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This Couple Rode Over 2,000 Roller Coasters

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Cheryl and Martin Lewison’s marriage has seen a lot of ups and downs. Which isn’t surprising. The couple travels the world riding roller coasters together, after all. On a recent 3-day trip through the midwest, the Lewisons visited nine parks and rode 13 roller coasters. We were alongside this daring duo, holding on for dear life while capturing every moment.






Video Script::

[Music] as of today I've been on two thousand thirty different roller coasters [Applause] and I've been on 2047 different rollercoasters and that's at 773 different amusement parks in 36 different countries on five different continents [Music] there it is I'm gonna see where it's pretty cool a Martin Louison and I'm Cheryl Lewisohn and we are roller coaster and these work enthusiasts [Music] we Center I would say 90% of our travel on theme parks we just landed at the Detroit Airport it's day one of our trip we're gonna hit five parts to it the way we keep track of how many roller coasters we've ridden is using the app coaster - count calm and I've gone to the rankings page were both in the top time in the world currently Cheryl ranks number six and I ranked number eight first Park is CJ Barrymore's it's an MVC [Music] for a family entertainment center that's a huge pharisee I'm a professor of business management and I'm an emergency physician we both had pretty high pressure jobs so we found that we could get on a plane and spend a weekend at a theme park and have an amazing time that's kind of how it started the ranking for how many rollercoasters we've ridden means everything it's why we do this what year was CJ Barrymore is established 1974 you looked so when we plan it post a trip we usually sit down and map out how many parks we can fit in in one day based on how much time we want to spend there and the opening hours and how far they are from each other we're just gonna go for the coaster right now because because we we've got other other parts to visit today but we get it typically we'll come in we'll take some photos nice ride the coaster and then we'll leave takes 15 minutes people who count roller coasters refer to roller coasters as credits credit so oh I went to such-and-such theme park did you get the new credit meaning did you ride the new roller coaster one park down before to go [Music] okay so here's the current t-shirt collection so this is Belmont Park in San Diego this is turbulence from Adventureland on Long Island the comet lightning rod beach bend Kings Dominion the Thunderbolt eventually you know you run out of domestic places in you circling elsewhere fry shoots in Germany and this is Universal Studios Singapore this is Hyperion mega coaster that was my 2000 coaster in Poland there's China and China we've written 248 coasters and they're still 884 eight trips to China and we've made hardly made a dent like crazy okay let's go so this is our second Park of the day it does look good [Music] we're having some good years let's go ride another roller coaster Oh manual push maybe the most we've ever done in a year would be like 120 parks and we're certainly on pace to hit that this year or even beat it credit an hour and 40 minutes to get from Kokomo's to Cedar Valley's wild frontier park fun wild frontier fun park i like height height and speed those are the two big things can we fit yeah some rollercoasters are thrilling we prefer good rollercoasters over bad rollercoasters but we've signed up for this quantity over quality hobby some of our acquaintances out there in the roller coaster enthusiasts world they're happy to mock us for riding utter crap not bad at all terrible roller coasters or writing children's roller coasters which we do a lot of Cheryl you're awesome but there's something about driving that extra three hours to visit that little theme park that no one's ever been to to ride there a little roller coaster that no one else is ridden there's something about that what's a little chilly yeah okay we're at the last Park of the day we have one roller coaster here which will be our fifth on the day Hey thank you so much credit all right we did it five parks one day there was no roller coaster anything in our meeting in our engagement in our marriage like nothing no roller coaster stuff it wasn't until a year after we got married that we realized we both loved going to amusement parks and we both loved roller coasters I think this passion for roller coasters has definitely brought us closer together it's sure when you're like going around a curve and you smooshed on one side five out of five way to go [Music] you coming I'm coming it's day two it's a tough agenda for our drive to start the morning so yes we enjoy travelling this way Christ cruisers Oh pizza buffet look I found the credit we understand that it's crazy in a lot of different ways but also we get to rub shoulders with people from many different cultures and wait in hot sweaty lines with them for hours to get on a roller coaster that we all can scream on together [Music] [Music] hey Cheryl you really rode the hell out of those rollercoasters today nice job way to go why do you have to always make it physical I'm just kidding [Music] hey Cheryl come on let's go ride more rollercoasters this is day three our first stop of the day is Santa's Village azuz Minh Park it's two hours and 40 minutes drive it does become part of your identity that you're like oh one of the most well traveled roller coaster enthusiasts out there so there's some pride built in there but I also know that it's not the Nobel Prize let's go [Music] say cheese cheese are we allowed to stay here all day they only have another park to get food we have to go to another park Six Flags Great America this is our last stop look at that beauty [Music] he told me when we got to a thousand you would stop so I was looking forward to that and then we kept going and now I want to get to the next level [Music] most of our family approves or they think it's fun and cool we're never gonna win over my dad though he just thinks it's utter silliness how is this hobby affected our relationship I think about how lucky we are but we both have this joint passion we're partners we're writing partners it's been the glue in our relationship yeah we actually have a picture we were writing the same great wooden roller coaster over and over again Kentucky rumbler yeah a beach boom each time we wanted the picture of us kissing and we couldn't get it right until we wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote until we had the perfect picture of us kissing on the ride we just want to keep writing until we die and then we'll be done [Music] you


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