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This Bulldog Wants One Thing: The Biggest Stick #Video

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This bulldog is addicted to bringing sticks into the house, so his parents try to restore balance to his life! Presented by Blue Buffalo.


  • Sue Added Let him enjoy fetching sticks. I used to get annoyed that my dog would bark at strangers walking by my house until he was unable physically to go out and bark anymore. They have such a short time to fetch and bark....let them enjoy it while they still can. Cherish every day he figures out how to brin a gigantic stick into his domain!
  • CharMaine Added Sir Henry is going to have his kindling and that is that. One of my kids has had several bulldogs. They have HUGE personalities. Entertainment, for sure.
  • Mary Jane Added Henry is pretty cute and clever.
  • Lynn Added Henry made my day !
  • Mari Added Loved this video, Mel. I say let Henry have the SHORT sticks.
  • mercedes Added Very cute!!! I had a dog once that had a ball obsession.
  • Ham Todd Added Hilarious!
  • Deborah Added I just love Henry & his sticks...
  • Lola Added Most all Dog's are drawn to sticks! Just let him be happy. Think about it.....Don't you as a human like certain thing's you will go to more than anything else??!!! Loved the Video!!
  • Bonnie Added The video was wonderful.. I would let him have the sticks.. There some thing he need. Let him have a few sticks they make him happy..
  • Kathy Added Chewing on sticks might keep his teeth clean but there has to be another reason why he is so drawn to them.
  • dixie doodle Added I just love that Henry!
  • Sher Added This is pretty darned cute. But, I'm glad I have cats! :)