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10 Strangest Animal Behaviors Caught on Camera

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Every time we start making another video about strange natural phenomena, we think that there’s hardly anything that can surprise us. You probably think the same way. Well, believe us, nature is so amazing and unpredictable it will never cease to amaze. Today we will tell you about the most unusual animal behavior that was caught on camera.





Video Script:: 

how everyone every time we start making another video of a strange natural phenomena we think that there's hardly anything that could surprise us you'd probably think the same way well believe us nature is so amazing and unpredictable that it will never cease to amaze today we will tell you about the most unusual animal behavior that was caught on camera let's get it on [Music] puffer fish at first glance puffer fish look like ordinary fish but in fact they have several curious abilities first many of them are extremely poisonous however in Japan puffer fish are considered a delicacy it usually takes the cooks several years to learn how to cook it and remove the toxins that are fatal to humans but this is not the only interesting thing about puffer fish they know how to inflate into a ball using water or air it looks very funny see for yourself how does this help to protect themselves from predators though well if someone tries to swallow it they're most likely they'll simply choke and die nature's got it covered dolphins playing catch it seems the Dolphins from this video are completely unaware of how dangerous the puffer fish is a group of mammals surrounds a strange creature and starts dancing around it and the most interesting thing happens next one of the Dolphins decides that the round shape of the puffer is perfect for playing catch and starts swimming while holding it in its mouth you may notice that in this case the dolphin even slightly bites the live ball but how do dolphin's not get poisoned and why do they even do it you'll be surprised but there is a reason behind this weird behavior when in danger pufferfish usually not only inflate but also release a small amount of its poison while the large dose can kill a large mammal almost immediately a small dose causes a rather mild narcotic effect yes that's why dolphins in this video behave so weird it's a bit scary to look at it because we all know that one pufferfish has enough toxin to kill 30 people at a time acrobatics skunk we all know that the skunk is perhaps the most stinky mammal on earth in order to scare enemies off this animal sprays a liquid with a strong smell the spray of a skunk can reach up to six meters by the way the composition of this liquid includes the odor of substance ethene Theo it's used by man in one very important area gas production natural gas which is often used in apartments for heating and cooking has no smell that is why Ethan thiol is usually added to it so that a person can detect a leak a skunk has an entire arsenal of tricks though before using its main weapon the animal arches its back fluffs its huge tail stamps with its front paws and also strikes a scary pose this way the animal tries to scare the predator and warns him of an impending chemical attack the most interesting thing is that in this position skunks can walk and even dance like professional break dancers Archer fish this small fish usually live in freshwater reservoirs of India Australia and Polynesia and at first glance look completely unremarkable however these creatures have an unusual and very deadly weapon in order to attack their prey these fish release a powerful water jet and since they hunt butterflies crickets and grasshoppers then under such pressure the insects usually immediately dropped it so how do they do it usually the archer fish first swims under the grass where the insect sits and waits in ambush then with one sharp movement it spits out a powerful water jet from 2 to 5 metres long which then hits the prey the most amazing thing is that the fish can control the speed direction and even the length of the water jet it's important to know that the arch of fish resorts to such measures only when ordinary food becomes scarce in normal times they feed on insects that have already fallen into the water like many of their species party monkeys macaques are very active animals that jump from tree to tree swim and explore the surroundings all day long obviously such an active lifestyle requires a lot of energy which must be somehow replenished so if there's something edible nearby that they can get their hands on the monkeys will definitely steal it they especially like fruits in everything with a lot of sugar because what if not Cubs can give you an energy boost however sometimes this behavior can lead to unexpected results for example in macaque sit this video accidentally came across several pots left in the enfin and not by accident the thing is fruits were fermenting inside to then turn into sweet and extremely strongly cure in large doses this drink and easily knock out an adult man let alone small macaques weighing about 10 kilograms but this is not the only time something like this happened scientists have long noticed that monkeys have a special taste for alcohol and among other drinks often choose it according to some observations the monkeys will react to alcohol a lot like humans many primates love it and consciously look for an opportunity to at least sip some while others never drink at all just like people dancing birds the widow bird is quite an unusual creature its brightly colored and lives exclusively in African countries however only males and only during the breeding season have the exquisite decoration of a long tail with multi-coloured spots during the flight this tail curls like a velvet black ribbon it's so big that in rainy weather for example this bird can't even fly at all the tail feathers become too heavy and make it impossible to take off for the same reason male Widow birds are often easy prey the things they do for the beautiful ladies speaking beautiful ladies trying to win over the hearts of their beloved two males sometimes engage in a very funny dance-off they stand in front of each other and begin to jump funnily all while making loud noises the one who is more persistent and jumps the highest is the winner samurai sea cucumber sea cucumbers are quite primitive animals they don't feel fear or other emotions which is unsurprising because they don't have any brains is that they have a ring of neural tissue surrounding the oral cavity which controls their rather primitive behaviour by and large sea cucumbers before more or less the same function in the ocean as worms do on earth they mainly feed on small animals and organic matter from the sea floor taking nutrients from them and expelling everything unnecessary but sea cucumbers have one ability that will definitely surprise it in case of danger such as fish or larger animals approaching they can throw a part of their innards out mostly their intestines this usually at least scares and sometimes hurts the enemy that quickly flees dandy crabs during their life hermit crabs must change their shells to bigger ones from time to time the animals usually first find a new shell and only then leave the old one living without it for some time the rest of the time these creatures should never be taken out of their shells scientists have proven that they perceive it as part of their own body and if someone tried to forcibly pull them out they could die unfortunately in the modern world finding a new home can become an impossible task for hermit crabs all because ignorant tourists often carry away all the beautiful shells from the beach without even thinking about the consequences that is why some crabs have to resort to extreme measures for example trying to fit into old cans sometimes you can even see some more shocking pictures as with this poor crab you chose the head of a plastic doll as its home pick up birds there is a huge number of macing rituals in the animal kingdom people can only marvel at that creativity but nothing can compare to the way that Australian bowerbird males try to attract the females first they build Bowers from thin twigs but that's not all to charm the female these birds resort to an even more sophisticated pickup method it turns out that males collect various bright objects around their Bowers for months flower petals clam shells plastic items that they steal from human homes then during the mating period the male show the females they're courting each item in turn as if showing them off the females then decide if they want for the courtship to continue or not it looks very funny bandit parrot key parrots are very curious birds that live in the mountains of New Zealand as a rule they are highly intelligent and extremely curious for example many parrots of this species are not afraid of people at all and constantly climb into cars tents and other human dwellings in search of food however to find food key parrots also don't mind searching in the garbage you can often see how they dump the contents of various containers with waste on the ground even though this bird feeds mainly on flowers insects larvae and worms when food is scarce it has to resort to extreme measures for example attacking mountain sheep of course even a whole flock of parrots can't kill the large mammal but they can bite into his body and bite off as much as they can it sounds terrible but unfortunately in winter you have to do what you have to do to survive dude are you looking for new technologies and great gadgets are your thoughts focused on the future deal off huge vehicles and can't imagine your life without robots around here and visit tech zone and you'll find all this and more the link is in the description you interested great [Music] [Music]


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