. God bless him and his efforts. Thanks, Mel.
  • Mari Added This man is a saint....
  • Lola Added That was a cool Video about the Bird. I don't know a lot about Bird's!!!
  • [email protected] Added God bless this man for all the help he gives birds with every egg welcome!!
  • Trish Added This video is so cool.
  • Beth Added Love his videos and all he does for all types of birds - hope this one lives a very long life, and he can keep an eye on
  • Dianna Added Totally awesome person
  • Kathy Added So beautiful to watch the evolution of life. That man is so gentle, caring and loving. He is a true naturalist.