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Becorns Episode 2: Attack of the Squirrels #Video

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I'm excited to share a new peek at David's creative process! This episode shows him persevering despite multiple squirrel attacks, as he make characters out of acorns and photograph them feeding chipmunks.

He wrote and recorded all the music in this video :)

Go to to learn more and see lots more Becorn photos.


  • Carol Segal Added Very interesting to be able to watch what happens!
  • Jennifer Added Utterly charming!
  • mimi Added the becorns are so original. what a great artist David is! i luv his pictures too!
  • Peri McMillan Added David, I love your acorn people, video and your great comments. Wow, I can't believe how patient and talented you are. Thanks so much for your great entertainment.
  • Sue Added I love this. So cute!
  • Mary Jane Added This was funny. I felt sorry for his little creatures, but they are made out of nuts, what else could a squirrel do?
  • Walli Added As usual interesting and makes for a happy day.
  • Shirley A White Added I really enjoyed this one and loved the little acorn people...very interesting. Appreciate all the time/effort you put into this. I detest squirrels! They come and invade the bird feeders. When the squirrels are there the birds won't stay, so I chase the squirrels away, but they're back in a short period of time.
  • Sharon Added Brought back fond memories of a book I loved - Miss Hickory by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey.
  • Patricia Added I loved this. Great pics of the animals.
  • bmorgan9 Added loved this video and all his comments
  • Sherry Added Talk about eat and run!
    The shameful things!
  • Becky Added Those little Becorns are so cute! I like how he cuts the sticks for the arms and hands to look like they have knees and elbows, rather than just stiff and straight... giving it a little more relaxed, natural look. And those sweet, tiny cartoon faces peering out from under those little helmets are adorable! (I still have yet to go out and gather acorns.)