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8 Weirdest Superheroes You've Never Heard Of

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Do you love superheroes as much as we do? They're awesome! Their incredible stories are so cool and the movies about them are wonderful... Not to mention Comic Cons, collectibles items and video games... The contribution of superheroes to modern pop culture is impossible to measure. But not all superheroes are admirable. And we're not talking about villains, who can also be awesome. Some characters from TV series and comics are quite... unusual. It's not clear why they were created, what their purpose is or how someone came up with them... However, you should see them for yourself. Are you ready to meet the world's weirdest superheroes? Then...





Video Script:: 

khlo everyone do you love superheroes as much as we do they are awesome they're incredible stories are so cool than the movies about them are wonderful not to mention Comic Cons collectible items and video games the contribution of superheroes to modern pop culture is impossible to measure but not all superheroes are admirable and we're not talking about the villain suit also can be awesome some characters from TV series and comics are quite unusual it's not clear why they were created what their purpose is or how someone came up with them however you should see them for yourself a ready to meet the world's weirdest superheroes then let's get it on [Music] - 'the tiled if you like horror movies you've probably heard of channel zero it's an american horror anthology television series and of course its main characters are terrifying creatures one of them is the toothed child this creepy monster devours human teeth and collects them is also covered with hundreds of teeth from head to toe literally the toothed child is completely made of teeth just looking at this monster will give you chills and nightmare material enough for weeks even if you don't have any phobias these teeth looks so natural that you can literally imagine how that they would feel so the touch but here are two interesting facts firstly the suit including all of the teeth is very soft and kind of rubbery and secondly the person wearing it is young actress Cassandra conciliar before playing the tooth child the actress worked for Disney Cruise Line playing Mickey Mouse so we can say the cassandra' knows very well how to portray strange creatures the wall undoubtedly the imagination of the people at work on Marvel Comics is virtually limitless they come up with all kinds of things we're not just talking about strange plot twists or parallel universes we're also talking about weird characters some of the characters in the Marvel Comics are really absurd maybe that's why some people wants to forget about them as quickly as possible but no the internet remembers everything for example Joshua wall de Meyer a hero known as the wall stands out for his story one day Joshua was working laying bricks and pouring cement when he was suddenly caught in an explosion the blast wave hit one of the walls which collapsed on Joshua surprisingly the guy didn't die but somehow merged with the bricks becoming a living wall and he started causing all kinds of trouble of course Spiderman intervened but it turns out that his skills weren't good enough to stop the wall finally the umpire chase them both off the field the confrontation ended with spider-man in the walls sitting down on the bench and talking well know under this characters considered one of Marvel's strangest villains what's the point of him being pumpkin wrapper let's move on from Marvel's heroes to the Power Rangers over the years this saga has featured many different characters including some very strange villains one of them is incredible as it may seem the pumpkin wrapper this monster first tried to cut off the Rangers oxygen by putting pumpkins on their heads and then started wrapping apparently it's the only way you can communicate poor guy while wrapping the pumpkin fires energy charges that the Rangers and tries to immobilize them with special pumpkin shoots and steal their energy classic pumpkin in the end the heroes managed to blow up the pumpkin but in another episode he comes back and yeah he keeps on wrapping then of course he's two feet it again but the most important question remains unanswered who thought this villain would be a great idea how was the pumpkin wrapper created and why haven't any one produced a pumpkin dance crossover that would be awesome Animal Vegetable mineral man Doom Patrol is a team of superheroes from the DC Universe like all superheroes they have some enemies that are quite weird one of them is Animal Vegetable mineral man literally that's his name and he looks as weird as he sounds for more convenience we're gonna call any hodgepodge man his power is that he can change any parts of his body into the form of any animal vegetable or mineral he often combines all three to increase its destructive effect imagine a creature that is at the same time stone wood a human being into a dinosaur the imagination of his creators knows no limits by the way we know exactly who's responsible for the appearance of this monster in the world of comic book villains it was created by Arnold Drake and Bruno premie Arnie in 1964 the story of hodgepodge man is quite ordinary he used to be a Swedish scientist named Sven Larson but then he fell into a vat of amino acids have you ever noticed that in comics cauldrons with dangerous liquids that continue into a superhero are just around every corner unless there's a brick war as a result the scientists became the hodgepodge man and took revenge fighting the good guys and doing a lot of evil things you know the usual the hodgepodge man starred in the animated series and even appeared in the modern series of Doom Patrol released on February 15th 2019 zebra man as you can see American comics are full of strange superheroes but they still can't compete with Japanese characters the Land of the Rising Sun is famous for coming up with strange and absurd things meets zebra man he's the leading character in the comedy of the same name released in 2004 we must admit the plot is simply astounding a school teacher is having a breakdown he has some problems at home and at work and the only solution is to secretly dress up as Superman a character from an old TV series one day he wanders the streets in this rather ridiculous costume meets a criminal and suddenly he defeats him zebra man finally gets real superpowers that he uses to fight aliens you're probably thinking what aliens well I'll tell you an alien invasion of green focus nothing unusual eventually the superhero gains confidence defeats his enemies and becomes the savior of old humanity and allow all this sounds absurd people who saw the movie claim that it's really fun entertaining so that reason zebra man definitely deserves a place on our list today tick many people know tick thanks to the comics that appeared in the 1980s originally conceived as a parody of real comic superheroes he quickly gained recognition no one really knows who he was before he became tick for example in the original comic book series escaped from a mental institution in the 1994 cartoon series he successfully passed his official superhero initiation test and was named city defender and so on essentially tick is a man in a blue suit with superhuman power at the same time he's almost invulnerable and behaves well in an unusual way what an awesome story now under Empire Magazine ranked tick is the 28th greatest comic book character of all time prison BOTS the film's super was released in 2010 it's an American superhero black comedy starring Rainn Wilson from the office obviously it must have a character worthy of our list today Arius and his name is cribs and bolts no kidding that's actually the name of the main character he has no special powers but he thinks to himself as a comic book character and so he fights crime how with a pipe wrench the first people think he's crazy which is normal but gradually public opinion changes and Crimson bolt becomes a real hero in the end he fights the main villain saves us beloved but it's still a comedy strictly speaking Crimson bolt was created as a parody character but we still wanted to put him on our list be it hunter that's right be it hunter if you think that the rest of the superheroes in this video are not absurd enough this one meets exactly all the criteria to be the weirdest one anyone familiar with Doom Patrol Comics knows that beard hunter is one of these strangers villains in history first appearing in Doom Patrol 45 in July 1991 this hero was created as a parody of Marvel's the punishment well the parody was definitely a success here's beard hunters story born with a hormone deficiency that prevented him from developing facial hair ernest Franklin hates other people's beards think that's weird and keep listening he declared war on them but he did it in a frightening ly peculiar way tracking down and killing bearded people and taking their beards as trophies this is really what happens in the comics in fact beard hunter doesn't really have any superpowers he too shoots pretty well and is obsessed with this strange idea and if you think the ponies clearly has some kind of problem in its heads you're right beard hunter believed that there would be a movie about its life but that didn't happen Ernest appeared in the first season of Doom Patrol it was played by Tommy Schneider and the results is even more absurd hey stop being lazy it's time to use that brain of yours welcome to brain time incredible facts from the past the present and even the future the power of nature and wild animals amazing facts and unsolved mysteries you'll find all this and much more here subscribe now you won't regret it [Music]


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