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Why You Must SHARE YOUR GIFT | Jon Petz Speech | Goalcast

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What seemed like a simple, entertaining magic trick for Jon ended up being something much bigger he never could have expected...

Speaker: Jon Petz Motivational Keynote Speaker & Conference Emcee





Video Script:

you know what's interesting we still have people who come at you and you think yeah I want to be significance but they'll come back and they'll call themselves the just does anyone know that word the justice you've heard it it's used in all social structures all organizations know it's the I'm just a new person I'm just back office I'm just a volunteer it's just a husband just a wife and those people are looking at you in a sense and right then telling you you know what I don't feel that I make a difference you know but you can make a difference in someone's life at any given moment in any given time you could be the whole world to one person I learned that an interesting way several years back I was called not by a charity I got the phone calls in my office and they said there's a boy in the hospital he's nine years old his name is Nathan and he loves magic would you be willing to come to the hospital and do a show for maybe like you out of my comfort zone very difficult conversation I'm kind of looking for like well Mike you know not make an excuse but I'm not good with the shots the needles it's not I wanted to be in Vegas I didn't wanna go in a hospital room then they continued they said well he really wants to meet David Copperfield and we don't think that's going to happen so we've called you and literally I'm on the phone going wait a second but I'm just Jon Petz I am just an Ohio no-name magician hi I'm just me what can I possibly do that David Copperfield could do in that room for that boy somewhere in that conversations as I know you would do as well no I agree I said fabulous do you think you can be here today all right and I got up and I was on the way to the hospital 30 minutes later pack of cards a couple things my pocket not nothing overly fancy I'm driving down butterflies in my stomach show me into the hospital room the first people I meet is the mother the father the sister and then there's a priest I gotta be honest slide out scared didn't see Nathan haven't met the boy we turn around the mother turns around and that was the bed on the opposite side all the machines and he's looking at me this frail boy he's got these little squinty eyes has no idea who I am but the mom walks over and says Nathan this is John and Johnson physician I was like the coolest thing happen he sits up in his bed he reaches out his hand I hear that he can't talk he's on a breathing machine I shook his hand the ventilator is going and it was Showtime right a couple little red sponge balls I did a trick I put one in his hand and one in my hand his vanishes and then I have two in mine he's like he didn't say mi new amenities like do [Music] and we did it back and forth the balls are multiplying and growing and vanish it was great right one of the tricks I did was a card trick and I had to borrow a credit card so I borrow a credit card from the priest and it to be safe I pull out my credit card so he's not worried and this is in the days where you can get your photograph on a credit card so it's like for security and get an image on it might has a picture on it so we set those aside and of the stories the priest picks a playing card and nicked the card vanishes it's gone it literally goes blank so now we've messed that up Nathan I grabbed my credit card he gets the credit card now the picture on my credit card is he's gone and vanish from the plastic only pick up the priests card he picks it up and like dirt over and he turns it over on the back of the priests credit card is a picture of me holding a playing card his playing card like [Music] it's a sticker on the back and the room erupts the doctor comes they're like what's going on right and they're passing this thing around and looking at in every which way and last one I did I want to do something unique for name like the thumb trick you know when you do it yourself it's an experience when you watch a trick of course he's a magician but when you do it it's that Showtime memorable moment we shuffled the pack up I'm like a Nathan pick a car and I'll never forget what he picked he picked the seven of Hearts write your name on it was shuffling up again I asked someone to turn over the top card and it's a boring Club and with Nathan check this out cast a little shadow tap it twice and turn it over and when he does it's a seven harness with his name on and the priest actually says do that again we did it again we put like it under this under the water could we put this in alright anywhere if anyone else turns up a card it's a ran if Nathan it's always this similar and the way it ends we take the whole pack we throw it at the ceiling and everything comes tumbling down everywhere right except one car stuck to the ceiling above Nathan's bed there's a seven heart you know they're pointing and they're giggling and they're laughing his eyes are like this right and they kind of are having a moment so I said thank you I kind of tried to shake a hand and I left you know sometimes we have those moments where you never see somebody again you don't know what happened with the occasion but because of that does it mean we didn't have an impact what's interesting is five months later at church with my wife and there's a guest priest true well it's him of course and I went up back to the service I'm like I don't remember who I am my name is John and you know I was metal a boy named Nathan and he's he's looking at me a weird look he's me by both shorter so I'm like doing one of these like I was the magician and he's just for an awkward period of time he didn't say a word Denzel reaches under the robe pulls out a wallet holds out a credit card flips it over and it's me he says I know exactly how you are you have no idea about the people I've told about the seminar I've shared it with the churches and organizations I've shared it with families in the hospital who have just lost a family member or maybe are about to lose a family as I share it and that we all have a unique gift but are we willing to share that gift with others and he told me the harder part he shared with me that Nathan passed about eight hours after I was there early the next morning and he told me that the family took two seven of Hearts and they put that in Nathan's casket to them it symbolized the last happy moment as a family you know what you do [Music] and my mind and going back to bits it's just a card trick just to several hearts but people fall into that trap many leaders in the community are you you just deacon in the church a volunteer bigger question is what's what's your seven hearts what's the gift what are you willing to do what are you gonna share with other people [Music] I think some of that will come back to what's inside when we talk about the passion [Music] everyone will go a different direction with that what's your passion my passion my girls the kiddos who has kids last before who's ever seen a kid got a look inside if you're gonna create these Showtime moments you've got to be able to take some action to have the perspective to create the moment and realize the impact that you have in any given moment in any given day you you


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