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11 Bikes That Will Blow Your Mind

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Did you know there are about 18 million bicycles in the Netherlands? This means there are more bikes there than people. Almost all citizens of Denmark, Germany and Sweden also have bicycles. But why are they so popular? Bicycles are easy to use, do not take up much space, help you stay fit and are environmentally friendly. Today we will tell you about the most advanced and high-tech bicycles in the world.





Video Script:: 

hi everyone did you know that there are about 18 million bicycles in the Netherlands this means there are more bikes there than there are people almost all citizens of Denmark Germany and Sweden also have bicycles but why are they so popular bicycles are easy to use they don't take up much space hope you stay fit and are environmentally friendly today we will tell you about the most advanced and hi-tech bicycles in the world let's get it on loop wheels instead of improving the spokes like many other manufacturers the engineers of this brand decided to find a better solution and literally reinvent the wheel they develop special loops in the form of Springs that fit into the rim and take shock absorption to the next level thanks to this discovery of British inventors the owner of the bike will not feel any bumps or even vibrations so potholes of borders will not be a problem for you by the way over time the company slightly changed its profile and began to focus on the production of wheels for wheelchairs for people with disabilities such an invention can be a very valuable investment in their comforts the price of such wheels starts at $500 karmak oslo if you really like pedaling an electronic scooters are probably not a good choice for you but this one might make you change your mind what you see here is an electric bike designed by comics startup located in Silicon Valley it looks like a mix of a bicycle and a scooter you can ride it without making any efforts or you can pedal a little generating the power by the way this scooter accelerates to 32 kilometers per hour notice the way these scooter looks the design is made in the best traditions of the classic Apple gadgets smooth lines no cords or cables nothing to ruin an aesthetic pleasure this device cost one and a half thousand dollars choppy you may have heard of choppers the bikes with an elongated frame front fork a group of Estonian inventors decided to slightly modify this type of vehicle and came up with the Chop II a semi-recumbent electric scooter chopper you can completely relax when driving this vehicle all you need to do is put your feet on the stands located on both sides of the front wheel and steer with the accelerator hand law and the brake well and watch the road of course the creators say that their trendy electric scooter will travel 329 miles at the price of just $1 though the range on one charge is only 56 kilometers and it will take about three and a half hours to charge the battery in addition the price of this gadget is quite high at the pre-order stage it costs four and a half thousand dollars sieve rack a legend says that the concept of the modern bicycle was created by the French count med a decieve rack in 1791 people believed this for a long time but at some points it turned out that it was no more than an invention by an irresponsible journalist however this did not stop the American company in miro from using the name of the mythical count as the name for its new products the first and most important advantage of an electric bike caught the syph rack is its size which is really important when you live in a big city the bike can be easily folded and it doesn't take up much space in your apartment or in the parking lots the official price for the bike is $2,700 more an electric bike is of course a helpful device for people who live in huge mega lipolysis they are not very good though when it comes to rough terrain more is a pleasant exception to the rule what you see is a real SUV electric bike the vehicles designed to withstand even the most challenging routes fat tires a sturdy frame 26 inch wheels are everything a fan of rough terrain trips appreciates engineer has paid attention to the slightest details for example they carefully insulated the wires so that you wouldn't accidentally damage them when traveling in particularly extreme places also unlike most 36 volt models Moore has a powerful 48 volt battery in one charge you can make more than 80 kilometers the more bike costs almost $3,000 yurka who do you think cyclists hate most well except for the irresponsible pedestrians who walk along the bike paths that's right robbers no matter how strong bike locks are the risk of having your bikes stolen is always high this invention from engineering students in Chile can revolutionize the bicycle market they managed to create a theft proof bike that locks in just 15 seconds yurka looks like an ordinary bike but it contains one secret technology the thing is that the bike has a special frame design the owner can disassemble the lower pipe into two parts and fasten the bike to a post or a tree this design reduces the risk of theft to almost zero Yoker is also relatively affordable the price ranges from 7 to 800 euros else what are your options if your entire family wants to switch to a more eco-friendly type of transport but you don't have enough money for a Tesla a bike won't do as it wouldn't fit everyone well and this vehicle here of course can hardly compete with the innovative Elon Musk cast but it could be the next best thing the elf bicycle car can fit not just the driver but also a couple of passengers and even as small luggage compartments is load capacity varies from 160 to 250 kilograms this vehicle developed in the United States is incredibly versatile you could ride it to work or just for pleasure relax completely or pedal for a while use the energy from the battery or these solar panels on the roof the bike also only weighs 45 kilograms even less than some scooters a two-seat model of this vehicle costs about $4,000 fatbikes skis a bicycle is very versatile when you live in a country with a warm climate for those who live in places with a moderate climate would hardly agree many of them can only use bicycles for only a few months a year and the rest of its own they can only sadly look out of the window and wait for the mountains of snow to finally melt but there is a solution you could buy a so-called fat bike a bicycle with thick tires however it may not be enough to travel for a snow-covered forest so inventors from the u.s. state of North Carolina came up with a special device a ski that's installed on a bike instead of the front wheel it allows you to not only drive fast on the soft snow but also to use interesting techniques for examples it change edges like you would on a snowboard however a bike like this costs $800 trifecta DRT this bike probably reminds you of some action movie because it looks like it could belong to a superhero your intuition is right at the spot though this is the most expensive electric bike in the world designed for the police and the army it costs twenty five thousand dollars and it's aluminium frame makes it look more like a motorcycle the entire design of this bike was based on military specifications for example it can be used in extremely harsh climate thanks to his strong wheels powerful electric motor and 14 speed gearbox you don't have to turn the pedals to drive either the bike has a special panel to control all of the processes and you can ride this bike for about a hundred kilometres on one charge it can also carry up to 160 kilograms of weight which is important for soldiers who carry equipment with them the trifecta bike caused such a hype in the media that the company decided to release a model of this bike for civilians it costs much less but has a number of benefits for example it can travel up to 200 kilometers on a single charge you Burt electric super marché you are looking at probably the best bike for entrepreneurs and active parents the Palmer would love it for how perfect it is for delivering small parcels and the latter could use it for walks the children in parks and around the city at the same time the user doesn't need to sweat while pedaling hard the load capacity of such a vehicle has 136 kilograms not including the driver interestingly enough the bike can drive up to a hundred kilometers on a single charge however this mostly depends on the weight of its cargo the most important thing though is that all this information is shown on the display with an accuracy of up to a kilometer the bike costs five and a half thousand dollars with an option to buy additional accessories this shoe bike you may not know this but the German tire company Continental develops soles for adidas sports sneakers which isn't so surprising because for the runner shock absorption is just as important as for a driver the companies have been collaborating since 2007 and a couple of years ago their PR departments came up with an unusual idea for advertising they decided to install a couple of dozen sneakers on a bike instead of the tires and select a professional cyclists test the unusual vehicle this innovation of course didn't go into mass production but it made many people smile dude are you looking for new technologies and great gadgets are your thoughts focused on the future deal off huge vehicles and can't imagine your life without robots around here then visit tech zone and you'll find all this and more the link is in the description you interested great [Music] you


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