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4 Curious People With Curiouser Jobs

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Tired of working 9-to-5? Perhaps you’ll find inspiration for a new career in this reel full of stories about people with highly unusual occupations. While one of them earns a living by talking fast (you might recognize him from some of your favorite TV commercials), another spends his time making sure people all over the world get lost.






Video Script:: 

[Music] this great big story is made possible by Lexus experience amazing mazes are one of the most fascinating things almost everybody who as soon as they can crawl always wanting to find out what's hidden what's out of sight my name's Adrian Fisher I live in Dorset in England and I create mazes and labyrinths all over the world well I spent the first few years of my career in accountancy there came a moment when I'd created amazing my father's garden and then I started building one and two more and so on and then I suddenly realized this was gonna be far more fulfilling if I spent my life creating mazes this is the site of the place this is 40 meters in diameter and the Moses going here over the years of created mazes in some 40 countries and I guess I've built over 700 full-sized mazes in the landscape I think a maze design is a very easy tarek art you sketch out ideas and develop ideas on paper and drawings but one of the exciting things is amazes a network now amazes a special kind of network where I decide there's only one start point I decide where the finish is and I make sure that every single bit of it can be as confusing or as easy as I wish I'm trying to make it as ingenious and tricky as possible but in the end I'm also an entertainer I'd like to leave clues that help you solve it and you feel so good about yourselves when you have beaten the maze designer like a good movie you get to the end the new stool you don't want it to stop I'm appealing to some basic instinct to miss all that want to be entertained an explorer and amazes an ideal way of doing that its purpose is totally to one side of normal sensible practical things in life but give so much pleasure to so many millions [Music] all the machines in this arcade homemade there's something magical about all this as a child I found that making things that made people laugh was satisfying and seemed more point in doing that than making useful machines [Music] I'm Tim Duncan and I'm a cartoonist and engineer I have two arcades one on the coasts and appear and this one in central London called novelty automation in total I suppose I've made about 50 machines not many people have that as their ambition in life but yeah it's six feet this is pet or meat you spin the wheel and you find if the land ends up sitting with you on the sofa or being carved for dinner it was a hobby that got out of control this is Auto frisk you stand in front here the gloves inflate and then they act you down Britain's got a great history of satire and I suppose I'm not really particularly political myself but I think it's healthy for little people to poke fun at the rich and powerful you fly this little drone around this Beverly Hills mansion and see all the stars inside and your paparazzi you have to try and take the photos to fill up the cover of the magazine I get my ideas from lots of places it's partly things happening in my life partly things happening in the news and partly from old arcade machines and mechanisms this is test your nerve you have to put your hand inside the cage with the mad dog for as long as you dare to do something like this you have to enjoy the process of making things I spent most of my life solving conventional engineering problems rather than thinking up the jokes this is the chiropodist you have to take off your shoe for this one you put your foot in the treatment bay down the bottom and it feels really weird seeing people enjoying using the machines keeps me at it and also because they take money it provides the income to let me keep at it so to me it's a pretty perfect system it sure beats working I never planned my career or anything about my life it's just occasionally a sort of opportunity comes up and then I go through to be or not to be that is the question whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the sins and I was a very just fortunate consequence to see if troubles and by opposing end up to die to sleep to sleep perchance to dream other micromachine man hey presenting a genuine original colossal collectible most minutes of the real thing Micro Machines a lot of people know me as the micro machine man or the FedEx guy or a terrible test a virgin from Saved by the Bell or just that guy who talks fast in fact I was in the Guinness Book as the world's fastest talker and so for the last 40 years if you needed a fast talker I was your go-to guy is that okay did you get everything you need I mean I can repeat it again if you want you sure you don't want to do when I was 12 years old I wanted to get into the Guinness Book of World Records so I figured the only thing I could really do since I wasn't gonna eat a car or swallow lead-pipe was to lock myself in a room and teach myself fast-talking and I did that with the hamlet soliloquy to be or not to be here's later I'm at this party fancy California Beverly Hills party and a friend of mine is trying to pick up this valley girl he's from New York and talking pretty quickly and she looks at him and says Nick oh my gosh are you like the world's fastest talker and he says no as a matter of fact this person is they called me over and I did one of my little party routines because I come up to pick a cup up to feed might be difficult to pick up a club and a guy walked over he says that's incredible I'm a producer and I'm gonna put you on a show I went on the show and I did the fast-talking thinking that would be it and all of a sudden the phone starts ringing and I'm booked all over the place and I managed to make a living out of it I can speak as fast as 11 words a second now I never do 11 words a second for TV well let me do Peter Piper at 11 words a second pick up to pick up up to be back to pick typical speed up I picked can you kind of hear me going pop pop pop but that's really all you're kind of getting but when you do TV there's visual reinforcement people see you and do whatever so I do about seven to eight words a second that would sound something like now on radio I have to do it even a little slower because you have no visual reinforcement you're not seeing me so that I do about five to six words a second so it sounds something like and that's kind of the secret to my success because if you can't understand what I'm saying they're not gonna pay me the big bucks now the very first commercial I did was the Federal Express commercial it is to this day the most award-winning commercial in the history of advertising the final scene I'm sitting behind the desk and I'm going you know Dave what's the deal with the deal are we dealing David's deal with Don if it's a deal with Doc so I did the thing like 29 times without making a mistake and the director said to me what are you like a machine you never make a mistake I said you want a mistake I'll give you a mistake the next time so I said David's a dork with dick Don and duck and that's the take he ended up putting in the commercial the first time I saw it I call this John it's our little secret although I'm known as the world's fastest talker I do not choose to live by entire life in the fast lane sometimes I just like to take it all a little slower but sometimes it's really really good to be fast [Music] [Music] this is Justin Schmidt yeah my name is Justin Schmidt he's an entomologist and I'm an entomologist I basically studied stinging insects he's been stung by a lot of insects I've probably been stung at least a thousand times he reviews insect stings the way a somali a reviews wine pure intense brilliant pain like walking or flaming charcoal with a three-inch nail embedded in your heel which insect was that that's the bullet and this is his lab in Tucson this is his harvester and this is his vinegaroon this is a tarantula hawk these are some more harvester ants in a park near his lab he is the creator of the Schmidt pain scale the Schmidt pain scale is basically a scale to rate the painfulness of stinging insects on a scale of one to four a one would be a sweat B two would be something like a yellow jacket was the three would be something like a harvester ant and a four would be a tarantula hawk how bad is a four four it's absolutely excruciating the debilitating incapacitating just shuts you down just absolute sheer pain there's just nothing you can really do about that I don't think I'd want to be stung by a whole bunch of different for I don't think I could endure that for very long let's be clear justice Schmidt doesn't just go out and get stung on purpose it's just that he's dedicated his life to studying well my passion is insects and stinging insects in particular yeah I get stung but that's that's all just part of the passion you know what that gives me data you know sting helps me in understanding what the insects doing and I get to be out in the sunshine and out in the rain out in the environment these magnificent beautiful insects just just such a joy I can't imagine anything I'd rather do more [Music]


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