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1957 Chevrolet 150 Utility Sedan #Video

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For more information on this vehicle and to see over 100 pictures, follow the link below or click SHOW MORE.

1.5 million Chevy were made in 1957. Only 1,530 had fuel injection and it's estimated that only 50 or less were in utility sedans! This is a no frills, lightweight muscle car. Meticulous ground up restored to factory condition. The owner/restorer of this car bought it in 1992. He spent 1,200 hours restoring it. He showed the car, went to cruise nights and detailed it before every show. He pampered this car til 2015 when he finally sold it. Only 4,894 miles have been put on since restored.

Awards it has won:

1999 AACA Best of Class and Best of Show

2000 Bowtie Convention Gold Certificate

3 Super Chevy shows: It won it's class, editor's choice, best detail and best 55-57

2009 Orlando Classic Chevy Gold Certificate

Judging sheets, photos of the restoration and magazine articles are included.

EXTERIOR: All the sheet metal is original to this car. It was stripped down to bare. Only a few minor rust holes and they were repaired with welded metal. The panels fit precisely. Repainted its original Tropical Turquoise- India Ivory colors using PPG Deltron. It was sanded and buffed to a better than new finish. Painted 30 years ago and it still looks amazing, that's a real testament to its quality. Original Fuel Injection emblems were on the 1/4 panels on the 150 only, all others were on the fenders. The holes look factory, not drilled. The chrome was redone by Royal Silver. It has original California 1 piece bumper. Buff it Bob restored the stainless trim. All new glass. The weatherstrips and seals were all replaced. Being the base model it has minimal trim, no rubber tips on the front bumpers, no reverse lights. It also has painted rims with poverty caps. They did splurge for a set of white walls.

INTERIOR: No frills here. It doesn't even have a back seat! There is a factory package platform on the floor with a rubber mat. No upholstered side panels, just black panels. The rear windows are fixed, there are not even window cranks. Radio, cigarette lighter, heater, clock delete. There is no carpet, it has a rubber mat. Basic steering wheel, no fancy trim on the dash. The seat and door panels are correctly upholstered for a 150. Nice cloth headliner.

ENGINE COMPARTMENT: 283-283 hp, 1 hp per cubic inch was a big deal back then. Correct engine with hi lift cam, 10.5:1 compression, 539 heads, Rochester injection. It is a complete 57 fuel injection unit, rebuilt and authenticated by Jack Podell. It has the factory hood brace notched for the cold air intake uniqueto a fuelie. All the components look factory correct. The fuel filter, manifolds, GM hoses and clamps. Rare NASCAR distributor with a gear drive to run the fuelie and one to run a tachometer. It has the rare vacuum pump unique to a fuelie. It is detailed beautifully.

TRUNK COMPARTMENT: Rock solid, it has all been painted white. The weatherstrip, mat, wiring harness, seat divider were replaced. Restored rim and reproduction tire is a match to the other 4 wheels. It has a restored jack.

UNDERSIDE: Restored to new factory condition. Clean original rust free floors, rockers and braces painted smooth satin black. Every component was removed, rebuilt and detailed. The suspension and steering was all rebuilt. It has correct spiral shocks. Brakes were rebuilt, lines and e-brake assembly were replaced. The fuel system was replaced. Correct exhaust system was replaced. Looking up at the motor is looks new. Correct screw on oil canister, restored starter. Rebuilt close ratio manual 3-speed, correctly dated for this car. Restored 4.11 posi in back.

Typically a utility sedan was ordered by traveling salesmen so they had room for what ever it was they were selling. A salesman wouldn't want a fuelie and a 4.10 posi. In this case it was for a different purpose, to go faster! It wasn't to save money, it was to eliminate weight.
This is one of the rarest and coolest 57s anywhere! It certainly is a conversation piece whether in your collection, at a show or parking lot of a Dairy Queen!


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