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  • 01:01 Popular Peer Pressure

    Peer Pressure

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    Peer Pressure can be used as a positive force, as seen in this scenario! Take a look at one of our newest TV spots and watch as a group of teens influence their friend to 'do the right thing' while hanging out at a music store.

  • 01:01 Popular Basketball


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    When the game is on the line we find out what kind of character we really have. In the heat of a championship basketball game a young man makes a decision that affects his entire team.

  • 00:31 Popular Piñata


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    In the frenzy of a classic birthday party with a shower of candy from the bursting piñata, we discover one disappointed young man without a single piece. Someone notices and transforms the memory from sour to sweet by sharing.

  • 00:31 Popular Baseball


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    Often the best ideas come from real life. The concept for "Baseball" originated when the spot's director was looking out his window, at his son playing a game with some neighborhood children. Just as in "Baseball," one boy ended up being left out. It was

  • 02:40 Popular Backstory: Albert Lexie

    Backstory: Albert Lexie

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    See Albert's Billboard at Every Tuesday and Thursday for more than 30 years, Albert Lexie has left his home at 5:50 a.m. to travel 90 minutes by bus to the Children's Hospital i

  • 05:45 Popular Backstory: Alferd Williams

    Backstory: Alferd Williams

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    See Alferd's Billboard at Alferd Williams was born in 1937 in Eudora, Arkansas, one of nine children in his family. When he was a boy, his parents, who worked as sharecroppers,

  • 02:57 Popular Backstory: Linda Fondren

    Backstory: Linda Fondren

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    See Linda's Billboard at "If you're not healthy, you're not happy." With this simple but powerful mantra, Linda Fondren has been changing lives in Vicksburg, Mississippi. It's n

  • 01:31 Popular Apple Stand

    Apple Stand

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    The story of "Apple Stand" seemingly takes place over the course of a couple minutes but, like many of FBL's spots, the filming took an entire day. The setting for "Apple Stand" was a beautiful location. During production, however, it rained, snowed, was

  • 01:31 Popular Dishes


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    The greatest struggles in relationships are always centered around communication. Certainly we want to be understood which requires that first we reach out to understand the other person. But distractions in our busy lives can keep good communication from

  • 00:31 Popular Ballet


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    There is a special something about successful people. Even when they fail there is an inner strength that keeps them moving forward. Popular books share insights and often delve deep to explain this phenomena with sports legends, business executives, scie

  • 01:01 Popular Change The World

    Change The World

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    Making a difference. At first it seems so daunting. It implies that you must have some sort of influence, special talents and time. In fact, it takes only the desire to make just one thing a little better. In this message we see small acts of service with

  • 01:01 Popular Spread The Love

    Spread The Love

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  • 00:31 Popular El Fútbol

    El Fútbol

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  • 01:31 Popular El Mundo

    El Mundo

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  • 01:01 Popular Finish Line

    Finish Line

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    Every goal begins with a dream. Challenges, obstacles, and distractions also seem to be part of what we must deal with on the way to achieving those goals. Avril Lavigne's beautiful song "Keep Holding On" underscores this inspiring message to remember you

  • 01:01 Popular Timeout


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