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You Shouldn't Be Afraid Of Getting Older Video. Comedian JJ Barrows

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Added by Mel in Comedy


You shouldn't be afraid of getting older, from what JJ Barrows says, it doesn't sound half bad. 40 year olds are no longer creepy and you get to be as sassy as you like.





Video Script:: 

my favorite Southern woman would have to be my great aunt Jackie and Jackie is 98 years old and I'm sure every family has some version of her she is as old-school southern as you can get like when I first told her that I wanted to be an artist and I want to go to art school she was like what darlin why don't you just get married and then you could doodle all day long that's all school sounds right there I was like I know you have dreams but can't you get married first for real one of my greatest joys in life was actually calling her up about three years ago I think and I told her that I was officially a full-time artist without the prospect of a man inside and she about had a heart attack it is true that's actually what I I do that's what I've done for the last three years I'm a I'm a full-time artist and which also means thank you well it also means I have four part-time job so four years of college I got a job for each year yeah I did not tell her that bless her heart she was great no she's 98 um she currently lives in a memory care center cuz she suffers from dementia she is oddly sharp as a tack when it's convenient we do everything is suspicious I'm using so my mom and I we go to visit her last summer and the nurse takes this to her room and she's like this is Jackie's new room isn't it so cozy and Jackie stops her and she says cozy hose is just a polite word for small I'm losing my mind not my sense of space she was aware that she was unaware Oh Mike that's Jedi right Bera yeah oh sorry Connor Jedi Jackie oh yeah no JJ so we're talking and um my mom points out our chair and she's like we're techy I love your chair is that new since last time it is was very pretty where did you get it I don't know but I like it and someone else is missing one making fears appears no load over there I noticed his old man walking around a room to room and he's chatting up all the older ladies I was like ain't Jackie who's that guy she said that's Bern Bern of course his name was burned yeah she said he's still a married man he came here with his wife and it flirts with all the other women of course his wife can't keep track of him because she can't remember she's married to him do you that that's what the vow should say not till death do us part till memory do us toy Vern was having the time of his life he was killing it I actually uh ran into him in the cafeteria later and and Jackie saw us talking and she rolls up in her little wheelchair and she's like burned don't you talk to her you know she's too young for you and I think she's related to me like that is love I don't know you but I got you just in case I know you yeah I diodes are there I don't normally tell people why they should or shouldn't do my therapist says don't shit on people but I will say if y'all have elderly friends or family somewhere you should call them you should go see you I mean that sincerely they are way cooler than we think they are Yeah right like I used to be afraid to get in older until I started hanging out with Jackie and now I'm like no this is gonna be fun here we go it's true though getting orders we're just transitioning through life no matter what age you are um like I just had a birthday this year y'all clap for that but that's okay it's alright I have one last year to might do it again next year I'm like mid-30s I mean that 30s range and uh the 30s to me are a very awkward age it's like the adult puberty okay yeah cuz you aren't that old but you aren't that young either okay you're not like teenagers start calling you ma'am why are you being rude or polite I can't this person here all y'all are so nice I checked it in my hotel yesterday a young girl behind the counter was like are you gonna need help with your luggage ma'am and I was like you shut your mouth when you're talking to me she news was hard I got stopped this is really people I don't worry about it 30 is the new 20 I'm like yeah but it's not cuz we're cool is because we still don't know what we're doing you can't say that in your 20s it's like oh look at her flail in your 30s and you still don't know it's like oh girl you need Jesus you know older people try to be encouraging they're like oh honey don't worry him 72 and I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up like that is not ingredient that's depressing the weirdest thing though about being in my 30s was the day that I realized that 40 year old men were no longer creepy what attractive yeah like I don't really know when that transition takes place but it does you're quiet you're like what's she gonna say oh no it's real when I was in my twenties if so on it said to me that for dear old dude is really in you I'd be like mm-hmm but now not that it happens but if it is this Howard is angry that 40-year old dude is really into you I'd be like go on I also feel really creepy if I find a guy attractive and I find out he's super young I'm like oh wow he's cute and someone's like yeah he's 22 I'm like oh no I am so sorry possible ways to babysit nue yeah yeah uncle Hey did you know that drive our comedy has their own app Bo you can download it right now and watch my whole special


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