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1950s & '60s American Road Trip (In Color) #Video

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Join me on a journey back in time as we delve into the golden era of American road trips - an enchanting era of exploration, freedom, and discovery. In this captivating video, we've curated a stunning collection of 38 rare color photographs that beautifully encapsulate the essence of road travel in the 1950s and 1960s. Experience the thrill of hitting the open highways as we traverse the iconic landscapes and bustling cities that defined this pivotal period in American history. From classic cars cruising along scenic routes to families embarking on unforgettable adventures, each image comes alive with a vividness that transcends time. The charmingly preserved colors give an authentic glimpse into the lives of our predecessors, sparking nostalgia and wonder for a bygone era. Marvel at the iconic landmarks that dotted the landscape, from the majestic national parks to roadside attractions that became legendary. Witness the evolution of American culture as we journey through the dynamic cities and small towns that showcased the heart and soul of the nation. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a travel lover, or simply a curious soul seeking to explore America's past, this video is sure to delight and inspire. Join us as we celebrate the joy of discovery, the beauty of the open road, and the lasting memories created on those unforgettable American road trips of the 1950s and 1960s. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience to relive the magic of an era that continues to inspire wanderlust and awe to this day. ---


  • iotus2 Added Fun video - knew a lot of the places, and good to see so many cars from my teenage years.
  • Deborah N Added Wonderful - How about Canada back then...
  • Lola Added Great Video!!! Being 86 yrs old I appreciate the oldies!!!
  • Anne Added enjoyed every minute. Loved the cars!!!
  • Kathy Added Beautiful video, mostly out west. Would like to see some clips from middle and eastern America.
  • Steve Added Amazing, you could see and tell different car models & years back then! I can remember when cars had real bumper!
    Now it's one style, fits all design! BUT may go 2 to 3 hundred K. unlike the good ol daze!
  • DENIS Added Would love to see El Paso TX
  • Martin Added I love your video presentations of some of these old towns. I wish that you had some of my hometown, Auburndale, Florida or Winter Haven or Lakeland. I was born in Lakeland, grew up in Auburndale which was situated right between Lakeland and Winter Haven. You should be able to find some old photos of Cypress Gardens which was in Winter Haven and is now Legoland. Thanks!
  • mercedes Added I really enjoyed this video! We visited Trees Of Mystery a few years ago---it is well worth the drive.
  • Alan Added Looooved all the now-classic cars, even one custom!
  • Charlie G. Added Hi Mel - Great video !! When I was in the Navy one of my best friends had actually been stationed briefly at the nuclear reactor sight in Idaho Falls Idaho -The sight where a reactor had earlier blown up !! ( Wonder if the picture was taken before or after ??? )
    Stay Safe ! C. G.
  • Ham Todd Added Great trip back in time!
  • Fred H Added Liked it very much Mel. I'm trying to get some of the other videos.
  • Mari Added I enjoy these road trips but never saw one from Wisconsin. How about Wisconsin Dells?
  • Carole Added I'd love to see pictures of PA, particularly Pittsburgh.
  • Paul Added Love these videos !!
  • Jackie Added I always enjoy the look backs.
  • Sher Added Much saner days. Thanks to Mel !
  • Ron Added OK Mel~~~~Fantastic....just FANTASTIC!! LOVE seeing and REMEMBERING how NORMAL it was back then! NO Children being killed iin school......NO policemen being killed at traffic stops......NOT the Crime like we have today.......NOT the road rage we have today.......NOT the PROTESTS with all the extreme violence.....AND Males were Males and Females were Females! Our World has just gone NUTS!!
  • Linda Added Loved seeing all the old cars - when cars had style!