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1950s America - Vintage USA Road Trip in COLOR #Video

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Hop in the TIME MACHINE for a road trip back in time. Check out this superb collection of vintage COLOR photos of car travel in 1950s America.


  • JimWU2 Added I got my license in 1958 an haven't stopped since.
  • Dave R. Added In late 40's and early 50's, each Sunday Dad would load the family in the car and we go for a "drive." No where in particular, just a drive. Can we everget back or even toward that life?
  • [email protected] Added Disneyland, Anaheim, CA opened on July 17, 1955. We lived in CA and went there thirteen times with our two sons!!!
  • Dan Added It was a wonderful trip into pass when things slower movings and open to enjoining America !
  • Ronald Added What great fun. I was a sophomore in high school in 1950. Those were great days.
  • Sandra Added It was great. Peaceful and quiet, not like today.
  • Char Added I expected to see myself as an adult in there. Great!!!
  • Anne Added Mel- that was beyond good. Yep, I'm 76. Old as the hills. ha
  • iotus2 Added As a kid, we loaded up the car for the Sunday drive and picnic. Good memories. Thanks, Mel.
  • BA Added Where or where did those good days go? PS; to Martin- Disney land was before Disney world.Thanks Mel.
  • Patrick Added Brings back some fond memories.
  • Sarah Added You KNOW I loved this one since I lived through that era. A truly awesome time to be alive.
  • Ruby Added Awesome pictures!
  • Merridy Added just loved this
  • Robert Added They forgot New England
  • Kathy Added What a nice trip down memory lane when our country and it's people were civilized and respected everything and everyone.
  • Martin Added hannah must be thinking of Disney WORLD. It didn't exist until 1972. I remember when it opened because it was only around 30 miles from my home town of Auburndale, Florida. I was 14 when it opened and it WAS huge then.
  • Nancy Added Lots of memories on this one. I was little but remember a bit.
  • Patricia Yager Delagrange Added I wish there were less people who visited all of these places - we want to go on a road trip but not encounter thousands of lookee-loos
  • hannah Added Sorry; it opened in 1955.