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Becorns Episode 1: Bluebirds #Video

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Becorns are a nature craft project elevated to Fine Art. Today Davud shows how he makes acorn people and photograph them with a family of Eastern Bluebirds. This is next level DIY acorn crafts, the ultimate fairy garden inspiration.

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David tells us what you’ll see in this video:

• An introduction to Becorns by David M Bird: I create characters by building with acorns, sticks, pine cones, and other nature craft materials. Then I take them into the wilderness and photograph them with birds, squirrels, chipmunks, frogs, and other wildlife.

• I build a birdhouse to attract a family of Eastern Bluebirds and they build a nest inside.

• I draw/sketch out a plan for the story I want to show with my little acorn people.

• I show how to build an acorn man using DIY arts and craft techniques.

• I share what I learned about character design and storytelling as I worked as a designer for Lego Bionicle.

• The bluebirds lay eggs, the eggs hatch, and the baby bluebirds begin to grow.

• I show my photography techniques and process as mom, dad, and a juvenile bluebird fly in and out of the birdhouse with worms, grubs, and spiders to feed the baby bluebirds.

• I try to photograph the fledglings as they take their first flight from the birdhouse.

• And finally I share the end product of this crazy fairy garden acorn art project.


  • Sherry Added I LOVED it! These are just the kind of thing that I could picture kids loving. They just beg your imagination to work. Best home job ever. Thank you for sharing it with us. I will follow you on Facebook.
  • Karen Added His acorn people are so cute, and he surrounds them in a whimsical world which I love! He has such imagination, and he obviously has a lot of patience!
  • Nancy Added Thought this guy was wonderful, hope he can continue to do this type of thing for himself and for us......Thank you
  • DEE Added I enjoyed the bluebirds very much. I have a cardinal and mate that come to my yard every day for peanuts. I just love them.
  • Tom Linton Added It is for the birds!
  • Carol Segal Added Another very interesting story.
  • B.Bissell Added That is so cool...
  • Mary Jane Added Fascinating. I loved the acorn people, don't think I would have the patience to make them myself though.
  • Patricia Yager Delagrange Added Really cool
  • Nydia Added Clever and what a fantastic way to view nature .
  • Patricia Added Vey interesting video. Enjoyed seeing how he made those cute little acorn people.
  • Dorothy Added Please do more of these videos. This guy was so patient and got some wonderful photos.
  • Maryse demers Added Wonderful work….and patience!
  • Becky Added Those little Becorns look fun to make! Around the corner from our house, one of our neighbors has an oak tree that produces HUGE acorns. Maybe I'll go pick a couple of them up and make a big Becorn. (I just need to get a hot glue gun.) They look so fun to make!