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Tiny Piglet's Video - Their Whole World Changes When She Meets This Baby Cow

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Added by Mel in Pets And Animals


Nobody thought this piglet would survive. But with the help of fruit punch, a baby calf, and an epic road trip, she was able to thrive. Sometimes all it takes is a little love to grow strong.





Video Script:: 

she's not gonna make it through the night if we leave her here she's shaking we just got a call about a piglet who fell off a factory farm truck and she was taken to our local animal shelter she was probably just separated from the mom we gotta get her out of here traumatized we don't have room when you put her in the house she stopped shaking maybe shoot her she's got a couple bumps and bruises but she's pretty perfect we have to get her to drink something or she's not gonna make it pretty worried she's completely withdrawn and sleeping a lot she still hasn't drinking anything we should try some type of sports drink anything to get some calories let's see country oh thank goodness it's good it's so good match she's drinking but she's still pretty depressed she probably misses her mom all we can really do at this point is show her that she's left and hopefully she'll perk up she's been through a lot separated from her family fell right out of a truck then she's in a dog kennel and then some weird people are taking her home and sure that was a lot Marly will not drink anything other than her punch she might actually pull through she's gotten more Norbert uh-huh the sports drink is a great first step but Marley really needs to be drinking milk replacer now she hates the red try different flavors blue no everybody likes Lou melon you are high maintenance man she's drinking some milk replacer wave-touch it has to be warm if it's not smoke this is a huge step in her recovery yeah hiccups can you tell she's super young cuz the sir she is she's ready for now we rescue animals but right now we are completely full we have a hundred animals in our care cows and we have a fish Joseph Smith I rescued a fish it still active duty ready for it so Monday through Friday it's just me and my son every time I go to start changing or anything she does this the one a disturbance it's just like having the triplets and then a new puppy oh yeah that's a baby fart that's a whirly fart we're really full so it would make more sense for Marley to go to a different stage very I'd love to see her personality come out just a little bit more before she travels [Music] the more marley sees the goats playing the more she wants to be playing she thinks she's a goat now now she's like excited and exploring she's pretty mischievious she has gotten so strong the next step for Marley is to get to really be a pig it's time for Marley to go to her new home a sanctuary in Florida is going to take Marley there like 300 acres it's just like the hairy guys down there your hearts just gonna like explode what you see the timings just perfect our friend is driving a baby cow he will pick up Marley along the way I just rescued this calf from a dairy farm when I first met Eli he was excited to see someone he was separated from his mother we passed Eli's mom on the way out but I think having a companion will give him comfort hearing the way that they started out life I want to give them Sun and grass and joy they're both orphans I comforted each other Bill got about 21 hours Adam he seems a bit scared and unsure too anxious to eat I really hope he needs tomorrow today Eli and Marley are going to the forever home keep Marley in a carrier thought they settled down I heard Marley's a diva Eli is sweet I hope they get along I see looking the pattern to suckle they do it for comfort Eli was given to me by a dairy farmer because baby boys don't make milk so he would have just been killed Marley and Eli are similar because they've defied the odds just to survive they need to do it something it's not girly can probably introduce that a fantastic offer very curious it's eating its feet oh don't get it [Music] what music nice here's totally picked up maybe you likes bagpipes not a fan of salsa oh they like this they are comforting each other I think I can see that [Music] am I gonna get paid I will ski this where you going bud look my early Spanish moss he's never seen palm trees before never seen a pink big beautiful world out there we should stop and see the ocean even wearing slippers well such a long trip you smell the ocean it's creepy I'll be back in a sec Eli oh she's eating was it I think she likes it that's the ocean oh he's looking for her famous hungry escape this something within her that's drawn to him will escape this [Music] so tired almost home 15 minutes away like some like a service no we actually here listen we're home a greeting crew it really gives me Drive when I see how many people are willing to call out of their way for these babies I'm happy to have her be the most spoiled things ever she totally deserves that nobody's like I'm not sure we're gonna gets for luck all the other ones when animals come to us the health care is obviously important that love is what really helps them thrive [Music] he misses his mom [Music] they're like to see that think I gotta go around three times I can't wait to see them field grass for the first time feeling the Sun feeling totally new life [Music] okay we had to turn half of her room can kind of feel the stress leave their bodies you know they just sort of had a lags come up with something you wouldn't flip immediately yeah yeah she wants more bananas if she wants to hang out in the house she can do that am I feeling that she will prefer it outside my glasses are banana after according to you they will have about 45 acres to roam around [Music] I'm free [Music] they all do that little happy dance when big field grass pure joy it's a whole new world for him isn't it now he's kind of looking around going yeah ball you want I don't think he's even noticed all the friends over here you see your new little friend to see all the other cows I think that's when he finally realized I'm safe this is my life now the last two times I rescued this is the first time I've seen them this is why I do what I do she's gonna look [Music] a piglet and a calf seem like an unlikely duo but they're both so resilient and I think that helped them connect and find comfort in each other he's like no no we're not done playing [Music] cows are looking at her like what is that very very she's Marlee finally discovered pigs over there I couldn't have left you in a better place see you later so happy that you don't need to notice I'm leaving the seeing and the love that they're surrounded by it's worth the drive the phone calls the manure in my tire it's all worth it Marley and Eli just have this family bond thing he's like yeah she has this weird obsession with dirt you got a little bit muddy but you know she's mine she doesn't really understand why he's so obsessed with hey but you know he's hers so they accept one another they helped each other know she's fearless she knows what she wants and she goes after it if it's possible Eli is getting even sweeter love is that x-factor that helps them recover they will always be loved and they will grow old now they have a couple of other friends they're not too sure about Marley at first but now everybody's pretty good friends when they first arrived they were orphans and they chose one another and sometimes you know your chosen family is just as strong as your original family and that's what it's become for them [Music] you [Music]


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